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Casa Caracola : Enrique Browne Arquitectos

Contemporary House in Santiago, Chile, South America

28 Jul 2008

Sea Snail House


Design: Enrique Browne Arquitectos

Casa Caracola Sea Snail House Sea Snail House Chile

Casa Caracola


The house was designed forming an indissoluble unit to its ground. THE HOUSE “IS” THE SITE. This site is almost a square. The best views and orientation are in the north diagonal towards the street. This diagonal was the axis of the composition. The land was 1,2 mts. below the street. Common activities were divided from the private. The common were located in the center in an oval courtyard. Since the dining room and the living room do not require sanitary facilities, the oval was left to 1.2 meters height. The private areas were divided between the oval and the party walls. These units create small yards and are left to the street level, connecting bathrooms and kitchens to the public network.

Caracola House Casa Caracola Casa Caracola

The linking of all areas it is made by a spiral circulation around the oval. The wall that creates the spire starts at the entrance where the electricity arrives, and it ends in a water fall over the swimming pool. You could say it starts in fire and ends in water.

Casa Caracola Casa Caracola Casa Caracola

Sea Snail Residence – Building Information

Architect: Enrique Browne
Associated architects: Jorge Campos and Ricardo Cruz
Photographs: Roberto de la Fuente
Land area: 810 m2
Built area: 258 m2
Year: 1985-87

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