5 ways to leverage technology for your business

5 ways to leverage technology for your business tips, Company advice, Improve customer service guide

5 Ways to Leverage Technology for Your Business

14 March 2022

The exponential growth and success of the digital age means that no business can ignore the power of technology to transform their operations. By failing to leverage technology, you leave yourself open to being overtaken by your competitors. Fortunately, there are many ways to leverage technology to benefit your business. We look at five strategies you may wish to adopt for your business whether you want to benefit from renewable energy or improve customer service, there are solutions available.

5 ways to leverage technology for your business

Invest in Chatbots

Interacting with customers can prove to be challenging, especially as your business grows. Today, customers expect fast response times combined with great customer service. So how do you keep pace with customers’ expectations? By utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) via Chatbots. A chatbot can be programmed to understand and respond to the most common questions and concerns of your target market. They can then be used to message back and forth with customers and provide answers to commonly asked questions to resolve customer issues without human intervention.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

There are often many tasks within a business that must be completed repeatedly, such as posting on a variety of social media platforms or sending out emails as part of a marketing campaign. Emails and social media posts can be easily automated, freeing up your staff to concentrate on producing more content. You can set up emails to follow up with each visitor who added items to their basket but didn’t buy. The beauty of automating such tasks is that you only need to set up the system once.

Utilize GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Many transport businesses have chosen to invest in GPS fleet tracking software. Utilizing GPS fleet tracking software and solutions helps to track your fleet with real-time GPS data and monitor your company assets, including vehicles, equipment, and drivers. There are many benefits of GPS tracking devices for fleet management including providing route optimization, decreasing response time, reducing fuel costs, improving safety for fleet vehicles, improved customer service and a reduction in losses due to theft.

Embrace Cloud Solutions

Keeping your data and that of your customers secure is paramount. Everybody wants to know that their data is safe, whether it’s personal, financial, or recreational. By using cloud storage and encryption, you can achieve much higher data security plus you’ll always have access to backups of your data should your system go offline. Cloud storage also enables your business to access your digital data at greater speed.

Implement Mobile Technology

With more than 50% of internet usage occurring via mobile technology, your business is missing out if you’re not using it or not using it correctly. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to make your business mobile friendly. First, you should ensure that your website adapts to the size of different screens, such as phones, tablets, and computers. It’s also a good idea to invest in a mobile app for customers as most people now browse on their phone. Finally, investing in an in-house app will enable employees to share information and data easily, especially when they are working remotely.

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