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Architectural and Interior Trends in The Office 2019

22 Oct 2019

From startups setting up in Manchester’s Victorian warehouses to London co-working hangouts, office architecture and interior design are improving throughout the UK. 2019 has seen a big shift in what employers are willing to create for their staff and ways that working environments can nurture productivity.

Architectural and interior trends in the office

Why Businesses Are Breaking the Mould?

Employers appear to be more open to changing the usual office aesthetic. Rows of cubicles and a fluorescent light have been swapped for much cooler and unique spaces. Now some offices could easily be mistaken for hip cafes or youth centres – but there is usually method to the boss’s generosity.

By creating more open and appealing spaces, companies are benefiting from more dialogue between staff and the potential for increased innovation. By also giving employers what they want, they are less likely to have high staff turnover rates which can cost the business more than some extra plants and a pool table.

The current trend of changes has also increased demand for unique working environments. So for example, jobseekers logging on to Jobrapido to search for jobs in Manchester are no longer just looking for suitable roles, they are also keeping a close eye on working conditions and office environments.

So, What Are the Biggest 2019 Office Trends?

Offices are coming up with their own unique twists on what an office looks like. Yet, with Instagram shooting ideas around the planet in seconds, some common ideas and trends have come to light, such as:

  1. Industrial Rustic

The industrial rustic theme is one that most offices have made the most of. This works best because many offices are having to flee the inner-city office rental prices and head towards the outskirts of cities where abandoned warehouses are finding a second life.

  1. Plants and More Plants

Plants have the power to purify our air and have even been noted to improve office productivity. From reception spaces to individual offices, it is hard not to come across a plant or ten.

  1. Libraries and Concentration Spaces

When the office is a bit hectic, workers are now able to find solitude and concentration by heading to inner-office libraries and concentration spaces. These areas wok a bit like hot desks but are placed away from manic offices and meeting rooms.

  1. Nap Rooms

Nap rooms may sound like a pipe dream that will never come true, but believe it or not, they already have. From Japan to the UK, many bosses have introduced dedicated allocations for their employees to grab forty winks. This has meant office architecture has had to be redesigned to accommodate these spaces. Bean bags at the ready!

  1. Long Dining Tables

Architectural and Interior Trends in The Office Guide

The office cafeteria can be a lonely place where people are sectioned off into their department and closest colleagues. Bosses are cleverly redesigning the layout with longer dining tables which force people to mingle more and somewhat dine together. This is good for cross-department relationships which can only be beneficial to working life.

Has your office got any of these? Maybe it is time you added to the business suggestion box…

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