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9 Aug 2013

Lina Bo Bardi News

Lina Bo Bardi Fellowship

An open call for applications from architects and designers to take part in the first Lina Bo Bardi Fellowship, which is a new research residency hosted by the Lina Bo Bardi Foundation in Brazil.

Images of the Lina Bo Bardi Together exhibition which was hosted at the British Council Gallery in 2012:
Lina Bo Bardi Architect

Lina Bo Bardi Architect British Council Gallery exhibition Lina Bo Bardi Architect Together exhibition
photos © British Council. Photographer Agnese Sanvito

The idea is to give the opportunity for architects and designers based in the UK to travel to Brazil to explore the work of Lina and other architects and designers, and to formulate ideas for a project to be pursued back in the UK. It’s taking place in October – November this year and, as well as a grant to fund the trip and accommodation, the awardee will be able to attend workshops at the school of Architecture in Sao Paolo, be granted access to the archives of Bo Bardi’s work, and speak with people who worked with her.

Images of the exhibition which was hosted at the British Council Gallery in 2012:
Lina Bo Bardi Architect Exhibition at British Council Gallery Architecture exhibition at British Council Gallery Architectural exhibition at British Council Gallery
photos © British Council. Photographer Agnese Sanvito

Deadline for applications is 4pm on 15 Aug 2013.

More info and details of how to apply:

Lina Bo Bardi Fellowship – external link

Lina Bo Bardi – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by this Brazilian architect:

Art museum of São Paulo (MSAP), São Paulo, Brazil
Date built: 1969
The architect became famous for the ample spaces she sought to construct. Her basic design was used to build the São Paulo Museum of Art (also known as “MASP”), of which her husband Pietro Maria Bardi was curator, which was built between 1957-68. The Bardis became involved with the Museum after meeting the Brazilian journalist and diplomat Assis Chateaubriand. Chateaubriand, with P.M. Bardi’s curatorial insight, acquired a vast collection of art for MASP, including art works by Bosch, Mantegna, Titian and Goya. source: wikipedia

Espirito Santo do Cerrado church, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Dates built: 1976-82

Fabrica da Pompeia (SESC), São Paulo, Brazil
Date built: 1986

Glass House, São Paulo, Brazil
Date built: 1951

Centro de Lazer Fábrica da Pompéia, São Paulo, Brazil
Centro de Lazer Fábrica da Pompéia is now called the SESC Pompéia. The building had initially housed a drum factory and the architect was tasked with turning it into a community center. SESC Pompéia was built after a 20-year military dictatorship in Brazil that created architecture that did not mirror the Brazilian culture.
Address: Serviço Social do Comércio – SESC Unidade Pompeia, R. Clélia, 93 – Pompeia, São Paulo – SP, 05042-000, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 3871-7700

Nova Sede da Prefectura Municipal, São Paulo, Brazil
Dates built: 1990-92

Sao Paolo Museum, Brazil
Dates built: 1960-65

More architecture design projects by Lina Bo Bardi online soon

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Brazilian Architect Practice Information

Architect studio was based in Brasil

born 1914, died 1992

Brazilian Architects

The archietct was named Achillina Bo

She was born in Rome but died in São Paulo

She married Pietro Maria Bardi after the Second World War


Architect in studio of Gio Ponti, Milan, Italy

Bo Bardi founded weekly magazine, A Cultura della Vita, with Bruno Zevi

Lina moved in 1946 to São Paulo, Brazil, and set up her own architecture practice.

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Natura Headquarters São Paulo
photos : Nelson Kon & Pedro Mascaro (drone photos)

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