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6 Key Features Of Profitable Real Estate Rental Property Guide

10 Jan 2022

Investing in properties can be a rewarding and exciting venture when done the right way. It enhances your portfolio. If you plan to make a long-term real estate investment, rental property is a good option.

However, when the benefits are put aside, it can be a tricky investment to make by first-time investors. Should you want to get properties from Storey Drive Resort or any other real estate agency near you, you should attempt learning the details first.

Going into real estate is tough, and some events can lead you to frustration. This inevitability is why you should consider some factors and make your findings before investing in a property or diving into real estate.

6 key features of profitable real estate rented property

6 Essential Features Of A Profitable Real Estate Rental Property

What Does A Real Estate Rental Property Mean?

The goal of getting a rental property is to make some profits. This is different from purchasing a personal home. Regardless, there are various ways to buy an investment property, and if you’re a newbie, you should learn the techniques and what’s required to rent a house to tenants.

A real estate rental property can be purchased and resold for a rapid profit or rented out. You should know the return on investment (ROI) before investing in a property to assure its productivity. It’s also critical to keep track of your rental property’s overhead expenditures to precisely evaluate its earning potential. To save your time and manage your everyday landlord tasks easier you can use landlord property management software.

Features Of Real Estate Rental Property

What makes a great real estate rental property? How do you judge if it’s rewarding? Below are some features and indicators you can look out for to assess the performance of your real estate rental property:

Minimal Maintenance

Real estate rental property can be a source of cash flow, but the cost of purchase and maintenance can be high. Note that good investment properties require less maintenance cost and time investment. Buyers would typically prefer to buy properties they won’t have to spend their money repairing. So, the lower the maintenance costs, the higher the productivity of the investment.

Favorable Property Taxes

Property taxes vary depending on the location, and you need to know how much will be paid for tax on a property you eventually buy. A property with high taxes is not entirely wrong. If located in a neighborhood, long-term tenants will be interested. Meanwhile, there are some not too good locations with high taxes. To find out the property’s tax information, you can relate with property owners in the community. Ask if there’ll be any future tax increase. Sometimes, towns might increase taxes beyond what landlords can charge in rent.

Cash Flows And Profit Opportunities

Cashflow is simply the amount left after all expenses have been made. Positive cash flow is essential for a good return on a property. Compare profit and costs before buying a property. An excellent real estate property must have a favorable return on investment (ROI) after maintenance costs and other expenses have been deducted.

Location Of Property

Your property might be located in a profitable area currently. But you should consider if the location will remain profitable in the future. A property with a high appreciation rate will stay good as it increases in value. That way, an investor can profit from the property if sold in the long run.

Investors should consider areas experiencing high economic growth and limited land. There’s also an increased appreciation rate of properties with infrastructural developments, business hubs, and tourist attractions. Some locations are potential threats of natural disasters, and it’s crucial to know what will affect your property in the future. Be prepared for natural disasters and insure your property against damage.

Value Of Property

There are three standard real estate valuation procedures: income, cost, and sales comparison. With these, you can compare the price of your property of interest with properties with similar characteristics. Take the cost of developing the land or building minus possible depreciation, and you’ll have the property’s expected profit or value. A profitable property often has a high value.


Tenants have a list of what they’re looking for in a home. And just as they have some internal amenities, they expect a home to have, they also have critical external amenities. Homeowners are not just marketing a home, but the whole resources renting the home will provide. The location of the property will add value to the lives of renters.

6 key features of profitable real estate rental property


Getting a property that ticks all the boxes requires hard work and research. After getting your desired property, you need the patience to wait till your investment begins to earn you some return. It’s believed that a rental property only gives relatively financially solid protection. But with the features listed here, you can get a great and stable return on investment.

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