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5 Contemporary Architectural Features to Make Your Look Luxurious

12 March 2023

5 contemporary architectural features for home
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Architecture is a unique art that evolves with time. Some changes can be subtle while others are dramatic, but they all define the home design evolution. Contemporary designs represent what’s trending, and while they may change, certain features remain dominant. While you may not need all the design elements, you can choose features to spruce up your home. Here are some features that can transform your home.

1.      Minimalistic Aesthetics

Modern architecture leans towards form over function. Unlike traditional styles like neo-gothic and Victorian, which underpin artistic architectural expressions, modern designs emphasize minimalism and spaces that appear weightless.

However, this doesn’t mean modern styles are less ergonomic. On the contrary, minimalism allows unique architectural features to stand out. Typically, contemporary homes rarely include ornamentations like pediments and heavy crown molding. Most modern homeowners prefer plain surfaces, clean elements, and sleek features that complement fundamental structural elements.

2.      Clean Geometry

Decluttering is a popular phrase among new homeowners looking for a relocation firm in San Diego, but it gets to another level when it comes to contemporary designs. The modern home architecture emphasizes geometric shapes and clean lines. Conventional features like ornate columns, arches, window shutters, and excess ornamentation are no longer popular. Instead of opulence, modern homes embrace intentional asymmetry and simple shapes.

In addition, contemporary designs emphasize pronounced vertical and horizontal elements that create hierarchy and strategic contrast with landscaping elements. The ultimate aim is to simplify the house to focus on function and eliminate unnecessary features. Since life in the digital age is filled with distraction by technology and stress from busy work schedules, simplicity can be welcoming and calming.

3.      Smart and Healthy Features

Smart and healthy home features can be present in any home design; they are often found in contemporary homes and showcase new and trendy designs. The features offer comfort, safety, energy efficiency, and convenience, allowing you to control your home easily.

You can also monitor and regulate air conditioning units, control lighting, monitor activities in the house, and alert security agencies when necessary. When implementing a modern design, you can include various features. It’s prudent to keep it simple since less is more. The simplicity combines with a unique style necessary for an elegant modern life.

4.      Modern Materials

Modern architecture started when technological advancement was taking root. This led to the availability of newer and better building materials. Since the materials are versatile and durable, they create unique designs. For example, architects can create sophisticated buildings with daring designs thanks to steel’s weight-bearing capabilities. In addition, modern steel is naturally reflective, helping architects design homes with shining facades.

Concrete is popular for its restrained color palate, exceptional durability, and blends with landscape features. Glass is also widely used in modern architecture to incorporate natural light into your home. Using steel in the interior structure of a building allows modern architects to design non-structural walls with beautiful glass without compromising the overall structural integrity of a home.

While some traditional materials like wood are still used, architects use simple and honest designs to create breathtaking masterpieces. For example, wood staining is a common practice since it enhances the natural beauty of wood. Architects can leverage modern designs and skills to improve versatility regardless of the materials used.

5.      Revolutionary Interior and Exterior Features

While modern-style architecture doesn’t eliminate all ornamentation, it’s still an attractive design. This is because the style leverages unique designs that display ambiance. For example, flat roofs with sleek, angular lines and statement overhangs replace gabled rooftops.

The roof design emphasizes the principle of function and practicality. Besides creating a visually appealing structure, you can convert the roof into a functional space due to its horizontal orientation. In addition, modern design exteriors feature restrained color palates and whitewashed surfaces.

When it comes to the interiors, modern styles often feature spacious, large, and open floor plans that enhance seamless flow from one room to another. The availability of versatile materials means architects can use minimal interior supports to facilitate airy spaces that create a relaxing mood.

In addition, eliminating unnecessary ornamentation allows modern architects to develop bold, asymmetrical designs that arouse tremendous visual interest while maintaining simplicity and functionality.

5 contemporary architectural features for home – Endnote

Modern home design has gained popularity over the years, and the trend is gaining more traction. The style features asymmetrical designs, clean lines, natural lighting, and minimal ornamentation features to create an interesting space. Modern homes can be quite refreshing and luxurious in a busy world with distractions and tight schedules.

Regardless of the home you intend to build, it’s essential to note the important features and how they can improve your quality of life. While you don’t have to incorporate all features in your design, consider the elements with the highest benefits depending on your goals and lifestyle.

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