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post updated 5 Jan 2021

Latest Designs by AVA – Atelier Veloso Arquitectos

Bar “La Bohème entre amis”, Oporto, Portugal
Date built: 2012
Bar La Bohème entre amis Porto by AVA Architects
photo : Jose Campos
Bar La Bohème entre amis
The Bar “La Bohème” (entre amis) is located in the “Galeria de Paris” street, amidst the downtown area of Porto. The redesign sought to implement and structuralize the space, creating its own identity. The solution was formalized through the texture and the colour of the wood, which defines the space and provides depth to the structure’s design. This structure, which was placed along the corridors and namely at the walls and ceiling, allows to subvert the whole appearance of the space, appealing to its visitors sense of discovery.

House Chão das Giestas, Guarda, Portugal
Date built: 2010
House at Chão das Giestas Guarda by AVA Architects - Atelier Veloso Arquitectos
image : FG+SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura
House Chão das Giestas
The house evolves planimetricly with the city of Guarda as a background. The place profoundly altered exists in a peripheral context recently urbanized. The natural territory was depersonalized by the topographic changes caused by the urbanization. The existing public space is build without an organisation that matches the topography of the place, forcing an artificial and uncharacteristic lotting where there are different morphologic construction formulations e several typologies.

Key Projects by Atelier Veloso Arquitectos

Buildings by AVa Architects, alphabetical:

Education Center of Antas, Porto
Education Center of Antas by AVA Architects - Atelier Veloso Arquitectos
photograph : José Campos – Arqf.net
Education Center Porto
The site of action is part of an urban context through the recently redesigned Detailed Plan of Antas. The nearby is not defined by buildings, with only the north to the existence of a huge slope and south of the proposed construction site. The land is entirely surrounded by streets. The area of the school is approximately 2 967.00 m2.

Municipal Theatre of Guarda
Municipal Theatre of Guarda by AVA Architects - Atelier Veloso Arquitectos
image : FG+SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura
Municipal Theatre of Guarda
The TMG is situated in Guarda, in a rural part of Portugal ‘s interior. The buildings are located in a central part of the city south of the old city limits. The site is contiguous with the close-knit urban fabric, but does not share a direct relationship with the surrounding public space. The construction site possesses an apparently invisible contextualist character.

Salgueiros Housing, Lapa, Porto
Travessa de Salgueiros Housing Porto by AVA Architects - Atelier Veloso Arquitectos
photograph : João Ferrand
Salgueiros Housing
The proposed building adapts by filling urban empty space, searching for an urban unit of new and old fragments, products of different moments. These fragments can never be reduced to an immediate unit, but must coexist as parallel realities.

Tendinha dos Clérigos bar, Porto
Bar Porto
photograph : João Ferrand
Tendinha dos Clérigos bar
The image of the bar is born of the treatment of the walls and roofs with different heights harmonized for the red color and cuts in its materials for the introduction of artificial light. It was intended to give differentiated dimension to the roofs in order to increase the legal least height and air volume that is dependent of the maintenance of part of the existing flagstone for structural reasons.

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Location: Rua Formosa, 168-2º 4000-247 Porto, Portugal, southwestern Europe

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AVA – Atelier Veloso Arquitectos are based in Porto, southern Portugal.

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Suspended Matter Box, Felgueiras, Porto
Design: MMVarquitectos, Architecture Studio
Suspended Matter Box, Felgueiras, Oporto
photograph © Ricardo Oliveira Alves | www.ricardooliveiraalves.com
Suspended Matter Box Oporto
Can an architectural contemporary volume be a good neighbor to rural surrounding? This request had everything to be straightforward. MMVarquitectos were to do a remodeling and amplification project of a restaurant.

Carnaxide Offices
Design: Contacto Atlântico
Carnaxide Offices Lisbon
image : Contacto Atlântico
Carnaxide Offices in Lisbon
This new Portuguese building, is located in the surroundings of Lisbon, and houses three functions: a Lusitana beer factory, a small commercial area and some offices.#

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