7 reasons why software design is important

7 reasons why software design is important guide, IT coding program, Computer code advice

7 Reasons Why Software Design Is Important Advice

post updated 11 February 2024

7 reasons why software design is important

20 December 2021

Introduction – 7 reasons why software design is important

Do you tend to jump straight into programming while working on a new project?

Well, we are not condemning you for doing so anyway. It is your job, after all. However, in our opinion, you should start your job from the beginning – with its design!


To start with, designing can help you pave a pattern for your coding journey. Hence, it will be easier to begin the procedure structurally and track your progress effectively.

Additionally, starting with designing can also aid you in making your end product look more polished and complete.

However, that’s not all. Besides these, there are several other reasons that make software designing much more important than it initially appears to be!

Keep reading to learn more.

Importance Of Software Designing

As a programmer, learning about software design may seem like an additional task to you. Therefore, you may ask, “what’s the reason behind doing so much extra work?”

Here’s what we’ve found out after talking with the experts from Digital Blue Foam.

Importance – 1: Better Maintainability

The task of maintaining software is much easier if you have designed the same by yourself. This way, you can notice the bugs or issues clearly and efficiently.

Besides, when using a custom-made software design, your working procedures become much more flexible. Thus, even if you are using an old code, you’ll still be able to operate on your project efficiently.

Importance – 2: Excellent Portability

Porting a third-party software module can be pretty tricky, especially if you don’t understand its core design. However, the same issue wouldn’t happen with a personally-made software design.

Besides, it will also be easier for you to update the program whenever needed. Conversely, you would have to redesign a third-party component entirely, even if you wanted to change a small section in the library.

Importance – 3: Unparalleled Functionality

You can improve the functionality of the software module by using the best rostering software or designing your program prior to coding. Let us tell you why.

While coding something, you will need to keep track of the inputs and outputs. Thus, if you can design the software accordingly, monitoring these aspects will become much more manageable for you.

Importance – 4: Increased Productivity

The customized software programs will always be tailored in accordance with specific business requirements. Hence, you and your fellow engineers can safely share data across the corporation and integrate multiple processes at once.

Besides, a custom-designed software module may streamline various processes and automate them if you’ve added AI into the program.

Importance – 5: Easier To Understand

A third-party software program usually comes with many different terms and guidelines. Therefore, understanding each of them and working accordingly will be pretty inconvenient, especially if you are a novice.

Nonetheless, if you create the design yourself, you’ll not be confused about anything. It can improve communication regarding the project and usage of the program within your team.

software design code display on monitor

Importance – 6: Reusability

A well-designed software also improves the overall sense of reusability to some extent.


If you strictly follow a specific design pattern, the software program will be much more modular. It means that the module will consist of smaller components working on a single task. Hence, if you want, you can reuse them whenever possible.

Importance – 7: Cost-Efficiency

Yes, you have seen it right! Designing your own software program can, indeed, save your budget. Let us tell you about it through an example.

Consider a situation where you are building a software program without designing. However, you have met a dead-end after completing around 50% of its development. Thus, you have to strip off everything and start from the beginning again.

Nonetheless, if you design the pattern of the program, it’ll be easier for you to find the issues beforehand. Besides, even if you meet a dead-end, you can start again from a checkpoint, as you already know the pattern!

7 reasons why software design is important conclusion

Designing the pattern of a software program before working on its coding sequence is pretty essential. Otherwise, it will be impossible for you to complete your work within the required deadline.

However, if you still don’t believe us, we’d ask you to be a little practical and use our suggestions. See for yourself if it works out correctly or not!

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