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Are Autogates Really Safe?

3 May 2023

Autogates safety: safe entry gates

Why do most Malaysian homes and business premises have autogates installed? It is an accepted fact and common knowledge that autogate in Malaysia is 100% safer and more convenient to use than manually operated gates. Are these autogates really safe? We can guarantee you that these are the safest and the most effective in protecting and safeguarding your home, property and business premises.

7 Reasons Why Autogates Are Safe

In this article, we will discuss in what ways autogates are safe. Below are 7 solid reasons that autogates can ensure your safety, protecting your home, family and business premises as well.

A Strong Crime Deterrent

Potential criminals, intruders or burglars would be deterred from entering your compound or business premises when they encounter a solid auto gate. They would rather go elsewhere to get an easier and more accessible target. This ensures the safety of your home, family and property.

Can Withstand Brute Force Entry Attempts

With the use of new technology, today’s autogates are so strong, secure and solid that even brute force cannot break open the gates. Whatever and whoever is kept within the confines of the auto gates will certainly be really safe.

Can Monitor Whoever Enters or Leaves The Premises

With the help of the remote control, you can deny access to any unwanted trespassers or potential intruders from entering or leaving your premises. This will prevent or even stop any criminal or unpleasant incidents from happening.

Can Protect Young Children And Pets

Young children and pets can be left safely on their own to play within the compound of your house if you have an auto gate installed. This will be a different scenario if the gate is manually operated. They can just wander off onto the road without any supervision. Many pets and some small children are missing and lost in this way. Automatic gates provide you with the maximum security.

Manually Operated Gates Most Vulnerable To Break-Ins

Many potential criminals, snatch thieves on motorcycles and small-time robbers usually pounce on residents who get out of their vehicles to open or close their manual gates either before leaving or entering the compound of their house. Autogates deter these crimes from being committed. You can open or close your autogate by clicking on the button of your remote control while inside your car or within the comfort of your home. In doing so, criminals have no opportunity of harming you.

Autogates safety acces gate

Auto Gate Increases The Value Of Your Property

The value of your home can be increased many folds making it more attractive to potential buyers in the future if you have installed an automatic gate. The fact that most Malaysian tenants request for an automated gate speaks volumes about its safety features. In fact, house owners in Malaysia can get a higher rental with this extra security feature invested in an auto gate.

Convenient And Safe To Operate

It is very convenient and safe to open and close your autogate without getting out of the vehicle you are driving. You are sheltered and well-protected from the blazing heat of the sun or from the pelting rain. This is done by just pressing the button on the remote control.


Are autogates really safe? The above 7 strong valid reasons can vouchsafe that automatic gates are extremely safe. Autogates are a great crime deterrent and can safely and effectively protect your property, family members and your business premises. Thinking of changing or upgrading your present gate to an auto gate? Consult MyAutogate Malaysia at to help you as they have years of experience in installing and servicing all types of autogates. They can advise you on the autogate technicalities, features and offer you a free quotation. Should you require more information, you can contact them at [email protected] today.

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