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How Automotive Design Has Influenced the Design of Buildings and Cities

12 January 2024

The contemporary world is a work of art. Everything from paper clips to airplanes and cities has a well-planned concept. Nothing is accomplished in vain. Because everything depends on it, modern designers and engineers prioritize the functional aspects of their creations. In this article, we will look at how urban planners’ engineering decisions adapt to the needs of modern society and influence city architecture.

Automotive design influence on building design

Cars and Architecture: How Automotive Design Has Influenced the Design of Buildings and Cities

Influence on town infrastructure

There are numerous examples of car manufacturers’ design decisions influencing the architecture of houses and cities. And if there aren’t many obvious parallels in appearance, there are plenty of connections in engineering solutions. The layout of buildings and adjacent infrastructure has, of course, been the primary concern of architects since the appearance of the world’s first automobiles. We’re talking about the “optimization” of cities and buildings, taking into account the global increase in car ownership and the need for garages to be built inside homes. This is possibly the most obvious example of such influence.

There are significant differences in the “optimization” of cities depending on the country. Historically, different countries have taken different approaches to this issue. For example, Boston, in the United States, is regarded as one of the best cities for pedestrians. In Boston, pedestrians and urban infrastructure are given special consideration. However, in the UAE, for example, it is the other way around: more emphasis is placed on transportation infrastructure. According to some visitors, Dubai, for example, is more of a motorist’s paradise than a pedestrian-friendly city. The UAE government, by the way, is actively working in this direction. If you decide to visit the UAE and try vip car rentals Dubai, you will undoubtedly enjoy this city.

Automotive design influence on building design

Urban planners now have to consider many factors that they did not have to consider 150-200 years ago. Personal and public transportation are essential in the modern city. It is necessary to plan ahead of time for all transportation interchanges and to calculate road capacity. It is also necessary to consider the placement of taxi parks and rental company areas because large car rental companies like Renty take up a lot of space.

The active development of rental companies and the increase in the number of rental cars is an important factor that is taken into account by city planners. Traveling is the best way to experience the difference between Boston and Dubai and see how big the difference is in the architecture of these cities. When you arrive in Dubai or Boston, try renting a rental car to experience the difference in the approach to urban planning in these cities.

Influence on house layout

Needless to say, any modern house is built with the placement of garage space in mind. Many people allocate space for garages for multiple cars at the design stage of a house. And some people design their homes with enough space to house their entire personal fleet of vehicles. Especially when it comes to people for whom a car is more than just a mode of transportation.

A garage can be a simple storage area for a car or as complex as a structure housing various mechanized equipment. Some car owners convert their garages into service stations, complete with a variety of equipment. In such cases, the house’s layout may need to be significantly altered to accommodate moving mechanical elements and ventilation systems.

Automotive design influence on building design

The Autohaus project, with an area of 372 square meters, is one of the most impressive house projects. The MF Architecture design team created a two-story autohaus with integrated car storage for car enthusiasts in Austin, Texas. The residential portion of this house is a superstructure that hangs over the garage.

In addition to the spacious living room, bedroom, and shower rooms on the second floor, there is an outdoor terrace with sofas and a separate lounge area. In this house, you can first talk about cars and then, down the neat stairs, start servicing them. Almost the entire lower floor of the mansion is a garage workshop for a dozen cars. You can drive through the house through wide sectional gates on the front and back sides.

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Automotive design influence on building design Conclusion

Every area of activity in the world impacts the development of other areas, either directly or indirectly. In terms of urban planning, the next step will be to radically modernize cities in preparation for the transportation of the future – flying vehicles, which will one day be a primary mode of transportation. However, some believe that this era will only arrive for a while.

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