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Versailles Residence Texas : Dallas Home

New American House – design by Morrison Seifert Murphy, Architects

Dec 12, 2008

Texas Residence

Versailles Residence

Date built: 1998

Design: Morrison Seifert Murphy

Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

Architect: Lionel Morrison, FAIA

Versailles Residence Versailles Residence Dallas Versailles Residence Texas Versailles Residence building

This house and the preceding Versailles House share identical programs and are similarly owned and occupied by an empty-nester couple. While the Versailles House occupies a rather large lot, this house is situated on a much smaller and narrow parcel of land. The most significant attribute of this lot, and the reason the owners purchased it, is the lovely park that is directly across the street.

The design of the house is a direct response to the park. The principal living spaces as well as the kitchen, office and master suite are placed on the second floor to afford views to the park. The ground level accommodates the entry, garage, guest suites and a garden with water and outdoor fireplace.

Versailles Residence Versailles Residence Dallas Versailles Residence Texas Versailles Residence building

The living space, dining space and den form the components of a single large volume that communicates with the park through an expansive, curved wall of metal and glass. This wall offers a panoramic view of the lush landscape beyond. The dining space, kitchen and rear terrace are placed along the centerline of the house enfilade. From the centrally located kitchen one can enjoy views to both the park and rear terrace with its associated garden.

The roof, supported by tall, steel pipe columns in front and with clerestories on the remaining sides, appears to float over the main volume of the house. This assembly can be read as an independent ensemble that shelters the house below.

The base of the house is rendered in limestone with a recessed entry and stained wood door. The remainder of the house is white stucco.

Versailles Residence Versailles Residence Dallas Versailles Residence Texas

Upon entering the house one sees a two story wall of translucent glass and metal. The stairway follows this plane of light to the upper level of house where the spaces unfold to reveal the dramatic views back to the park.

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Morrison Seifert Murphy

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