F.I.CO. Wellness Club Competition

F.I.CO. Wellness Club Competition, Young Architects Contest, Architecture, Design

F.I.CO. Wellness Club Competition

Architecture Contest – organised by Young Architects Competitions (YAC)

8 Mar 2015

F.I.CO. Wellness Club Competition

Organiser: Young Architects Competitions (YAC)

Location: Bologna, Italy

F.I.CO. Wellness Club Competition

F.I.CO.® (Fabbrica Italiana Contadina,) will become in 2016 the world’s biggest theme park dedicated to food farming and food culture; 9.000.000 tourists per year are expected to visit this structure located in Bologna’s CAAB. Such a project will trigger a consistent territorial redevelopment in order to provide visitors with services.

FICO Wellness Club Competition

F.I.CO. ® Wellness Club aims to offer a wellness area for those visitors willing to discover both nutrition and body care. Such a day-spa shall offer comfort and care in a multisensory and exclusive space.
How to blend in a single architecture both food, relax, wellness and seasonality?

F.I.CO.® Wellness Club will not be a simple spinoff of F.I.CO.®, aiming to rely on a specific identity. The owner means to blend wellness, advanced technologies, shimmering and involving climates.
This architecture shall blend food farming with architecture and health. Destinations and areas to be provided are provided in the guidelines.

Open to:
Single / Team of Architects, Engineers, Designers, Students.
It is compulsory to have 1 under 35 person per team / single.

09 MAR 2015 “EARLY BIRD” registrations opening
30 MAR 2015 “STANDARD” registrations opening
21 APR 2015 “LATE” registrations opening
12 MAY 2015 REGISTRATION deadline
25 MAY 2015 SUBMISSION deadline

1st 8’000 €
2nd 4’000 €
3rd 2’000 €
Honorable mention “GOLD” 500 €
Honorable mention “GOLD” 500 €
10 Honorable mentions

Italo Rota / Studio Italo Rota
Nicola Scaranaro / Foster+Partners
Donald Bates / University of Melbourne – LAB Architecture Studio
Edoardo Milesi / Archos
Andrea Segré / Universitá di Bologna – Andreasegre.It
Andrea Zamboni / Zamboni Associati Architettura – Domus
Pier Giorgio Giannelli / Pier Giorgio Giannelli Architetto – OAPPC Bologna
Angelo Luigi Marchetti / Marlegno

FICO Wellness Club Competition

F.I.CO. Wellness Club Competition information / images received from YAC

Location:Bologna, Italy ‘

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F.I.CO. Wellness Club Competition

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