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5 Ways to Incorporate Wood into Your Home

22 Mar 2022

Wood is one of the few building materials that is loved by most people around the globe. Besides the natural, calming and attractive aesthetic, using wood in your interior has various benefits too. Wood is an easy material to use in building, it’s very durable and therefore it’s often more environmentally-friendly than other materials that may need to be replaced once every few years. Let’s also not forget the wide range of colours, styles and textures that you may choose from. If you love wood and are looking for ways to incorporate it into your home, here are some brilliant ways to do that.

5 ways to incorporate wood into your home guide

1. Wooden centrepiece

Large wooden pieces of furniture work brilliantly as the centrepiece of the room and can incorporate well in nearly any interior. A tree trunk table makes a beautiful centrepiece in a dining room, for example, and you’re guaranteed to get compliments from all your guests. You can also have a wooden coffee table, bed frame or a wardrobe – anything that’s large enough to draw your attention as soon as you walk into the room. Again, you’ve got so much choice in styles and colours to find something in the exact aesthetic that you are looking for.

 2. Wood in your garden

Your garden is the perfect place to incorporate wooden accents for a more natural and rustic look. This could include wooden decking, fences, garden gates, outdoor furniture or various garden ornaments. While it may be slightly pricier than other materials, wooden options will be incredibly quick and easy to install in addition to being much more resistant in terms of cracks, dents, scratches and rot. If you are looking for some stylish IPE decking | Hardwood Discount has some great offers that will not break the bank.

3. Wooden walls and ceilings

To really make a statement with wooden accents in your interior, consider having wooden walls and/or ceilings. This can be done in a variety of styles, which will suit both, traditional rustic interior and a more modern home. For example, using traditional panelling for walls will add a more country-esk vibe to the room, whereas slatted wood panels will blend beautifully with conventional modern interiors. The same goes for using wood on your ceilings – you can either go fully wooden or opt for wooden beams for a more seamless look.

4. Furniture made from branches

>If you are looking for something very unique and eye-catching, have a search for home pieces that have been made out of tree branches. This type of furniture will give your interior a much more rustic look and will undoubtedly become a conversation topic with your guests. This can be literally anything, from little coffee tables and chairs to chandeliers and bookshelves – all handmade from various size branches into one impressive piece of furniture.

5. Smaller decorations

Not everyone can have the space or the budget to buy large wooden furniture or re-do their walls and ceilings. This doesn’t mean, however, that you cannot still incorporate wooden accents into your home in smaller ways. For instance, wooden placemats and coasters, bowls, candle holders, vases, picture frames and various other decorative pieces are an affordable and subtle way to add the wooden aesthetic into different rooms.

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