10 things to do before selling your house, Smart strategies for selling your home at the right price

10 Things to do Before Selling Your House

19 June 2024

Thinking of selling your home?

Want to know the secrets to maximum property sale success?

The keys to fruitful real estate transactions lie in knowing your home, your market and the resources available to helping you secure the sale you desire.

Follow our checklist and you might just enter the Seller’s Hall of Fame.

10 things to do before selling your house

1. Define Your Sale Objective

Having a goal to aim at always makes it easier to score.

When selling a house, you have two main objectives. To sell quickly, or to sell for the highest price. Deciding where you stand between these two will help shape the rest of your selling journey.

If what you seek is a quick sale – your pricing, negotiations and choice of experts (estate agents and conveyancers) are your focal points.

If you’re in it for the profits – you will need to focus on renovations, marketing and staging the house of a lifetime for a well paying audience.

2. Get Home Improvement Records In Order

Every buyer wants transparency.

Compiling an up-to-date list of all documents related to repairs and renovations will help set the tone for a smooth and efficient sale. Take care to include building contracts, home inspection records, invoices and any relevant licenses and guarantees.

Clear communication, and the documentary proof to go with it, will enable an interested buyer to let go of his purchase anxieties and begin negotiating a deal.

If you are interested in selling fast, and don’t necessarily have the time to cross every T and dot every I, selling a house as-is could be your best option. Read up on selling homes with possible code violations for more info.

3. Identify and Attend to Necessary Repairs

In real estate, just like everywhere else, first impressions last.

Buyers will be subconsciously looking for faults or red flags when they view your property.

Guard against this by noting and taking care of minor issues such as leaky taps, broken windows, faulty switches and the like. Some major issues to look out for are dampness, pest infestation and piping problems.

Fixing any small or significant problems before putting your house on the market is the wise thing to do. Perception affects price, and price affects your profit margin.

4. Determine Property Value Through Market Research

You can’t beat the competition if you don’t do your homework.

Understanding and analyzing housing market trends and comparable sales in your neighborhood helps ensure you choose a suitable selling price. Setting a high price is only good if it is achievable.

As it stands, the 2024 US housing market is defined by low levels of inventory, making it a seller’s market. Seller’s markets are primed for sales that are both lucrative and quick due to prospective buyers being choked for options.

The more you know about the market, the better you can position your home.

5. Choose The Right Agent

One good expert goes a long way.

Working with a talented real estate agent streamlines and enhances the selling process from start to finish. Consult with a few and select the one who thrives in your area and chosen price range. Agents can introduce you to a plethora of buyers with the capacity to meet your target.

Real estate agents are involved in the pricing, staging and negotiation process. Noteworthy factors to consider are their experience, marketing techniques and recent track record. Hire an agent in firing form, let them lead you to victory.

(Pro-Tip: Give your business to an agent who has mastered the art of social media marketing!)

6. Prepare Your Home for Showings

A great show house is a sold house.

When preparing your home for showings, remember the 3 D’s:

Deep Clean, Declutter and Depersonalize.

Clean, tidy and non-personal show houses allow prospective buyers to visualize their own future within the home. All you need is one buyer to be grabbed by the idea of living there, to get the price you want. Deep clean your home’s floors, windows, ceilings and walls. Declutter and depersonalize to create open spaces, and make room for the next occupant’s creativity.

7. Maximize Curb Appeal

What you see is what you get, if you like what you see.

Curb appeal is quite simply what buyers see when they first arrive at your property. This is purely aesthetic, and a stylish eye goes a long way. Do away with any defects, perfect your landscaping and make the experience of walking from the curb to your front door as visually pleasing as possible.

Consider paint jobs, the addition of fresh flowers, a welcome mat and anything else you might fancy. Have fun with it, enthusiasm is addictive and will show off to prospective buyers.

8. Be Open to Flexible Sale Terms and Conditions

Sweeten the deal, secure the sale.

Flexible negotiation techniques facilitate quick sales. Some incentives you might want to consider offering to buyers are:

  • Covering closing costs
  • Price adjustments dependent on payment methods
  • Offering occupation date arrangements suited to their needs
  • Including furniture or other valuables in the sale

Proper negotiations and showing a willingness to reconsider terms or offer incentives makes you and your property a more appealing option than your competitors, ultimately leading to a worthwhile deal for both sides.

9. Advertise Your Property The Modern Way

The internet is forever.

Reaching a broad audience has never been this easy. Advertise your property on real estate websites and social media and let the algorithm work for you.

Be sure to invest in professional photography and videography services to stand out. Capturing the best features of your property in HD/4K quality is a certified way to capture attention from buyers who know what they want and will pay good money to get it.

The more interest your property receives, the better the offers and quicker the sale.

10. Hire a Conveyancer

Don’t falter at the finish line, check those formalities.

Hiring a reliable conveyancer (or solicitor) will ensure all legal aspects of the sale process are handled. An experienced conveyancer will have no problems managing the paperwork, meeting the deadlines and guaranteeing compliance with state property laws. The last thing you need is administrative difficulties holding up your perfect sale.

Similarly to the estate agent, consult with a few conveyancers and select one with the facilities and fee-per-hour that match your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I expect to pay for a home inspection?

Between $200 to $500, depending on the size and characteristics of the property. Sellers should also be aware that this amount can differ from state to state, and in neighborhoods where service fees are generally higher.

How do I sell a house as quickly as possible?

Selling to cash home buyers or iBuyers is your best bet for a quick sale. These companies specialize in making quick cash purchases, and closing sales within days or weeks. Be aware that this method often results in sellers receiving a slightly lower purchase price than if they pursued traditional options, in exchange for the speed and convenience of the service.

Is hiring a conveyancer mandatory to sell a house?

Hiring a conveyancer is NOT mandatory in the United States of America in order to sell a house, but it is highly recommended. Conveyancers or property attorneys have the expertise to ensure a legally compliant transaction, ultimately leading to quicker turnaround times throughout the sale process.


Selling your home can be daunting, if you don’t know where to begin.

The truth is, with the right research, techniques and professional services, selling your home can be informative, efficient and profitable as well.

Take the time to understand and implement the steps outlined above, and we have no doubts your property sale experience will be an enjoyable one. Good luck!

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