10 creative clever storage solutions and hacks for your home

10 creative clever storage solutions and hacks for your home guide, House declutter tips, Property store advice

10 Creative & Clever Storage Solutions & Hacks for Your Home

30 Mar 2022

Over the years, a typical one-bedroom apartment size has shrunk by 8%. At the same time, freshly-built studio apartments are, on average, 18% tinier than they used to be a decade ago.

For most people, this means they need to downsize their essentials to fit the size of the place. But, it is not an ideal option, and most people aren’t happy with it.

The good news is – there are always smart storage hacks at your disposal. With a bit of ingenuity, you can make your house seem cleaner, bigger, and more organized. We’ve rounded up 10 genius and creative storage hacks for your home in this post. These hacks will make the most available space with a ton of breathing room.

10 creative clever storage solutions and hacks for your home

10 Creative & Clever Storage Solutions & Hacks for a Home

Pare down

You must always stick with this #1 storage solution gospel. Living in a tiny space often encourages people to stick with the basics. It’s the perfect opportunity to edit and whittle things down to the essentials only. When you have fewer items to stack away, you can eliminate clutter and overcrowding and use whatever space you have more efficiently.

Start by decluttering your home by having only that which is necessary. There’s no need to have 5 towels when you know you only use two. If the items get damaged or worn, replace them. Try donating a few things that are no longer in use.

Use Floating Shelves

Bookshelves are a highly aesthetic feature of a home. They are essential too. However, most bookshelves tend to take a significant amount of room space. This can be a considerable concern when you’re dealing with limited space. So, what’s the alternative?

Well, you can always go with floating shelves. Not only do floating shelves look aesthetically pleasing and stylish, but they are also highly functional. You can stack them in the corners of your room, one on top of another. It’s the perfect way to leave your favorite books on display without consuming precious floor space. Furthermore, people like getting a white oak fireplace mantel allowing them to display books or items right above the coziest spot in the house. It adds to the style, and you can stack away your books in a manner that takes little room space.

Use Vertical Spaces

If you live in tight quarters and wonder where to store essentials, you can always use the behind-the-doors, extra vertical space for storage. These precious square feet of storage are mostly never in usage. They are a smart place to store smaller, everyday items that otherwise tend to clutter up the area. You can hang all kinds of slim wire baskets to put stuff into. It’s the perfect way to keep things in view while encouraging quick and easy access to everyday essentials.

Smarter Jewelry Storage

Small inconsistent items like makeup and jewelry are often the trickiest to organize and store, even if you live in big quarters. The thing is, these items usually come in varying sizes and shapes. Therefore, a typical organizer with equally sized apartments is often not the best solution. One creative way to save precious shelf and drawer space is to turn to walls. There’s always room for extra storage.

Grab a metal sheet with holes or a frame with corks. You could use hooks and pins to hang things like bracelets and necklaces. You could use magnets at the back of each item for makeup products and attach them vertically to a magnetic board.

Buy Bed With Storage

Storage or Trundle beds can be huge space savers, especially for a tiny bedroom. On the outside, they look like a perfect king or queen-sized bed. But, hidden beneath is a cabinet with tons of storage space. These beds don’t even cost a lot. Alternatively, you could add wheels to a closet and push them underneath the bed frame. You can buy those ready-mades as well. Anytime you need to access something, it’s only a tug away.

Additionally, you could always buy a bed with a storage headboard. You can place books, phones, and chargers on the headboard. Many headboards even come with international storage space.

Include Out-in-the-Open Storage

You don’t always have to go with closed drawers and doors to store away essentials. Sometimes, you need things in plain view to encourage easy access. Think about items like kitchen towels and wraps that you need almost every few hours. You could consider using a decorative storage unit to group same-sized items. For example, you could stack things like parchment paper, aluminum foil, and other cooking items in one of them.

Install a Fold-down Desk

When you need a desk but don’t have enough space, a fold-down desk would come to your rescue. These desks practically disappear against the wall when you fold them back up. What’s more, you can buy it in various styles, shapes, and sizes.

Many of those even come with built-in storage units for storing office supplies. These are great for people working from home but living in tiny quarters. For chairs, you could also go with a foldable one. Alternatively, you could use the foot of the bed.

Stack Cabinets

The oldest trick in the book – stack cabinets can be a lifesaver. These long cabinets arrive ready to stack. All you need is a screwdriver and a few screws to assemble them. And, you’re good to go. You can pick five, six, or even seven stacks of cabinets to stack away supplies.

Get a Radiator Cover With Storage

While getting a radiator cover, grab one that has shelves on the sides. It may cost a little extra, but the added space will go a long way in decluttering and organizing. If you love DIY projects, you could also cut up plywood and fix some shelvings using L-brackets.

Bottom Line

These are genius storage hacks that will leave you wondering what to do with all that extra space in your house. Happy organizing!

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