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German Designers: Contemporary Architecture Practice Wiesbaden, Germany, Europe

3 Mar 2021

3deluxe News

3deluxe Architects News

FC Campus, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, south west Germany
Design: 3deluxe
FC Campus Karslruhe Building by 3deluxe Architects
photograph : Sascha Jahnke
FC Campus Karlsruhe
A building is intelligent if it does not just stand there but can respond not only to the requirements of its users but also to external factors. At best, it can make people more comfortable while simultaneously optimizing energy efficiency. The FC Campus building’s intelligent architectural element is a sheet of foil, something normally used in Apple smartphones, integrated into its glass structure. In the context of a building façade, this is a global first.

25 Nov 2017
3deluxe win a WAF Award for the Mleiha Desert Observatory

3deluxe gewinnt WAF Award für Mleiha Desert Observatory, UAE

Mleiha Desert Observatory building design in UAE
images courtesy of architects

Ausgezeichnet! Das 3deluxe Projekt Mleiha Desert Observatory vor den Toren Dubais wurde beim World Architecture Festival 2017 zum Gewinner der Kategorie „Future Projects – Experimental“ gekürt.

3deluxe freut sich zusammen mit seinem mutigen Auftraggeber Shurooq und bedankt sich beim gesamten Kreativteam für die visionäre Arbeit.

Mleiha Desert Observatory Sharjah building design in UAE

Der Entwurf wagt den Spagat, ein futuristisches Gebäude behutsam und harmonisch in die ergreifend schöne Wüstenlandschaft des Mleiha Desert Nationalparks zu integrieren und erweist sich mit diesem Konzept als zukunftsweisendes, nachhaltiges Tourismusprojekt.

13 Oct 2016
3deluxe in/exterior project news – Golden Autumn 2016
3deluxe awards

Noor Island – Realms of Imagination

New monograph about the spatial design of 3deluxe

Butterfly Aviary on Noor Island
photograph : Joaquín Busch

„Noor Island – Realms of Imagination“ varies significantly from traditional architecture books and presents the project in a purely subjective rather than a documentary style. When designing Noor Island, too, 3deluxe proceeded very intuitively and gave precedence to associative and emotional aspects of design. Their main objective was to contribute to the urban quality of living in the centre of Sharjah.

3deluxe monograph 2016

The book demonstrates our design, planning and production processes, our tools for arriving at design and form, our love of rich detail and experimenting with materials, not to mention the precision with which we undertake the planning of our projects. Published by Frame Publishers is generously illustrated, elaborately designed and features essays by renowned guest authors.

This title is available at the Frame store.

2 Feb 2016
Butterfly Aviary in Sharjah, UAE
Butterfly Aviary on Noor Island by 3deluxe Architects Wiesbaden
photograph : Björn Asmussen
Butterfly Aviary Building

11 Jan 2016
Butterfly Pavilion, Noor Island, Sharjah, UAE
Butterfly Pavilion in Sharjah
photo : Torsten Seidel
Butterfly Pavilion Sharjah Building
The most striking building on Noor Island is the high-profile Butterfly Pavilion, whose ornamental shading roof characterizes the island. The shape and design of the building’s biomorphic outer shell result from an intense formal exploration of parametric design strategies in dialog with traditional Arabian ornamentation.

3deluxe Architecture Exhibition News

3deluxe – Nature Collaborations, Venice, Italy
La Biennale Architettura di Venezia 2012

As part of the 13th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia, the Collateral Event “TRACES OF CENTUREIS & FUTURE STEPS” presents this Wiesbaden architects firm and other architects from 6 continents, representing 26 countries, brought together in an extraordinary combination with each other as well as with the Chinese artist Ying Tianqi.

Palazzo Bembo Venezia by 3deluxe Architects Wiesbaden
image from architects office

Venice Biennale

Exhibition Title – Traces of Centuries & Future Steps
Venue – Palazzo Bembo (by Rialto bridge, on Canale Grande)
4793 Riva del Carbon, 30124 Venice, Italy
29 Aug – 25 Nov 2012
Opening Event – 27 + 28 Aug 2012

28 Jun 2012

3deluxe Building News

Kaffee Partner Headquarters, Osnabrück, northern Germany
Date built: 2010-12
Kaffee Partner Osnabrück
photo from architects
Kaffee Partner
The 100-metre tripartite building complex with 9,800 sqm of floor space was implemented in a very cost-efficient way. The project shows that our preference for expressive design must not be contrary to economical construction. Within a design, planning and construction period of barely 20 months, a friendly and modern working environment could be realised for the about 300 employees of the medium-sized company.

3deluxe Exhibition News

Ampelphase, Frankfurt, Germany

This Wiesbaden architects studio is present at this year’s highly regarded Vitra exhibition series Ampelphase from 18 August – 7 September in Vitra’s showroom in Frankfurt. Together with five other renowned architecture practices from the Rhine-Main-area the architects studio are presenting their architectural work following the theme stop motion.

Ampelphase Vitra exhibition Frankfurt by 3deluxe Architects Wiesbaden
photo from architects office

Vitra Ampelphase 5 Frankfurt exhibition

For the exhibition, the architects studio produced a simple, clear object that reflects both the theme Ampelphase as well as their own design preferences: a plain black block with a dynamic light installation. It visualizes the architect studio’s design approach to link architectures and spaces with information and content, and to explore the possibilities of vitality and poetry within seemingly inamimate materials.

Architecture Award News

Zeilgalerie shopping centre redevelopment, Frankfurt, Germany
Zeilgalerie Shopping Centre
picture from architects
Zeilgalerie shopping centre
August 11th 2011 – At this year’s red dot award: communication design the Zeilgalerie façade, redesigned by this Wiesbaden architects office, received an award in the category Information Design / Public Space.
Altogether, 6,468 projects from 40 countries were submitted. The redesign of the Zeilgalerie with its complexly composed façade and the dynamically programmed light installation prevailed within this strong competition.

3deluxe Building Designs

Swatch Pavilion, Venice Art Biennale, Italy
Date built: 2011
Swatch Pavilion Venice
photo courtesy of architects
Swatch Pavilion Venice Biennale
Appearing as though an open-air living room, a pavilion at the Venice Biennale’s Giardini was an ultra-relaxed setting in the midst of a park landscape. Designed by this German architects studio for label Swatch, the space was dedicated to displaying watches and the brand’s philosophies.

Hillside House, Germany
Date: 2010-
New House Germany
picture from architecture office
Hillside House

3deluxe – Key Building

Leonardo Glass Cube, Bad Driberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Date built: 2007
Leonardo Glass Cube
picture from architects
Leonardo Glass Cube

Having developed a number of temporary architectures and several virtual architectural concepts, the Leonardo Glass Cube is the first permanent building implemented by this Wiesbaden architecture studio.

As an atmospheric brandworld, the Leonardo Glass Cube conveys to guests and the staff alike the company’s philosophy and visions in a stimulating manner. The open floor plan layout of the clearly designed and multi-functional Leonardo building enables an integrative linkage of product presentation zones, seminar and meeting rooms, inspiring work areas and a lot more besides across a total area of 1,200 square meters.

The glass façade of the building represents not only the interface between interior and exterior, but also the passage to a hyper-naturalistic world with heightened aesthetic appeal. A transparent print slides into the insight or outlook as a subtly visible image plane. The graphically illustrated elements displayed on it were derived from the architecture and the surrounding landscape. They create a subtle puzzle, mingling with the reflections of their models in reality.

Visionary Architecture Exhibition – GRAFT / 3deluxe, LUMAS Berlin, Germany
Date: 2009

Visionary Architecture Exhibition
image © 3deluxe, www.lumas.com

Visionary Architecture
image © 3deluxe, www.lumas.com
Visionary Architecture Exhibition
The “renderings” in the exhibition are three-dimensional computer visualizations of the architectural blueprints. The renders are complemented with digital graphics, which make the creative working process of the architects practice comprehensible and which also include classical freehand sketches.

More architecture projects by 3deluxe architects online very soon

Location: Wiesbaden, Germany

Wiesbaden Architects Practice Information

3deluxe Architects, Wiesbaden

German Architect Offices – contact details

Leonardo Glass Cube Germany
photo : Emanuel Raab

The Leonardo Glass Cube photographs (building in Bad Driberg) copyright the architects studio

From left to right: Stephan Lauhoff (head of graphics), Dieter Brell (head of 3deluxe in/exterior), Peter Seipp (commercial management 3deluxe in/exterior), Andreas Lauhoff (head of graphics)
photograph : Isa Schäfer

Architect office based in Wiesbaden, Germany

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Butterfly Aviary on Noor Island
photo : Joaquín Busch

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