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Facelift Architecture – Architectural Article by Dimple Soni for e-architect – 18 Jun 2013
Makeovers and Extensions in Architecture
Sorø Art Museum Building - Architecture Articles
photo : Jens Lindhe
“To sustain its relevance of function and form, buildings occasionally demand a makeover or an extension, the ramifications of which either augments or impairs the user experience. Transfiguration of spaces through partial changes in prevailing structure or by addition of an independent edifice to the existing setup loops the projects featured this week”.

Glasgow School of Art Holl Building – article for e-architect by Joyce Hwang – 12 Jun 2013
Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture at University at Buffalo SUNY
Joyce Hwang Architecture Articles
image of Joyce Hwang
Expectedly, controversy and debate surround the Glasgow School of Art Extension project, a new building sited across the street from Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s universally acclaimed masterwork. Although Steven Holl Architects and JM Architects were selected for the job through a highly publicized and elaborated competition process, their design has still been met with a barrage of criticism, perhaps most ardently from architectural historian William J.R. Curtis, who has stated that the proposal is “horrendously out of scale,” is “clumsy in form and proportion,” “lacks finesse in detail,” and “has no relationship to the human figure.”

Morgan Library and Museum Access, NYC, USA – article by Joel Solkoff for e-architect
Background on designing disability access for Renzo Piano’s first project in New York City
Morgan Library and Museum Building
photo by Michel Denancé, provided by permission of the Morgan Library and Museum
The photograph above shows the Renzo Piano façade of the Morgan Library and Museum, the architect’s first New York City project where disability access was a major priority. The Morgan is arguably the most influential art and cultural collection in the United States.

Architectural Levels, Building Presence Discussion
Architecture Article for e-architect by Nigel Henbury
UC Davis Art Museum Sacramento
image from architect
The chancellor of the UC Davis Art Museum on the winning design by SO – IL said of the scheme “All who enter this museum will become students again.” This is a refreshing thought and quite a challenge for the building to deliver on that message, the possibility that the fusion of structure, organisation of space, capture of light and soft landscape can influence the behaviour and thought processes of those who experience the spaces.

Copenhagen Harbour Architecture, Denmark – article by Rebecca Breun for e-architect
‘Joining the Dots in the Kingdom of 1000 Islands!’ 23 Apr 2013
Danish Architecture
image from DAC
During my short stay in Copenhagen last weekend, the Danish Architectural Centre, with its current exhibition “Your Harbour” was top of my list. Being a small country with over a thousand Islands, the sea has a special place in Danish hearts. Over the last decade the harbour and ports around Copenhagen have been vacated, and the city has launched an impressive attempt not only to link the newly developed areas on the island of Amager, situated opposite Copenhagen proper, to the old city centre, but also to animate the waterfront on both sides.

Burkina Faso Schools, Africa – article by Martin Spring for e-architect. 23 Apr 2013
‘School extension takes shape in natural stone in Burkina Faso’
Burkina Faso School Building - Architecture Articles
photo from Article 25
A keenly awaited £200,000 school extension is now visibly taking shape in Burkina Faso in West Africa, unaffected by the civil war currently waging in neighbouring Mali. The design was developed in London by Article 25 who now monitor the construction works on site. The emerging walls proudly display their local origins in rugged laterite stone blockwork that was quarried out of the ground less than five miles away.

Rudy Ricciotti Exhibition, Cite de l’architecture Show, Paris, France. 16 Apr 2013
‘Architecture is a combat sport’ – architectural article by Rebecca Breun, e-architect
Building by Rudy Ricciotti - Architecture Articles
photo © RB
There can be no question about it: Rudy Ricciotti is the French architect to watch at present. So it was no surprise that Cite de l’architecture in Paris put on an exhibition dedicated to him. Since the construction of the stadium in Vitrolles in the 1990’s, his architecture practice has been responsible for a number of important buildings both in France and elsewhere. This is not signature architecture. Each building has its own identity, depending on geographical position and its function.

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