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post updated 26 Feb 2020

3XN Architects News

6 Mar 2019
Waterfront Architecture: Placemaking and Context Exhibition in Toronto
Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, opened the first solo architecture exhibition by renowned Danish architecture firm 3XN in North America.
The exhibition feature several of 3XN’s completed and in-progress waterfront projects:
Waterfront Architecture: Placemaking and Context Exhibition in Toronto

9 Dec 2013

3XN Monograph

New monograph captures 27 years of architecture beyond building

This massive, beautifully rendered monograph on 3XN, known for creating architecture in the nexus between science and art, between iconic design and human values, documents 32 projects through photos, critical essays, case studies and interviews.

3XN Monograph
photograph : Adam Mørk courtesy of 3XN

Projects include high-profile buildings such as the Danish Embassy in Berlin, Ørestad College, The Museum of Liverpool, Stadshuis Nieuwegein, The Blue Planet and The UN City. Smaller projects like the Louisiana Pavilion and NOMA Lab give an insight into the work of GXN – the practice’s innovation unit, which constantly seeks to apply the latest knowledge on behavioral design, new materials and green technology into the work of the office.

3XN Architects Monograph
photo : Adam Mørk courtesy of 3XN

Over the past 20 years, 3XN’s architecture has continued to develop in a direction where the design driver is how architecture shapes behavior. Projects such as The Museum of Liverpool and Molde Cultural Center have become a catalyst and nexus for the area they are placed in. Likewise, Ørestad College and Nieuwegein City Hall are examples of projects where the inner space and staircase generate synergy, interaction and communication between people circulating throughout the building.

3XN Monograph publication
photo : Adam Mørk courtesy of architecture practice

Author of the monograph’s preface, architect and writer, Terri Peters, observes:
“At 3XN, architecture is everywhere, it is always the starting point and the answer to complex client briefs. The studio is concerned with all of the things around a building, how people use spaces, movement through the building and views inwards and outwards. It becomes clear in visiting a 3XN project that the office takes care to design buildings for people, for users, for passersby, for visitors, for locals and for future generations.”

3XN Architecture Monograph
photo : Adam Mørk courtesy of architecture office

The monograph is published by Archilife and includes an introduction by philosopher and architecture critic, Christian Bundegaard, interviews with 3XN’s founder and creative director Kim Herforth Nielsen and head of competition Jan Ammundsen while architectural photographer Adam Mørk’s beautiful photos tell the visual story of one of Denmark’s most innovative and international architecture firms.

3XN Monograph 2013 3XN Monograph
photos : Adam Mørk courtesy of architecture practice

Title: 3XN Architects
Publisher: Archilife
Year of publication: 2013
ISBN: 978-89-964508-4-9
Price: 83.40 EUR
336 p, ills colour & bw, 25 x 29 cm, hb, English

Visit Idea Books’ website to see where the monograph can be purchased in your country: http://www.ideabooks.nl/9788996450849-3xn-architects

11 Oct 2011

3XN 25th Anniversary

Architect behind the Museum of Liverpool celebrates 25th Anniversary of studio, 3XN

Museum of Liverpool Building design by 3XN Architects
photo © Philip Handforth

Throughout the years, The Danish Architecture Studio 3XN has built a profile focusing on the humanity and environment at the center of its architecture.

Architecture Shapes Behaviour:

The architecture practice believe that Architecture shapes behaviour. The architect’s role is ‘not just to create beautiful monuments, but equally important, it is to create the framework which works towards a better environment and a greater enjoyment for those who will be using the building,’ says Kim Herforth Nielsen, who shares the partnership with CEO Bo Boje Larsen and Head of Competition Department Jan Ammundsen.

The social approach to architecture is appreciated also by Paul Finch, Editor Emeritus of the well known Architect’s Journal and Architectural Review. ‘3XN has shown that it is possible to create buildings with focus on the user, without compromising aesthetic quality.’

Museum of Liverpool:

With approximately 400.000 visitors in two months, there is no doubt that the Museum has endeared itself to many from Liverpool, the UK and around the world. The Museum is formed as a piece of land art, which has transformed Liverpool’s waterfront promenade from a sad and industrial-like area to a now very inviting landscape, where the Museum provides shelter and views while giving Museum goers a new way of discovering Liverpool.

Research in Green Buildings

During the past years, this Danish architecture studio has been ground breaking in the development of a more green and sustainable building industry. The Research and Development department, GXN is composed of a team of architects, designers and engineers and develops new innovations, among others bio-composites (building materials made of natural products such as flax fibres and cork, which in the future can can replace energy demanding traditional building materials.

On the occasion of the anniversary 3XN has created a short film : 3XN architects videos on facebook

3XN Building News 2010

Vällingby Parkstad, Sweden
Vällingby Parkstad design by 3XN Architects
image by architecture practice

Middelfart Savings Bank, Denmark
Middelfart Savings Bank design by 3XN Architects
image : Adam Mørk – 3XN

3XN Book : ‘MIND YOUR BEHAVIOUR’ Launch + DAC Exhibition
3XN Book
image by architecture practice

‘Learning from Nature’, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
3XN Pavilion
photo : 3XN / Adam Mørk
Learning from Nature pavilion : International Innovation Award

Building News 2009

Frederiksberg Courthouse, Copenhagen, Denmark
Frederiksberg Courthouse
picture from the architects
Frederiksberg Courthouse

LSE New Students Centre Design Competition, London, UK
LSE New Students Centre
picture from the architects
LSE New Students Centre : Shortlist

Saxo Bank Building, Hellerup, Copenhagen
Saxo Bank Building
photograph : Adam Mørk © 3XN
Saxo Bank Building

Denmark’s Highest Architectural Honour awarded to Kim Herforth Nielsen, Principal and Founder of 3XN architects

Stadshuis Nieuwegein, The Netherlands
Stadshuis Nieuwegein
picture from architects
City Hall Nieuwegein : Invited Architecture competition – 1st prize

Tangen Polytechnic College, Kristiansand, Norway
Tangen Polytechnic College
image : 3XN
Tangen Polytechnic College

Utrecht Culture Centre – entry, The Netherlands
Culture Centre Utrecht
image : 3XN
Culture Centre Utrecht : Invited Architecture competition

’Der Cube’ building, Washington Platz, Berlin, Germany
Kubus Berlin
image : 3XN
Kubus Berlin : Architecture competition winner

Randers Museum of Art, Jutland, Denmark
Randers Museum of Art
photo from 3XN
Randers Museum of Art

Daimler Headquarters Competition Entry, Stuttgart, Germany
Daimler Headquarters Competition
image : 3XN
Daimler Headquarters Competition

Ørestad Gymnasium, Copenhagen, Denmark
Orestad College Building
photo : Adam Mørk
Orestad College : 3XN nominated for Mies van der Rohe Award 2009

Major Projects by 3XN

Århus Harbour Tower, Århus, Jutland, Denmark
Design: UNStudio & 3XN Architects
Aarhus Harbour buildings
image : Aarhus Harbour, 2022, UN Studio
Aarhus Harbour buildings

Aarhus Town Hall Annex, Jutland, Denmark
Architecture competition 1998, ref. Arne Jacobsen’s Århus Radhuset 1941

Alsion – Danish University South & Concert Hall, Science Park South, Sonderborg
RIBA European Award 2007

Bryggen, Vejle, Denmark
with Schmidt Hammer Lassen

CPH Arch, Copenhagen harbour, Denmark
CPH Arch
image : 3XN
CPH Arch

Deloitte Headquarters, Copenhagen, Denmark
Deloitte Headquarters
image courtesy of architectural studio
Deloitte Headquarters Copenhagen with artist Steven Scott

Marmormolen Masterplan – proposal, Copenhagen harbour, Denmark
New United Nations headquarters + offices, hotels, apartments, retail
142m high tower + bridge [see CPH Arch further up page]

Middlefart Savings Bank, Middlefart, Fyn, Denmark

Molde Jazzhouse & Theatre, Norway
Molde Jazzhouse
image : 3XN
Molde Jazzhouse & Theatre shortlist including Keith Williams Architects; JKMM Architects; 3XN; Studio Andrew Todd / 3RW Arkitekter; HLM arkitektur & plan

Museum of Liverpool, Mann Island, Liverpool, England
2004-10; 3XN removed from this project Nov 2007
Museum of Liverpool
image courtesy of architectural office
Museum of Liverpool

The Music Building – Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
photo © Adrian Welch
Muziekgebouw Amsterdam : Best Building in the Netherlands Award 2006

Sampension Headquarters, Hellerup, Denmark

RIBA Awards 2005

Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark
Tivoli Concert Hall
photograph from 3XN
Tivoli Concert Hall

More 3XN Architecture online soon

Location: København, Denmark

Practice Information

3XN A/S based in København, Danmark

Danish Architects

3XN – Practice Information (Oct 2008):

Architecture is creative futurology. That is why we always try to understand the context in which we build – the physical surroundings as well as the social, cultural and historical context in general. It is a process that is ultimately about the people who will live in the buildings for many years to come. This dialogue often continues long after construction is complete.

Kim Herforth Nielsen architect
photo from 3XN

Architecture is story-telling. We listen to the story the site is telling us, and that story becomes part of the concept we develop. We investigate the site and we ask people questions in order to find the story the building should tell. This is the process we have summoned with the words ‘investigate, ask, tell, draw, build’.

Architecture shapes the world. We constantly seek to develop designs that encompass in a single expression the spatial needs, the spirit of the location, the constructive solution and the main theme of the project. This is a process equally divided between craftsmanship and deliberations. And it is driven by a love of good design.

Architecture creates behaviour. That is why we try to create places where people can interact and communicate and where synergy can grow. We believe that buildings, like people, are more than just the sum of their many parts. We believe that it is possible to achieve a synthesis of design, function and context. That is why a holistic approach is our guiding principle, and why we are forever exploring the possibilities of building better, cleverer, more beautifully.

Right from the start, with just a few works completed, 3XN positioned itself as a professionally conscious and artistically ambitious practice. A first breakthrough came with the court house in Holstebro (1992), which was followed by a number of first prizes in architectural competitions, such as the Architects’ House in Copenhagen (1994) The Glass Museum in Ebeltoft (1995) the Oceanarium in Hirtshals (1996), the Danish Embassy in Berlin (1998).

Kim Herforth Nielsen
image from 3XN

A concert hall, the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam, completed 2005, together with Museum of Liverpool (2004-) and the Cube in Berlin (first prize 2007), marks the focus on culture buildings and prestigious international competitions, without, however, compromising on the continued development of original solutions in plans, facades and organisation of the interiors. This two-fold ambition shows in the Danish upper secondary school Ørestad Gymnasium (2004-2007), which has revolutionised school architecture and attracts interest from all over the world.

Together with a number of original corporate headquarters designs such as FIH, Deloitte, Saxo Bank, Horten and KPMG, this became e new platform for the practice. Daring concepts and design also characterize master plans and housing projects like the Lighthouse in Aarhus and the new Denmark’s Aquarium, The Blue Planet, in Copenhagen. The latter being a spectacular design inspired by a whirlpool, which one critic in the Danish daily Politiken found so original as to warrant a comparison to Jørn Utzon’s opera house in Sidney.

The firm comprises of two offices each with a staff of 60 – one in Kystvejen in Aarhus, and one in Strandgade in Copenhagen. We work, however, as one practice continuously interchanging ideas and staff between the two offices. We operate in a project-oriented network structure, and at every stage we team up in workshops with partners, experts, users etc. At the workshop we discuss the results of our research, develop the concept and a framework for the design work. We work with cardboard models a lot, as they help us to share, discuss and evaluate different spatial solutions.

Our staff is a mix of experienced project architects and talented, young design architects. Each project team is headed by two partners, a contact partner and a backup partner, a head of project, a project manager, who might be a project architect, or a planning manager, as well as a design manager.

The managerial functions are the responsibility of the experienced senior architects in the team. The project teams are composed of staff with a variety of expert competencies to ensure that every assignment is carried out optimally. At the end of each planning stage, we evaluate the process with regard to the dialogue with the client and partners, finances and time-frame.

This Danish architecture office has six partners: The founder of 3XN, Kim Herforth Nielsen, MAA/RIBA, is the principal architect with overall creative responsibility. Kim Christiansen, MAA, is CEO and responsible for administration, finance, contracts and for 3XN Aarhus. Bo Boje Larsen, MAA, is Managing Director with main responsibility for strategy and organisation and for 3XN Copenhagen Jan Ammundsen, MAA, is head of the Competition Department at 3XN Copenhagen. Michael Kruse, MAA, and Tommy Bruun, MAA, head up the Competition Department at 3XN Aarhus.

The 3XN Board consists of the lawyer Torben Winnerskjold (chair), Managing Director Caroline Søeborg Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille, Managing Director Lars Frederiksen, MLL, Kim Herforth Nielsen, Bo Boje Larsen and Jan Ammundsen.

3XN Architects Project
Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen, Scotland – Architecture Competition:
Shortlist: 3XN, Reiach and Hall Architects, Richard Murphy Architects, Nicol Russell Studios – cancelled early 2006

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