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Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom Renovation Project

17 Sep 2021

Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom Renovation

I believe we can all admit that our bathrooms are the most used but under-designed spaces in our houses. Because you had other obligations to pay, you possibly compromised and didn’t get the steam shower the last time…or you got an uninspiring vanity that makes the bathroom look older than it is. We understand because we’ve been there. However, if you’ve decided to shake things up and make a change in the new year, make absolutely sure you do it correctly this time. That implies you must concentrate on both functionality and aesthetics.

Even if your bathroom is small, it does not have to appear that way. Without moving a single wall, you can create the illusion of a larger bathroom with a few changes or remodels. The ideal method to tackle bathroom remodeling ideas this year will be to combine retro aesthetics with a modern approach.

The goal of today’s bathroom design is to make the space as useful and appealing as possible. Practicality and convenience tend to be at the forefront of trends as they develop. We adore some of the ideas that are popular this year, and we’ve put together a list of our favorites that are not only simple to implement but also serve a useful purpose.

Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom Renovation at Home

  1. The Colors Should Be Light and Bright

This metropolitan bathroom has a warm and tranquil ambiance thanks to the wood floor and vanity. Natural light from the window reflects in a delicate mint-green tone. The space surrounding the standalone tub, as well as the lightweight curtain fabric that enables maximum light to enter, make the room feel more open.

  1. Increase the Size of the Mirror

Mirrors in the bathroom not only give the impression of more space, but they also reflect more light back into the room. If you already have a mirror in your bathroom, try enlarging it. With just a cordless drill, drill bits, and a few screws, you can simply install super-sized mirrors up to five feet long and three feet high. This style of mirror may be made for less than $100 if you do it yourself. Mirrors with no frames give the impression of more space. In order to support heavy mirrors, screw into studs. To defend against high-moisture circumstances, look for a tarnish-resistant coating.

  1. Go Airy with White on White

Using a lot of white—white tile, white paint, a white vanity, and so on—is one of the simplest methods to give your room a large appearance. This non-color recedes naturally, making the space appear larger. It also reflects rather than absorbs any available light. White finishes may make any room appear larger, but they work especially well in bathrooms. Because a bathroom usually contains a lot of white fixtures (such as the tub, toilet, and sink), utilizing white for other surfaces produces a cohesive aesthetic that makes the area feel as light as possible.

It’s important to remember that just because there’s a lot of white in a room doesn’t mean it’s boring. Using diverse textural components like molding, pale stone or tile, fabric accents, and the occasional touch of metallics or wood will keep the design seamless while providing the eye plenty of richness to take in.

  1. Don’t Go Overboard with the Decorations

Adding decorative elements like artwork and tiny rugs to a small bathroom may make it feel warm and inviting. However, if left unattended, they can quickly become a source of considerable clutter. Consider clearing out unneeded objects from the bathroom if you’re a collector. Clutter removal is absolutely free, and the results are noticeable right away. Limit yourself to one of each item rather than multiples. Examine the item to see if it has any utility. If you can’t bear to part with something, put it in another room.

  1. Less is More in this Case

If you don’t need a lot of storage, rather than cramming in the biggest unit, you can opt for a smaller vanity to free up some space. Allowing for some negative space will make the space feel less crowded and hence more spacious. You’ll love the extra open space even more if your toilet or tub is right next to your vanity.

  1. Add a Frameless Clear Glass Shower Enclosure

The shower, or bathtub/shower combination, is the largest component in a full bathroom. The enclosure adds to the impression of scale. While eliminating the enclosure is not an option, the next best option is to make the enclosure transparent. The strong tempered glass used in the frameless shower and tub enclosures is held together at the corners. The enclosure is as unnoticeable as it will ever be because there are no frames on the glass.

If you want extra privacy, a frosted or tinted glass panel will provide it while still allowing a lot of light to pass through, making your shower feel less claustrophobic.

If you’re doing a total makeover and don’t care for baths, consider skipping the tub entirely and replacing it with a shower stall instead. They’re easier to get in and out of, and removing the tub removes a lot of mass that would otherwise take up valuable space.

  1. Vintage Touch

Trends, ironically, tend to gaze backward as they advance. (All right, you’ve got us. We’re just as fond of hackneyed one-liners as we are of this new fad). The use of wood in the design is an important part of this vintage/retro aesthetic. If we had to look at evergreen bathroom renovation trends, the use of wood would be the first thing that any expert would mention. To blend the retro feel into a modern design, we propose using different types of wood. Why not replace your ceramic tubs and porcelain vanities with wooden ones? Yes, it’s possible; all you have to do is make sure the wood is waterproof.

  1. Elements of Nature

Bathrooms can be drab if they aren’t brightened up. Incorporating natural materials is an emerging trend in bathroom remodeling in 2021. Plants are a terrific way to bring a splash of color and life to a room (quite literally, you may say). Plants come to mind when we think about au naturel. Potted plants are a simple and efficient method to add color to a room. If you want to take it a step further and use repurposed things, you will be helping the environment. To participate in this eco-friendly movement, use recycled materials or reclaimed wood.

Making the Best Bathroom Renovation Decisions

Bathrooms in 2021 should be useful as well as attractive. They should have a smooth transition between form and function as well as a long-term sustainability factor. The ideal method to tackle bathroom remodeling ideas this year will be to combine retro aesthetics with a modern approach. This eclectic combination of muted and standout pieces will also distinguish 2021 bathroom remodel ideas from past years.

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