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5 small things every architects needs to think about

25 March 2024

As an architect you are always swamped with tasks that ensure the project you are working on is flawless. Small details however end up making the biggest difference. That’s why in this blog we’ll talk about 5 small things every architect needs to think about.

5 small things every architects needs to think about

How a place is locked

The first small thing you need to think about as an architect is how a place is locked. As you are also designing the doors and windows of homes you are making, the way these parts of a home lock make a big difference in how comfortable and safe a place is. Are you not sure what the best way is to proceed with this? Then consider asking advice from your local locksmith. If you’re living and working in Amsterdam, your locksmith amsterdam will be able to provide you with some valuable input on this topic.

Climate change impact

One of the more recent developments in the world of architecture is taking climate change into account. Right now, this is still a small thing to keep in mind. However, the prognosis is that this will change quickly as the sea level rises. That’s why it’s important to consider factors such as insulation, ventilation and energy efficiency when designing a home. The result? A reduced carbon footprint of the house and more resilience to extreme weather.


Slowly but surely, society has placed more emphasis on accessibility. People for example in wheelchairs are now able to live much more comfortably. The homes you design should also pass the accessibility check. Not only is this a morally correct thing to do, most countries have laws in place that mandate this. Techniques such as ramps, wider doorways and accessible bathrooms should all be taken into consideration when designing a home.

Safety measures

Another small yet important responsibility you have as an architect is to put the right safety measures in place. This means that it is easy to escape the home or building when there is a fire. This also involves having measures in place such as smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. As an architect, it is crucial to keep up with the changing needs and demands of society, especially regarding safety.


Finally, functionality has a small yet crucial role in the design of a house. Functionality has received a lot more attention from clients the past few years, meaning that every single thing found in a home should have some functionality behind it. This is why things such as storage spaces, furniture placement, and even window placement are important factors to consider during the design process. This adds both convenience and practicality to a house.

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