Architecture enhancing designs for shopping centers

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Architecture Enhancing Designs for Shopping Centers

15 November 2022

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Shopping centers are a popular destination for hanging out with friends and family. They’ve undergone a total shift. These places to shop have also become entertainment hubs complete with game zones, restaurants, movie theaters, bowling arenas, skating rinks and more.

Having outstanding design is crucial for keeping the flow of customers and attracting new ones. Every type of person enters shopping centers. To satisfy all tastes, designers need to blend diverse style elements to create interesting vibes inside and out.

Here are exterior and interior attributes for shopping malls that will ensure success while giving customers an unforgettable experience.

Shopping Center Exterior Design

The exterior of a shopping center conveys allure and vital information to potential customers. It’s the first thing they see and the one that either attracts or repels them. Outstanding shopping center designs always have a couple of things in common – they’re all large and luxurious. Large decorative facades and branded displays such as a pylon sign are also present in their design.

If the exterior design makes the right impression, customers are more likely to enter the space. Design elements can serve as hooks to pique curiosity and bring people in. Here’s an array of visual communication tools to achieve a successful exterior make-over.

●      Stand-alone structures

New-comers will appreciate these large-scale markers. They often present a brand image and convey important information about the shopping center. They also provide decorative charm with creative designs. Aesthetically pleasing elements enhance customer experience in any space.

●      Directional displays

No one wants to get lost in a new and unfamiliar place. This is why wayfinding displays are crucial. Installing them outside your shopping center will streamline navigation and guarantee a positive first impression. You can use multiple styles ranging from decal arrows to acrylic directories to point to various shops and areas.

●      Branded elements

One of the most important features of architectural design is branding. Don’t underestimate the importance of displaying your brand  name and logo. Without it, the shopping center will be anonymous regardless of stylish architecture. A prominent logo is an indispensable part of any branding and marketing strategy. It defines your brand and grants a visual identity to go along with your company’s name.

●      Dimensional items

3D details provide a dynamic look regardless of style. Get them to add a craftsman touch or modern charm to your building. They can spell out the name of the shopping center with bold and stylish designs. An important thing to keep in mind is that illumination is a key factor when designing your exterior. With lighting configurations, the shopping mall will make an impression on people 24/7.

●      Window coverings

Among the basics of attracting more clientele to your business is a visually appealing store. The main role of shopping center windows is to create an alluring image for potential customers browsing from the outside. Colorful illustrations, promotional messages and service advertisements are all great for creating a good brand image. Extra embellishments such as seasonal plants will complement the overall exterior appearance.

Architecture enhancing designs for shopping centers

Shopping Center Interior Design

Once you’ve completed the exterior, it’s time to make a grand entrance. Good interior design is a great way to increase sales. Here are the main points retailers should consider when designing the interior of a shopping center.

●      Large wall displays

A positive shopping experience will give shoppers a reason to come back over and over again. The first way to achieve this is to impress visually. Turn your dull walls into a creative canvas with seasonal promotions, directional symbols and decorative images. Express your business values with quotes and illustrations on the walls. Share your vision, whether it’s about pioneering trends or conducting a sustainable practice. Everything you represent can be showcased through the right visuals.

●      Illuminated features

Illumination is a vital part of any space and it’s among the top design trends of 2022. Large displays with lighting effects will add a brilliant touch to any aesthetic. Whether hung high or low, their luminous glare is often the first thing people notice when entering a space. Light up displays can be installed on doors, windows or walls of department stores to make brand names shine day and night.

●      Floor details

Floor design is an overlooked yet effective feature in branding and decor. It’s a popular navigational tool to guide people through an establishment. Floor adhesives can also be used to spell out motivational quotes or brand names along with eye-catching graphics.  They may also provide traffic flow and safety measures with colored lines that separate isles or urge shoppers to keep a certain distance.

●      Wooden designs

Effective interior design plays a role in making your business successful. This statement certainly holds true for shopping centers. There are few materials that have an organically intertwining and visually attractive combination of colors. One of them is wood. It doesn’t require much refinement to look appealing. Wood, whether on walls or floors, never goes out of style. It’s a design element that conveys charm and supports eco-friendly values.

●      Biophilic designs

The reconciliation of urban and natural environments is a trend now in almost every industry including retail. Biophilic designs reflect nature in indoor spaces to liven up the atmosphere. They create a bond between people and their surroundings in order to enhance well-being, inspiration and creativity. The integration of earthy elements is a top commercial interior design practice today. The benefits include environmental awareness and increased productivity.

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