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4 Advantages Of A Fire Curtain In The Office advice

15 Mar 2020

4 Advantages Of A Fire Curtain In The Office
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Fires are every business owner’s worst nightmare. They can cause widespread devastation when they strike and not to forget the losses you can incur when this happens. Now, most states require that you take some steps towards ensuring that your business premises adhere to certain fire codes.

With so many causes of office fires today, including electrical malfunctions, cooking equipment, and arson to mention but a few, it’s important that you find the most effective fire protection strategies to protect your most valuable office equipment. Among the various things you can do include installing fire curtains in your office/s. Fire curtains are an effective way of managing workplace fires in case of such emergencies. In this piece, we’ll be shedding more light on the four advantages of fire curtains in the office.

1. Compliance

Investing in fire curtains will help to ensure that your office is a fire and safety compliant. Fire safety is a major concern, especially for business owners. And while there isn’t much that you can do when fires strike, you can invest in fire preventive measures to protect your business from fire emergencies.

According to A1S Group suggest that before installing fire curtains in your office, you must ensure that the curtains are compliant. Fire curtains must meet certain classification and performance requirements.  Upon installation, you’ll receive a compliance certificate which will help to make your business fire and safety compliant.

2. Fire Curtains Are Easy To Operate

During a fire emergency, utilizing an effective fire extinguishing strategy will help to put down the fire before it spreads to other buildings. Fire curtains are easy to operate when it comes to evacuating office occupants through stairwells.

It will also be easy to train staff on how to use the system during a fire emergency. Their ability to divide open spaces in order to provide a barrier of protection makes fire curtains a must-have in open-plan office spaces. This will make it easier to combat the fires and evacuate office occupants in an orderly manner.

3. Automation

4 Advantages Of A Fire Curtain In The Office Advice
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Fire curtains eliminate the dangers that come with extinguishing a fire. You’ll not need to charge into open flames to ensure that there are fire safety measures in place. Fire curtains function via an automatic system of deployment. This system is triggered by the building’s fire detection and alarm system. Once the fire alarm is triggered, the fire curtains will automatically deploy into protective mode, ensuring that all fire escape routes are protected, open spaces compartmented, and the spread of fire controlled. It’s imperative that when the fire curtains are put in place, to ensure that they are regularly inspected. This will help to eliminate hiccups in case of a fire emergency.

4.  Fire Curtains Are Durable And Offer Reliability

Most fire curtain manufacturers and installation companies will offer aftercare services and great customer-oriented packages. This helps to ensure that the installed fire curtains are not just another value for money investment but also a reliable fire combating solution.

Finally, among the factors to consider before investing in fire curtains for office use includes occupant needs, space use, the curtain’s dimensions, and the installation company. These considerations will help towards ensuring that your investment is worth your every penny and that it’s also reliable in containing the spread of office fires.

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