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31 July 2020

Latest Buildings by 3LHD architects

3LHD Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Infobip Campus Zagreb

The construction of the Infobip Zagreb campus began in September 2019., with completion expected in November this year. In addition to office spaces, the campus will also feature accommodation units for employees from all over the world. The office spaces are located on the first three floors, organized around a common atrium to optimize communication between employees. All public spaces on the Campus will be located on the fourth floor: a rooftop terrace with plenty of greenery, a restaurant, and a lecture room. The residential units, located from the 5th to the 7th floors, are grouped in the north and the sunny, south part of the green roof is intended for sports and recreation. Greenery is also present on the office floors facade. It is an organic façade that changes appearance as the seasons change, protecting the building from the sun and defining its visual identity.

Park Kneževa – living in a green oasis

Park Kneževa, new block surrounded by Branimirova, Bornina, Domagojeva and Erdödyjeva streets, will combine housing, business spaces and an urban park. Construction began in February this year; underground garages are currently under construction. The client, VMD Model, is planning to complete the block by February 2022. Buildings inside the block are surrounded by a park, in interaction with the greenery due to their variable heights and floor plans. The project will be a pedestrian link between Branimirova and Bornina street and provide access to public amenities in its interior. This will raise the quality of living not only for the block residents but also for the neighbours in the surrounding buildings.

K District project

The construction of the first phase of the K District project in Belgrade is almost complete. This residential and business complex is in Dorcol neighborhood, near the cultural and historical centre of Kalemegdan, Sava, Danube, and a former industrial zone. The client, Belgrade-based Kalemegdan development, wanted the entire complex to fit naturally into the old city centre surroundings. 3LHD is the author of all facades, public spaces of the complex and the new green promenade. This modern residential complex will feature business spaces, public open spaces with playgrounds and lounging zones, and a pedestrian promenade with greenery and a multitude of entertainment amenities connecting Kalemegdan and the river.

Hotel Katarina

The construction start of the new Hotel Katarina in Opatija is expected in autumn 2020. The investor is the Opatija based company Katarina Line, one of the leading Croatian cruise operators. The hotel is inspired by sailing, sea, and travel.
The hotels’ spatial layout reflects the layout of the ships’ decks. Located near the Opatija Riviera, this modern hotel is an homage to Opatijas’ tourist heritage, a refined place for socializing and gathering where the guests are greeted by a pleasant atmosphere and the feeling of returning home after a long journey. Alongside the accommodation units, the hotel will feature a restaurant on the first floor, a roof top swimming pool and sundeck, and wellness facilities at the underground level.

Rimac Campus

The schematic design of the new Rimac Automobili Campus has been completed. After the summer break, we will continue with the design development phase, and construction is scheduled to begin in January 2021. The first phase of realization includes the construction of 70,000 m2, including a 40,000 m2 production plant, and the second envisages 30,000 m2 of additional production plant spaces. Located in the immediate vicinity of the Erdödy Castle in Kerestinec, the campus will feature modern office spaces, a showroom, a museum, a restaurant for employees and visitors, a nursery and accommodation units for occasional guests and employees from around the world. The project is environmentally friendly and the only visible volumes are the production plant and the office building.

Reconstruction of Hotel Westin in Zagreb

Westin, the largest hotel in Zagreb, in addition to its rich history, is characterized by a central location and fantastic views of the city and Sljeme. The goal of the reconstruction is to restore the old splendour to the building and breathe new life into it in order to create a modern city hotel that offers new experiences, high quality service, and inspiration to every visitor. In addition to renovated and modernized rooms, all public areas of the hotel will have a specific character – a relaxed and pleasant lobby, restaurants on the ground floor with lots of greenery that will offer an authentic dining experience, a panoramic restaurant on the top floor overlooking the city and an urban, energetic rooftop bar. The investor of the project is HUP-Zagreb.

VOLUM3 collaboration platform

VOLUM3 was created with synergy and enthusiasm, based on real needs of an architectural office. It is the ultimate collaboration tool that stores all project info in a cloud-based platform and makes project management fast and easy, from design phase to construction and facility management. VOLUM3 allows paperless design and construction, which makes it ideal in conditions where physical contact is not possible. VOLUM3 modules are digital versions of real-life workflows – everything is project related. Active modules include: Plans, Tasks, Meetings and Rooms (test phase). Two more modules will be active this autumn: Specs and Product catalogue: https://volum3.com/hr/

Awards for Urania

We were awarded two prizes for the project of old cinema Urania reconstruction. The first one was the Croatian Architects’ Association annual Viktor Kovačić award for the most successful achievement in all areas of architectural creation. The second award we received was the annual Vladimir Nazor Award for 2019 in the architecture and urbanism category. The award is given by the Republic of Croatia for the best artistic achievements in the field of literature, music, film, fine and applied arts, theatre, architecture and urbanism in the Republic of Croatia.

Urania – space of creation

Urania – space of creation is a place for cultural events and art, but also a space for the exchange of creative ideas and discussions on numerous cultural issues. Urania is a place for exhibitions, concerts, performances, film screenings and various cultural events and creative disciplines. The situation with the COVID-19 virus has shown us that we can work both online and offline. Part of the programs thus continued to be held on digital platforms, which allowed us to reach an audience outside of Zagreb, which would have never been reached in the old way of offline action and would never see what is happening in Urania. Read more about upcoming events at: https://urania.hr/hr/

Gredelj Zone development study

The study of the urban revitalization of the former Gredelj railway vehicle factory was adopted in February this year. Along with 3LHD, the authors of the study are: de Architekten Cie, IGH Institute, Colliers International, MS Partners law firm and HDC – hotel and destination consulting. The project aims to revitalize the abandoned industrial area for the purpose of accommodating public, social and cultural amenities. With the realization of this study, Gredelj would be transformed from an abandoned neighbourhood into a new city centre, which would connect the north, south, east, and west into a single whole, considering the preservation, restoration, and sustainable use of protected cultural heritage.

4 Dec 2019
Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, Croatia
Grand Park Hotel Development
Located directly on the coast, near the marina and the promenade, it connects the inner city area with the tourist attractions of the Monte Mulini zone.

14 Jan 2019
Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, Rovinj, Croatia
Design: 3LHD architects, Zagreb
Grand Park Hotel Rovinj Building by 3LHD
photos courtesy of architects
Grand Park Hotel Rovinj by 3LHD Architects
Grand Park Hotel Rovinj is the biggest hotel investment in Croatia in the last few years, worth over 600 million kuna’s (over $90million).

16 + 14 Dec 2018
A review of 3LHD news

Before we take a break for the upcoming holidays, here is a look at some of this years’ most important highlights: projects, activities and happenings.

Bužanova Apartments
Bužanova Apartments is a new residential block that was finished in July. We teamed up with the client VMD and designed it to offer a higher standard of living. Based on the principles of green construction and high ecological awareness, the block is situated in a quiet street full of greenery, but within reach of the city bustle. Each of the entrance spaces is painted with a unique mural done by a selected young Croatian artist, further enhancing the living experience.

LN Garden Hotel opened in China
LN Garden Hotel in China was officially opened in August. Located in southern China’s Guangdong province, on the Pearl River estuary in Guangzhou, the LN Garden is part of the Nansha Seaside Park. It is categorized as a five-star platinum hotel which, according to Chinese standardization rules, represents a significantly higher standard than a 5* hotel. The transition between outdoor areas and interior spaces is softened by the use of exterior vegetation throughout the hotel. Two art installations made by Ivana Franke are featured in the main lobby, and the emphasis in the interior is placed on natural materials.

Hotel LN Garden building Guangdong by 3LHD Architects
photo : Southarch
LN Garden Hotel opened in China by 3LHD Architects

UNESCO’s positive opinion for hotel Belvedere
During 2017 and 2018 a Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) for the project of the new hotel Belvedere in Dubrovnik was conducted and submitted to the World Heritage Centre. The Assessment has recently received a review from UNESCO with conclusion that 3LHD’s project has a positive effect on World Heritage Property of “Old City of Dubrovnik” and significantly contributes to the improvement of the existing site. Belvedere is situated in an exquisite location distinguished by Mediterranean landscape, a steep terrain and urban matrix of the area of Ploče. The soft, terraced structure of the hotel carefully adapts to the topography and landscape. Green roofs contribute to the full integration into the surrounding nature.

Awarded projects
3LHD are proud of the awards their projects won this year: Hotel Adriatic and ResoLution Signature Restaurant were awarded on the BIG SEE Interior awards; One Suite Hotel was a winner on the International Hospitality Awards; Karlovac Freshwater Aquarium won the Grand Prix on the Balkan Architecture Biennial.

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj
Grand Park Hotel Rovinj is a starting point from the city centre towards the Monte Mulini tourist zone and a pinnacle of revitalization and raising of Rovinj’s tourist standards. With its placement and appearance it changes the perception of the surrounding landscape. In order to secure a suitable view from Rovinj the hotel’s volume was incorporated in the existing Zlatni Rt forest park. The opening is planned for the beginning of next tourist season. We are collaborating on the project with Lissoni Associati who are working on the interior design.

Football stadium SRC Đurđevac completed
The Sports and Recreation Centre Đurđevac is located next to the Old Town of Đurđevac and park forest Borik. The concept design of the centre included a wide range of sports and recreational facilities. The first phase of construction works with the football stadium building has been completed this fall. Along with the cascade form of the building, the main design element is the exposed concrete in yellow colour inspired by a nearby geographic-botanical reserve “Đurđevečki peski”.

Kupari Resort
The schematic design phase of Kupari Resort has been started. Separate projects have been formed within the zone, and are being designed in accordance with the Master plan. The sites’ natural quality served as inspiration for transforming the existing 16ha complex into a unique tourist destination. Kupari will be operated by the internationally renowned hospitality company Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, which has redefined luxury for the modern traveller over the last 50 years.

Umomoku and Shtef Shelf presented on the Cologne furniture fair
Two new collections of products we designed were presented at the Orgatec fair in Cologne: a collection of outdoor furniture Umomoku and a modular shelving system designed in cooperation with Grupa called Shtef Shelf. Umomoku is an unobtrusive and simply designed line of comfortable outdoor furniture intended for lounging. Design of the Shtef Shelf system is entirely fused with function and construction, details and joints are almost invisible while aluminium was used to make the system light. Both collections are manufactured and distributed by Prostoria. Apart from the Umomoku and Shtef Shelf collections, part of the 3LHD products are both Root and Boroot lamps.

ACI Marina Rovinj completed
The construction works on ACI Marina have been completed. The location is characterized by a public park, the Rovinj waters overlooking the town and a rich tourist and recreational facilities of the site. We were in charge of the land part of the marina – the design and construction of the new service building for boaters and the redesign of traffic and landscape surfaces. The building is designed as a unique volume inserted into the promenade, visible only with a façade oriented to the coast. An exception is a restaurant / café-lounge bar on the roof acting as an extension of the promenade contents.

Lectures and conferences
We participated in professional and academic conferences and panels in Croatia and abroad in 2018, presenting our work to professionals and the general public. Marko Dabrović was one of the keynote speakers at the Graphisoft Key Client Conference in Budapest; Saša Begović was a panelist at the Exhibiting Yugoslavia panel at Cornell University and a member of the Jury at the International Velux Award; Tanja G. Begović presented 3LHD on the BIG SEE platform in Ljubljana. Saša Begović will continue his academic career on Cornell University in the United States as an associate professor, Gensler Visiting Critic.

3lhd design team
This was another successful year, both on an international and domestic level, and here is the great team that made that happen: Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Paula Kukuljica, Romana Ilić, Mia Andrašević, Josipa Baričević, Ana Bjelić, Koraljka Brebrić Kleončić, Luka Cindrić, Andrej Filipović, Olja Gešvind, Vibor Granić, Maja Grozdanić, Mario Harni, Denis Hrvatin, Ida Ister, Sanja Jasika Lovrić, Vesna Jelušić, Uršula Juvan, Duje Katić, Dora Kljenak, Mia Kozina, Nives Krsnik Rister, Nevena Kuzmanić, Leon Lazaneo, Koraljka Mandarić, Daša Manojlović, Kristina Marković, Irena Mažer Hranuelli, Ana Mikelić, Maja Milojević, Goran Mraović, Danilo Mrdak, Nikolina Muža, Zorislav Petrić, Marijana Pivac, Monika Prinčić, Ankica Puljić, Tomislav Soldo, Krunoslav Szörsen, Ivana Šajn, Renata Šember, Dragana Šimić, Vesna Šoić, Zoran Šuša, Branimir Turčić, Ines Vlahović Mazinjanin, Zrinka Vrkić, Mladena Žarković, Jure Živković with Matej Kniewald and Magdalena Mamić.

24 Jan 2018
ResoLution Signature Restaurant, Rovinj, Croatia
ResoLution Signature Restaurant by 3LHD Architects
photo : Jure Živković
ResoLution Signature Restaurant Interior
A few years after the opening of Hotel Lone, Restaurant L – one of three restaurants in the hotel, was rebranded as ResoLution Signature Restaurant. 3LHD was involved in the transformation of a part of the restaurant space into a show cooking kitchen that will be used for presenting new techniques to chefs, for cooking schools, teambuilding activities etc.

21 Jul 2017
One Suite Hotel in Srebreno, Mlini, Srebreno, Croatia
One Suite Hotel by 3LHD Architects
photo : Marko Ercegović
One Suite Hotel in Srebreno by 3LHD
The One Suite Hotel is situated in Srebreno, half way between Dubrovnik and the Čilipi airport. It is a meeting place for the local residents and a new focal point of Župa Dubrovačka, representing an added value in a lively business and commercial zone of the town, available to everybody, not just hotel guests.

24 Nov 2016
Karlovac freshwater aquarium and museum of rivers, Gornje Mekušje, Karlovac, Croatia
Karlovac freshwater aquarium and museum of rivers
photo : Miljenko Bernfest
Karlovac freshwater aquarium Building by 3LHD
The building volume is partially dug into the ground and covered with earthen embankments from its outer edges. The design concept was inspired by the city’s historic center “Karlovac star” surrounded by “Šanci” – defensive earthen walls and mounds.

29 Jul 2013
House U, Dubrovnik, Croatia
House U Dubrovnik
photo : Damir Fabijanić
House in Dubrovnik
In order to build a house the client has bought the last empty plot at the Ploče quarter in Dubrovnik. The steep site is of irregular shape, and it was divided with a road by the change in land zoning plans. The house is set on top of the plot with a wonderful view of the Old City and Lokrum Island, while the lower part is intended for a great and lush garden.

Recent Buildings + Designs by 3LHD architects

3 Aug 2011
Hotel Lone, Rovinj, Istria, Croatia
Hotel Lone, Istria, Rovinj interior design by 3LHD Architects
photo : Cat Vinton
Hotel Lone Rovinj : major building by this Zagreb architecture studio
Hotel Lone, the first design hotel in Croatia, is situated in the Monte Mulini forest park, Rovinj’s most attractive tourist zone, located in the immediate vicinity of the legendary Eden Hotel and the new Monte Mulini hotel. The surrounding grounds and parkland is a unique and protected region of the Monte Mulini forest on the Lone Bay.

12 Apr 2011
Green Pavilion_Restaurant, Zagreb, Croatia
Green Pavilion Restaurant Zagreb, Croatia
render : Boris Goreta
Green Pavilion Restaurant
The most important element and the inspiration for this project is the location itself, with extremely high quality existing vegetation, which is densely distributed throughout the plot and gradually diluted out toward the eastern edge.

3 Dec 2009
Zagreb Dance Center, Croatia
Zagreb Dance Center 3LHD Architects design
photo : Sandro Lendler
Zagreb Dance Center
The opening of big movieplex cinemas in Zagreb has led to the dying out of old cinema theatres in the city centre. The City of Zagreb, who is the owner of the old cinema Lika, decided to reuse the space for new cultural facilities. In that scenario old cinema Lika was given the role of a new dance centre. Fifty years of contemporary dance culture in Zagreb has produced about 40 dance troops, with this project all of them will have a new home in the city centre

20 Oct 2009
Sports and Community Center Zamet, Rijeka, Croatia
Zamet Sports Center, Rijeka building, Croatia
photo : 3LHD Architects
Zamet Sports Center, Rijeka
Situated in Rijeka’s quarter Zamet, the new Zamet Centre in complete size of 16830 m2 hosts various facilities: sports hall with max 2380 seats, local community offices, library, 13 retail and service spaces and a garage with 250 parking spaces. One third of the sports hall’s volume is cut in the ground, and the rest of the Centre is fully fitted into the surrounding landscape.

27 Feb 2009
Spaladium Centar, Poljud, Croatia
Spaladium Centar Poljud by 3LHD Architects
picture : Domagoj Blazevic
Spaladium Centar
Spaladium Centar, sports and business complex is located on the northern part of the Split peninsula, in the vicinity of Poljud, a sports complex with a football field and pool built for The Mediterranean Games in 1979. Spaladium Centar consists of a handball arena for 12,000 spectators, a wellness center, a sky bar and an exclusive restaurant on the top floor overlooking the entire city, its surroundings and the islands of the Split archipelago

13 Mar 2009
Polyclinic ST, Firule, Split, Croatia
Polyclinic ST Firule by 3LHD Architects
image : Boris Goreta
Polyclinic ST Split
Close surrounding and historical site of Firule area are one of the most enjoyable Split’s living, working and recreation environments. Extraordinary location for the polyclinic is one of its greatest advantages. Placed near existing hospital complex on Firule, close to the sea and fresh air gives it even more importance and value.

Designs by 3LHD architects

Key Architectural Projects by 3LHD, alphabetical:

123 Tower – proposal, Ljubljanska Avenue, Zagreb, Croatia
123 Tower
picture from architect
Zagreb building : Architecture competition win

Business Center Miramare, Zagreb, Croatia
BC Miramare Croatia by 3LHD Architects
render from architect
Business Center Miramare

House K, Zagreb, Croatia
House K Croatia
photo : Damir Fabijanic
House K Zagreb

House N, Croatia
House N
picture : Damir Fabijanic
House N Croatia

J2 House, Zagreb, Croatia

Memorial Bridge, Rijeka, Croatia

Memorial Bridge Rijeka
photograph © Aljosa Brajdic
Memorial Bridge Rijeka

Riva Split, Split, Croatia
Riva Split Croatia
photo : Domagoj Blazevic
Riva Split : Mies van der Rohe Award 2009 Nomination

Sports Hall, Bale, Istria, Croatia
Sport Hall Bale
image : Damir Fabijaniæ, Zagreb
Istria building – Architecture competition win

More buildings by 3LHD architects online soon

Location: Zagreb, Croatia, southeast Europe

Architects Practice Information

3LHD : Profile

3LHD is a multidisciplinary architectural practice with office in Zagreb, Croatia, focused on integrating various disciplines – architecture, urban planning, design and art. 3LHD architects constantly explore new possibilities of interaction between architecture, society and individuals. With contemporary approach, the team of young architects resolves all projects in cooperation with many experts from various disciplines.

Projects, such as Memorial Bridge in Rijeka, Croatian Pavilion in EXPO 2005 in Japan, Riva waterfront in Split, the study for Bale/Valle in Istria, Hotel Lone in Rovinj and recently Eastern European Cultural Centre in Xi’an, China are some of the important highlights. The work of 3LHD has received important Croatian and international awards, including the AR Annual Award, the world’s leading emerging architecture award by The Architectural Review (UK), the ID Magazine Award (USA); and Croatian professional awards Bernando Bernardi (2005), Viktor Kova?i? (2001) and Vladimir Nazor (1999).

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