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Croatian Sports Building : Architecture

Rijeka Building – Sports and Community Center Zamet, Croatia

20 Oct 2009

Zamet Centre Rijeka

Design: 3LHD Architects

Zamet Sports Center, Rijeka building, Croatia

Situated in Rijeka’s quarter Zamet, the new Zamet Centre in complete size of 16830 m2 hosts various facilities: sports hall with max 2380 seats, local community offices, library, 13 retail and service spaces and a garage with 250 parking spaces.

Zamet Sports Center, Rijeka building, Croatia

Photos: 3LHD Architects

One third of the sports hall’s volume is cut in the ground, and the rest of the Centre is fully fitted into the surrounding landscape.

Zamet Sports Center, Rijeka building, Croatia

The building’s main architectural element are ribbon-like linear stripes stretching over the site in a north-south direction, functioning at the same time as an architectural design element of the object and as a zoning element which forms a public square and a link between the park on the north and school and B. Vidas street on the south.

Zamet Sports Center, Rijeka building, Croatia

The stripes were inspired by “gromaca”, a type of rocks specific to Rijeka, which the centre artificially reinterprets by colour and shape. They are paved with 51.000 ceramic tiles designed by 3LHD and manufactured specially for the centre.

Zamet Sports Center, Rijeka Zamet Sports Center Sports Center Rijeka Zamet Sports Center, Rijeka
photos : Domagoj Blazevic

The steel construction, girder span of 55 meters and their varying height allow the natural light illumination of the sports hall.

Zamet Sports Center, Rijeka Zamet Sports Center, Rijeka Zamet Sports Center, Rijeka Zamet Sports Center, Rijeka
photos : 3LHD Architects

The hall has been designed in accordance with the latest world sports standards for major international sports competitions. The concept is based on flexibility of space. Playground size is 46 x 44 meters, for two handball courts. The hall contains all the supporting facilities for professional training and competition, and the auditorium designed as a system of telescopic stands enables the transformation for everyday use as well as for other activities such as concerts, conferences and congresses.

Zamet Centre Zamet Centre
photos : Damir Fabijanic

Selected interior materials – wood and acoustic panels, suggests that the hall is a large living room for athletes. The main access to the hall and other facilities is located west of the hall from the public square and from the underground garage.

Zamet Centre Rijeka Zamet Centre Rijeka
photos : Domagoj Blazevic

Zamet Centre photos / information from 3LHD Architects 201009 + 240111

3LHD : Architect Profile

Zamet Sports Center – Concept Diagrams:

Zamet Sports Center Zamet Sports Center Zamet Sports Center Zamet Sports Center

Zamet Centre Zamet Centre Zamet Centre


Sports and Community Center Zamet, Rijeka, Croatia

3LHD architects, Zagreb

The basic characteristic of the design is the integration of a big project task into the urban structure of Zamet, with the objective of minimizing disruption and to evaluate its given urban conditions – unlevelling the terrain, the pedestrian link in a north-south direction, the quality plateau in front of the primary school, the park zone, placing the programme in the centre of Zamet at the intersection of communications.

The joint conceptual and design element of the handball hall and the Zamet centre are ‘ribbons’ stretching in a north-south direction, functioning at the same time as an architectural design element of the objects and as a zoning element which forms a public square and a link between the north – park-school and the south – the street. One third of the hall’s volume is built into the terrain, and the building with its public and service facilities has been completely integrated into the terrain, i.e. it creates it with its ‘ribbons’.

Zamet Centre Zamet Centre Zamet Centre Zamet Centre

The public space on the roof is not only a feature of the building in the business part of the centre, but the roof of the hall is also used as a kind of extension of the park situated to the north of the hall. The hall has been designed for major international sports competitions, in compliance with state-of-the-art world sports standards. The design of the hall has been conceived as a very flexible space.

The auditorium has been designed as a system with telescopic stands, which open and adapt to the kind of competition and the number of spectators; at major competitions it is possible to seat 2100 spectators by opening all the stands. The architecture of public facilities, the shopping centre, the library and the local authority stands out in the topography of the terrain, connecting the square in front of the hall and in front of the school and tries to integrate into the overall existing context of western Zamet.

Zamet Sports Center Rijeka – Building Information

Full name of the project: Sports and Community Center – Zamet
Full name of architecture firm: 3LHD

Project name: Zamet Centre
Program: public, cultural, business, sport
Status: completed
Project year: 2004
Project start date: 2004
Project end date: 01.2008
Construction start date: 21.12.2007
Construction end date: 10.09.2009
Address: B. Vidas Street, Zamet
City: Rijeka
Country: Croatia
Geolocation: 45-20-39 N, 14-24-0 E
Site area (m2): 12,289
Size (m2): 16,830
Volume (m3): 88,075
Footprint (m2): 4,724
Entry level: 103
Budget (EUR): 20 mil
Client: Grad Rijeka / Rijeka Sport d.o.o.

Zamet Centre

Zamet Sports Center Rijeka design: 3LHD Architects

Project team: Sasa Begovic, Tatjana Grozdanic Begovic, Marko Dabrovic, Silvije Novak, Paula Kukuljica, Zvonimir Marcic, Leon Lazaneo, Eugen Popovic, Nives Krsnik Rister, Andrea Vukojic

Collaborators: Mateo Bilus, Building Physics / Details; Berislav Medic, UPI-2M, Structural Engineering; Branko ?orko, IPZ-elektroinzenjering 22, Electrical Engineering; Mario Lukenda, Termoinzenjering-projektiranje d.o.o., HVAC; Slavko Simunovic, HIT PROJEKT, MEP Engineering – Plumbing; Nenad Semenov, PASTOR, sprinkler installation; Rok Pietri, LIFT MODUS, elevators; Zeljko Arbanas, IGH PC Rijeka, diaphragm wall; Zeljko Stipkovic, Fire Protection; Ivica Babic, Zavod za zastitu na radu Rijeka, Safety at Work; Marija Babojelic, Special Consultant – Cost Consultant; Ines Hrdalo, Landscape Architect; Damir Bralic, Lana Cavar i Narcisa Vukojevic, signage and environmental graphics design; Nikola Durek, “Typonine Zamet” typeface design

Main contractor: GP Krk

Zamet Sports Center Rijeka images / information from 3LHD architects

3LHD : Architect Profile

Location: Rijeka, Croatia

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