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6 Things You Need To Do If Your Home Pipe Burst

1 Nov 2019

Having to deal with a pipe burst is something no homeowner wants to deal with. Not only does it cause a gigantic mess, but it also can cause a lot of damage. Unfortunately, when a pipe bursts, there’s usually no way to stop it from doing any damage. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t minimize it.

6 things you need to do if home pipe bursts

Read on to learn six things you need to do if your home pipe burst.

Burst Pipe Help Guide

Turn Off The Water

When a pipe in your home bursts, the first course of action is to turn off the water as fast as you can. The longer its turned on, the more water that’s going to leak out. To do so, you’ll need to locate the water meter. In most cases, the water meter is located in either front or back of the house.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with its location in the case of an emergency. It’s also worth mentioning that a few water heaters may need to be opened with a tool, usually a universal key.

It is crucial that everyone that resides within the household knows where the water meter is located and how to open it. For those of you who have water from a private well, you’ll need to turn off the pump by using the valve. The valve is usually located near the well itself.

Turn Off Your Electricity

Once you’ve turned off the water, the next thing that needs to be switched off is your electricity. Granted, this does depend on what area is flooded with water but it’s best if you turn it off anyway just to be safe.

The reason why you need to shut off the power is that some outlets are located on the bottom of the wall. If the water is allowed to rises high enough, it can seep into the electrical socket. In most cases, it’s probably worth it to shut off the electricity first than the water just to make sure everyone is safe.

Keep The Area Dry

Once everything is turned off and everyone’s safety is guaranteed, the next step is to dry the area around the burst pipe as much as you can. However, this is where things can get tricky.

A burst pipe can pour out a ton of water in a very short amount of time, even if you manage to shut it off in time. Regardless, use everything at your disposal to dry up the water like mops, towels, old clothes and anything else you don’t mind getting wet.

Gather as Many Personal Belongings as Possible

A pipe burst affects more than just your walls, flooring and even damage your personal property. Personal property can range from anything such as family heirlooms to your favorite piece of art.

Here is a list of personal property that can be damaged from a burst pipe:

– Pictures

– Computers

– Cellphones

– Journals

– Jewelry

– Clothing

You might be thinking that some of the things on this list are a bit odd for this kind of problem. However, keep in mind that any pipe can burst, regardless of its location.

Call a Professional Restoration Service

If there is too much water for you to handle by yourself, you’re going to need to enlist the professional help of a restoration company. These people are masters of their craft due to their specialized training.

They will soak up the rest of the water. Once that’s done, they will add fans to dry up the moisture, lift up your carpet and dry out the walls. After everything has been dried, you’ll need to schedule a hot water installation, Brisbane.

Contact Your Insurance Company and Make a Claim

Lastly, it may be in your best interest that you call your homeowner’s insurance company after a pipe burst. You might have to file a claim if there is too much damage. The insurance company should be able to reimburse you even with the basic policy. However, this does depend on the company as well as the policy.

If a pipe does burst, the most important thing is keeping you your family and any pets safe. Get everyone to a safe place and leave the repairs to a professional.

6 Things You Need To Do If Your Home Pipe Burst
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