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MENIS wins the Gold Award and the Jury’s Award at Taipei Intl. Design Awards 2016

10 Nov 2016


Menis Arquitectos News

In Taipei, the World Design Capital 2016, the Spanish architect won the Gold Award of Public Space Design for his CKK Jordanki, in Poland and the Jury’s Special Award for the Bürchen Public Square, in Switzerland.

Ko Wen-je, Mayor of Taipei City, at the Awards Ceremony: “to change our capital, we must change the culture; and to change the culture, we must start with design”

Fernando Menis on stage at Taipei Intl. Design Awards 2016, receiving the Gold Award of Public Space Design:
Fernando Menis on stage at Taipei International Design Awards
photo from Menis

The Taipei City Government founded the Interna5onal Design Award to convey the quality image of Taipei design to the interna5onal community and to locate valuable designs with commercial possibili5es. As announced in its brief, Taipei believes in design as a way to improve economy, the social fabric, environment and the cultural development of the city as well as to provide harmony, secure and convenient life to the ci5zens of the world. An annual call, this award is open worldwide to crea5ves, design professionals, design schools, and individuals with a passion for design. In 2012, three new categories were added – industrial design, visual communica5on and public space design – showing the Taipei Interna5onal Awards’s ambi5on to grow global. Moreover, in 2016, Taipei is the World Design Capital.

CKK Jordanki in Torun, Poland:
CKK Jordanki Building in Torun, Poland by Menis Arquitectos
photo © Jakub Certowicz

On November 4, at the Awards ceremony, presided by the Major of Taipei, the Spanish architect, Fernando Menis, was revealed as the winner of the Gold Award of Public Space Design for the Congress and Mul5func5onal Concerts Hall CKK Jordanki, in Torun, Poland and the winner of the Jury’s Special Award of Public Space Design for the Bürchen Public Square in Switzerland.

Bürchen Public Square in Switzerland:
Bürchen Public Square in Switzerland by Menis Arquitectos
photo : Schnyder Werbung

From Taiwan, Fernando Menis declared: “As a compe55on, the Taipei Interna5onal Design Awards allows creators, architects and designers around the world to learn from each other, progress, obtain a broader interna5onal perspec5ve, and further embody crea5vity and dreams in their products with marketability and futurity, bringing the design industry in the world new atmosphere and prospects.”

“Design is not just about seeking aesthe5cs in objects, it is about an aZtude of thinking,” said Mayor of Taipei City, Ko Wen-je, who gave the Award to Menis. “To change Taiwan, we must start with the capital; to change the capital, we must change the culture; and to change the culture, we must start with design.” Mayor Ko added that implemen5ng design into urban development requires collabora5on across different bureaus within government, as well as from ci5zens and professional designers, and stated that “our vision is to make Taipei a livable and sustainable city by 2050.”

CKK Jordanki, Poland

List of awardees:

CKK Jordanki:

Bürchen Public Square:

World Design Capital Taipei 2016:

1 Mar 2016

Menis Arquitectos Building

CKK Jordanki Auditorium, Torun, Poland

Opening of the CKK Jordanki, an utmost flexible Auditorium in Poland.

CKK Jordanki Auditorium by Menis Arquitectos
photograph © Jakub Certowicz

Spanish architect Fernando Menis, has finished his most complex work up to date, an Auditorium in Torun, the UNESCO protected town in Poland.

3 Oct 2012

WAF Awards 2012 category winner – Display + New and Old categories: Plaza Espana in Adeje

Menis Arquitectos – Award News

Fernando Menis awarded with European Prize of Urban Public Space 2012


Sacred Museum and the Plaza of Spain in Adeje by Menis Arquitectos
photo © Simona Rota
Sacred Museum and the Plaza of Spain in Adeje
The Sacred Museum and the Plaza of Spain in Adeje has been a finalist of the seventh edition of this award that is granted by several European institutions.

The work of the Sacred Museum and the Plaza of Spain in Adeje, performed by the canarian architect Fernando Menis, has been a finalist of the seventh edition of the European Prize of Urban Public Space 2012. This is an initiative of the Comtemporary Cultural Center of Barcelona (CCCB) which co-organizes with the Architecture Foundation of London (AF), the Architekturzentrum Wien (Az W), the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine of Paris (la Cité), the Suomen Rakennustaiteen Museum of Helsinki (SRM), the Nederlands Architectuurinstituut of Rotterdam (NAi) and the Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM). This European award aims to promote and recognize the recovery processes of the public dimension of the urban spaces in Europe and its ability to encourage democracy and social inclusion in our cities.

17 Sep 2012

Menis Arquitectos – Venice Biennale News

Fernando Menis at The Venice Biennale 2012

Venice, September 2012 – The Venice Biennale welcomes proposals as an invitation to discover the earthly and telluric architecture of Fer nando Menis. * Fernando Menis presents an installation in the optimistic Spanish pavilion called Into the Wall, which will be open until 25th of November 2012. * Into the Wall allows visitors to enter inside a wall formwork to discover different architectural proposals by this Architects Studio, merging with the landscape that shapes.

Magma Art & Congress, Tenerife, Canary Islands:
Magma Art & Congress by Menis Arquitectos
photo ® Roland Halbe

The 13th Venice Biennale brings together thousands of visitors and hundreds of professionals to this International architecture exhibition where ideas and vanguard merge, open until 25th of November. In this Framework, the European architect, Fernando Menis, presents a new and original installation, part of SpainLab, in the Giardini, that meets the proposals developed by 7 Spanish architectural studios, commissioned by Antón García-Abril and Débora Mesa, selecting as leivmotiv for this exhibition the investigation and innovation process in architecture.

Fernando Menis at The Venice Biennale 2012:
Fernando Menis
photo ® Menis Arquitectos

In this sense, Menis Architects displays its proposals’ palette, creating for it an installation called Into the Wall, where the visitor can go deep into a wall formwork that Menis and his team have created specially for the biennale, with a wooden exterior finish that represents the Torun Auditorium model (Poland), presently the flagship of the studio. The installation offers the spectator the possibility to observe the evolution process of this multifunctional space, inviting at the same time to continue the visit into the interior to discover more projects.

Magma Art & Congress (Canary Islands)
Magma Art & Congress by Menis Arquitectos
photo ® Menis Arquitectos

The geometry of this original installation makes “disappear”, with a single gesture, the existing wall of the pavilion, dematerializing the rigidity of the whole outline. At the end, the visitor has the opportunity of entering into the interior of the wall, through an internal path, experimenting the mystery of what is going on at the other side of the wall, where the artistic career of Menis is displayed through some of his works such as El Tanque Cultural Space (Tenerife-Canary Islands-Spain), Agora Garden Tower (Taipei-Taiwan), Magma Congress center (Tenerife-Canary Islands), and Morro Jable Auditorium and Congress center (Fuerteventura-Canary Islands). The roof of the installation exhibits the acoustic model of the above mentioned Torun Auditorium (Poland).

Holy Redeemer Church
Holy Redeemer Church La Laguna by Menis Arquitectos
photo ® Menis Arquitectos

Menis reinvents the concrete as a moldable material, without a definite shape, generating empty and full spaces, geometric games, and multiple textures that show different types of shapes that the Canary architect has researched during his professional career. The architectural models and concepts captured in the wall, combined with the concrete, make up different sensations, creating an experience through the works displayed, a journey in former times by a timeless architecture. This concrete is presented in an ephemeral installation that opens the doors to visitors in the way this studio works, analysing the investigation and the progress Menis Architects has achieved with a material such as the concrete.

In the making of the installation, thirty people have been involved and it was designed specifically with the purpose of establishing a closer encounter with the visitor, who gets caught up through the senses with the texture and shapes of Menis works.

Venice Biennial

This Edition of the Venice Biennial 2012 is titled COMMON GROUND and a total of a hundred and twelve proposals from fifty five countries participate. It is directed by David Chipperfield, who explains that this denomination refers to a metaphor beyond the spatial and territorial, and it’s a celebration of the idea of the dialog and collaboration in architecture.

Fernando Menis

Fernando Menis, architect, president of the “Laboratorio” of investigation and innovation in Architecture, Urbanism, Landscape and Advanced Tourism, and professor in different International universities such as Harvard, Columbia, ESA Paris, TU Berlin, among others. Furthermore, he is a regular architecture lecturer in schools and universities all around the world. His architectural work is characterized by projecting reason and emotion, merging green architecture with the cultural heritage and nature in every landscape, earning several awards such as the WAF Awards (this year he has been nominated once again for the WAF awards to be celebrated on October in Singapore).

Magma Art & Congress (Canary Islands)
Magma Art & Congress by Menis Arquitectos
photo ® Jordi Bernadó

Architect: Fernando Menis
Team: Victor Lledó, Moritz Krefter, Dulce Xerach
Support Team: Javier López, Fabian Scholz, Cristina Hernán, Domingo Pérez Carrillo y José, UEM (Universidad Europea de Madrid)
Office: Gisela Neves, Emilia Brulinska, Bernardo Ramírez, Manolo Devesa, Javier Espilez, Juan Bercedo, Juan Enrique Saiz, María Ibañez, Beatriz Inglés, Pedro Cerdá, Martínez Segovia, Jacek Lenart, Jaume Cassanyier, Karolina Misiak, Zuzana Tomecková
Collaborators: FOAMGLAS, Schoeck, LAFARGE, König Stahl (Jansen), Sanitec Koło Materials, Pine wood, Foamglas, Schoeck, Concrete

15 Mar 2012

Menis Arquitectos – Prize News

Fernando Menis awarded with the Prize for Innovation in Concrete

Holy Redeemer Church, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain – exterior:
Church in La Laguna
photo ® Menis Arquitectos

English text (scroll down for Spanish):

Fernando Menis awarded with the Prize for Innovation in Concrete, granted by the prestigious Foundation Ambuja Knowledge from India

Menis has been awarded in India with the Prize for Innovation in Concrete

Holy Redeemer Church, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain – interior:
Church in La Laguna by Menis Arquitectos
photo ® Simona Rota

Fernando Menis has been awarded with the Prize for Innovation in Concrete, Architecture category. This is a award given by the prestigious Ambuja Cement Foundation integrated by professionals and associations of cement and concrete. Finalist with 2 projects – Magma Art & Congress and of the Holy Redeemer Church, both buildings located in Tenerife – Menis has won however with this latest project.

Church in La Laguna – model:
Church in La Laguna
photo ® Menis Arquitectos

Ambuja Foundation Knowledge Initiative

The Ambuja Knowledge Centre aims to support research into the possibilities of use of concrete and cement, based on the conviction that art and science of construction are greatly affected by the development of materials. As announced in its statement, “when properly understood and applied, the inherent qualities of concrete can result in prominent expressions of architecture”

The award “Innovation in Concrete” aims to identify, give public exposure and reward good practices and outstanding expressions with concrete. In this context, the project The Holy Redeemer Church by Fernando Menis has won the Award for Innovation in Concrete for the category “Architecture”. The other two sections have been “Interior Design” and “Public Space”.


Holy Redeemer Church in La Laguna

The Church and the Parish Center of Holy Redeemer, located in La Laguna, Tenerife, is a project promoted by the Bishopr

Spanish text:

Fernando Menis recibe el Premio de la Innovación en Hormigón concedido por la prestigiosa Fundación Ambuja Knowledge de India

Iglesia del Santisimo Redentor en La Laguna – internal view:
Church in La Laguna
photo ® Simona Rota

Menis distinguido en India con el Premio de la Innovación en Hormigón Fernando Menis ha sido distinguido con el Premio de la Innovación en Hormigón, categoría Arquitectura, un premio otorgado por la prestigiosa Fundación Ambuja Cement inegrada por profesionales, empresas y asociaciones del cemento y hormigón. Finalista con 2 proyectos – Magma Arte&Congresos y la Iglesia del Santisimo Redentor –ambos edificios situados en Tenerife, Menis ha ganado sin embargo con este último proyecto.

Iglesia del Santisimo Redentor en La Laguna – drawing:
Holy Redeemer Church La Laguna
picture ® Menis Arquitectos

Fundación Ambuja Knowledge Initiative
El Centro del Conocimiento Ambuja, tiene como misión apoyar la investigación de las posibilidades de uso del hormigón y del cemento, partiendo desde la convicción que el arte y la ciencia de la construcción se ven muy afectados por el desarrollo de materiales. Según anuncian en su declaración de principios, “cuando se entienden y se aplican, las cualidades inherentes del concreto pueden dar lugar a expresiones destacadas de la arquitectura”
El Premio “Innovación en el Hormigón” tiene como objetivo identificar, dar a conocery premiar las buenas prácticas y las expresiones destacadas a través del hormigón. En este contexto, el proyecto de la Iglesia del Santisimo Redentor de Fernando Menis ha ganado el Premio de la Innovación en Hormigón sección de “Arquitectura”. Las otras dos secciones han sido “Diseño Interior” y “Espacio público”.


Iglesia del Santisimo Redentor en La Laguna

Iglesia del Santisimo Redentor en La Laguna – external texture:
Holy Redeemer Church Tenerife
photo ® Simona Rota

La Iglesia y el Centro Parroquial del Santisimo Redentor, conjunto situado en La Laguna, Tenerife es un proyecto promovido por el Obispado de Tenerife a través de la Parroquia de los Majuelos para responder a la necesidad expresada por los vecinos de tener un lugar con funciones religiosas pero también sociales. Actualmente el Centro Parroquial que ocupa 2 de los 4 módulos está en uso y alberga la oficina del Párroco, la biblioteca y las zonas de servicios adicionales. La parte de la Iglesia que ocupa los 2 módulos restantes y en los que se situarían el altar y la pila bautismal sigue en processo de construcción pendiente de nuevas fuentes de financiación.

Iglesia del Santisimo Redentor en La Laguna – drawing:
Holy Redeemer Church
drawing ® Menis Arquitectos

La Iglesia está situada en el corazón del barrio de los Majuelos y está caracterizado por la diferencia de cota topográfica dentro de la parcela. Una gran rampa envuelve y contornea el edificio para dar acceso, tanto a la Plaza, como a la Parroquia. La luz, concebida como uno de los elementos más importantes en el centro religioso, ilumina cenitalmente todos los espacios, dando una dimensión mística a las estancias. La idea fundamental de la volumetría es crear un hito a nivel de su propio contexto urbano. Rocas sueltas (grandes volúmenes de hormigón bruto) conforman la totalidad del proyecto. Los espacios de separación entre ellas se convierten en patios de luz y ventilación natural.

Ficha técnica

Arquitecto: Fernando Menis
Emplazamiento: Los Majuelos, San Cristóbal de la Laguna, Tenerife, España
Programa: Iglesia y centro Parroquial
Estructura: Hormigón armado
Materiales: Piedra local, hormigón armado, pan de oro
Estado: Construido Centro Parroquial (2005-08); processo Iglesia (2005 -…) Promotor: Parroquia del Santísimo Redentor, Obispado de Tenerife
Superficie total construida: 1.050 m2
Presupuesto de la obra: 600.000 euros

12 Feb 2012

Menis Arquitectos – Latest Design

Espacio Cultural El Tanque de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Spain

Espacio Cultural El Tanque de Santa Cruz de Tenerife
photo ® Hisao Suzuki

Espacio Cultural El Tanque de Santa Cruz de Tenerife


The Espacio Cultural El Tanque de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary at ARCO 2012 with a special guest: the architect Fernando Menis, author and head of the architectural restoration (1997) that turned an old oil tank of a Refinery, the tank 69, in what today is internationally renowned for its daring cultural contents, El Espacio Cultural El Tanque.

The Tank Santa Cruz de Tenerife
photo ® Hisao Suzuki

More buildings by Fernando Menis, Menis Arquitectos online soon

Location: Calle Puerta Canseco 35 2ºb, 38003 Santa Cruz Tenerife, Spain, southwest Europe

Fernando Menis – Spanish Architect


Menis Arquitectos is a Spanish architects studio with offices in Tenerife and in Madrid.

Fernando Menis
1951, Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Architect, Associate Professor of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Associate Professor at the European University from Madrid and President of the Laboratory for Innovation in Architecture, Design and Advanced Tourism of Tenerife, he also participates as a jury member, director of workshops, visiting professor and lecturer at Harvard, Columbia Univ, ESA Paris, TU Berlin, Akbild Vienna or at Architecture Festivals in Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Croatia, Italy etc.

Espacio Cultural El Tanque de Santa Cruz de Tenerife
photo ® Hisao Suzuki

After studying architecture in Barcelona, between 1981 – 2004, he teams with 2 other partners under the name Artengo-Menis-Pastrana. In 2004, he founds the practice Menis Arquitectos with offices in Tenerife and Valencia. Independently or in co-authorship, Menis signs projects that are built: Insular Athletics Stadium (2007), Magma Art & Congress (2005), Swimming Pool in the River Spree in Berlin (2004), Presidency of the Canary Islands (1999) as well as new projects, still in process: Concerts Hall Jordánek in Poland, Congress Center in Fuerteventura, Aurum House in Taiwan, Garden Tower, Santísimo Redentor Church in La Laguna.

Awarded with the National Prize for Architecture and Design (PAD 2000), winner of the Award for Future Cultural Project at World Architecture Festival (WAF 2010), of the Prize for Accessibility (SINPROMI 2007), Menis has also won several times already the Regional Prize of Architecture in the Canary Islands. and has been selected as national and international finalist at FAD Awards, the Spanish Architecture Biennial and nominated for the Mies van de Rohe Award.

Menis’s works are presented consistently in publications around the world and made the subject of exhibitions (Venice Biennial, MOMA NY, GA Tokyo,Glyptothek Athens, Moscow Artists’House etc.) or personal (Circulo de Bellas Artes Tenerife , Gabinete Literario Las Palmas, Madrid Architects Association, Valencia Architects Association, Universidad de Navarra, Aedes Berlin, TU Stuttgat etc.)

His biography and works are featured in depth in the volume “MENIS” published by Archilife Publishers Korea in 2011. The book will be also presented at ARCO 2012.

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