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Canary Islands Buildings

Islas Canarias Arquitectura, España: Key Buildings in the Canary Islands, Spain

post updated 6 May 2024

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Canary Islands Architecture News

Islas Canarias Arquitectura – latest Canary Islands buildings additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

17 Feb 2021
Oasis Lanz Beach Mate, Seafront of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Oasis Lanz Beach Mate Lanzarote
photograph © Imagen Subliminal
Oasis Lanz Beach Mate, Lanzarote
The Oasis Lanz Beach Mate project includes several actions in a hotel complex located in the central-east area of the island of Lanzarote. On a plot of 19,162 sqm in a rectangular shape, small white constructions are located and grouped generating two central spaces in its interior in which the outdoor interrelation environments are developed. Relations such as swimming pools and gardens.

17 Feb 2021
Seafront of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

30 Jan 2018
Estación de Servicio, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Design: Romera y Ruiz Arquitectos
Estación de Servicio - Canary Islands buildings
photo © Simón García Arqfoto
Estación de Servicio Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
The project design comprises a petrol station presented as a small-sized compact module equipped with all the necessary features. The closed customer service and shop section develops horizontally into a canopy, thus creating a prism-shaped body made of grooved concrete. Its North-West face is excavated to make it more inviting for customers to fill up under the shade of the structure.

4 Mar 2017
Stella Maris Chapel Building in Tenerife
Design: Architect Alejandro Beautell
Stella Maris Chapel in Tenerife
photo © Efraín Pintos
Stella Maris Chapel in Tenerife
The plot located on a rocky headland next to the old pier, was certainly complicated due to its small size and irregular shape. This difficulty was even increased by the significant slope of the base on which the chapel was supposed to be constructed.

31 Dec 2016
Abama Luxury Residences Tenerife
Design: Melvin Villarroel, architects
Luxury Residences in Tenerife - Canary Islands buildings
image courtesy of architects
Residential Building Tenerife

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Canary Islands Buildings Archive

3 Sep 2013
Saint John Baptist Chapel Tenerife – El Hierro island
Design: Alejandro Beautell
St John Baptist Chapel Tenerife - Canary Islands buildings
photograph : Efraín Pintos
Saint John Baptist Chapel Tenerife
The architects say, “It is requested to draft a project for a building destined for the Catholic worship, in the type of a chapel or a hermitage dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. The temple, according to the requirements of the property, allows a capacity of 40 people and requires a liturgical celebration to be held there weekly. Due to the current economic shortage, there is requested a building which will optimize the available limited resources.”

16 Oct 2012
Disa Group Headquarters Building
Design: Jorge Picazo (Picazo arquitectos) and Juan Antonio Brito (Llar arquitectura)
Disa Group Building
image from Picazo arquitectos / Llar arquitectura
Disa Group Tenerife
Restricted architectural competition for the design of headquarters in S/C de Tenerife. Jorge Picazo (Picazo arquitectos) and Juan Antonio Brito (Llar arquitectura) are the winners of the Accésit prize. The architecture competition brief asked for the design of a 21-storey office tower to become Disa group headquarters in S/C de Tenerife.

3 Oct 2012
Sacred Museum and the Plaza of Spain in Adeje
Design: Menis Arquitectos
Sacred Museum and the Plaza of Spain in Adeje
photo ® Simona Rota
Sacred Museum and the Plaza of Spain in Adeje
The Sacred Museum and the Plaza of Spain in Adeje has been a finalist of the seventh edition of this award that is granted by several European institutions.

Canary Islands Building – Latest Design

17 Sep 2012
Magma Art & Congress, Tenerife
Design: Menis Arquitectos
Magma Art & Congress
photo ® Roland Halbe
Magma Art & Congress Tenerife
The semi-desert landscape around it and the proximity of the sea, an imposing presence that frames the building establishing a strong relationship between both, an impressive view over La Gomera island, are the starting points of the concept of the building.

11 Sep 2012
Canary Islands House, La Laguna, Tenerife
Architect: Alejandro Beautell, Beautell Arquitectos
Vivienda en Islas Canarias Canary Islands House Home
photograph : Efraín Pintos
Canary Islands House
The renovated single-family house is situated in the historic city centre of La Laguna, declared by UNESCO in 1999 the cultural heritage of humanity. The building is situated between party walls and is designed as a single-family house, with two floors above ground level. Its composition is simple and represents a worthy exponent of traditional domestic urban architecture of the eighteenth century in the Canary Islands.

12 Jun 2012
Infant School La Herradura – landscape, TM. de Telde, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Design: Romera y Ruiz Arquitectos
Puzzle Piece Canary Islands
image : Juan Correa
Puzzle Piece Canary Islands
At the patio of the Infant School ´La Herradura´ a new organic landscape grows against the rigid tipology of the original building, opposed and superimposed. The bright colours and soft shadows gently fill the newly covered patio, turning it into a living landscape. In a similar intent to Villa Mairea the supports vanish and the satinated treatment of the enclosing walls captures the luminous reflections, helping to fragment an impressionist reality formed by spots of colours.

Canary Islands Architecture – Recent Designs

El Lasso Community Centre, Las Palmas
Design: Romera y Ruiz Arquitectos, Spain
El Lasso Community Centre, Canary Islands Building
photo : Jorge Hernandez
El Lasso Community Centre

Faculty of Fine Arts, La Laguna, Tenerife
Design: GPY Arquitectos
Faculty of Fine Arts University of La Laguna
image from architects
Faculty of Fine Arts Tenerife

Canary Islands Architecture

Major Canary Islands Building Developments, alphabetical:

Artist’s Studio, Lanzarote
Design: Palerm y Tabares de Nava, Santa Cruz, Tenerife ; Juan Manuel Palerm + Leopoldo Tabares

Flowpolis, Gran Canaria : International design competition
Design: Monolab
Gran Canaria Building Design by Monolab
picture from architects
Gran Canaria Architecture for Collegio de Arquitectos de Canarias

House, Tenerife, Canary Islands
Design: Corona y P. Amaral Architects

La Cisnera Community Centre, Arico, Tenerife
Design: gpy arquitectos
La Cisnera Community Centre, Tenerife
photograph : Joaquín Ponce
La Cisnera Community Centre

The Magma Arts & Congress Centre, south Tenerife
Artengo Menis Pastrana
Tenerife Theatre & Convention Centre

New Link Quay project, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Herzog & de Meuron Architects

Palacio de Congresos, Arrecife, Lanzarote, Canary Islands
Henning Larsen Architects
Palacio de Congresos Lanzarote
picture from architects
Palacio de Congresos Lanzarote : concert and congress hall

Parochial Centre, Tenerife, Canary Islands
Architect: Alejandro Beautell
Parochial Centre Tenerife
photograph : Efraín Pintos
Parochial Centre Tenerife

Ravelo Medical Clinic, northeast Tenerife
gpy arquitectos
Canary Islands Clinic
photograph : Efraín Pintos
Canary Islands Clinic

San Cristóbal church Tenerife
Estudio FAM Architects
Canary Islands Building
picture from architects
Canary Islands Building

Studio-House Acorán II, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
gpy arquitectos
Canary Islands HouseIslands
photograph : Efraín Pintos
Studio-House Acorán

Water Theatre, Las Palma
Grimshaw Architects

Woermann Tower, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Abalos & Herreros – Iñaki Abalos + Juan Herreros

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Location: Canary Islands, Spain, southwestern Europe

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Redondela house
photo from architects
Redondela house

Centre for the Interpretation of Rivers
José Juan Barba Arquitectos
Centre for the Interpretation of Rivers
photo : Ignacio Bisbal Grandal
Centre for the Interpretation of Rivers

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