Urban Reserve 22, UR22 Dallas, Texan Residential Building, Texas Home, Building

UR22 Residence Dallas Texas, USA

Urban Reserve 22 Residence design by Vincent Snyder Architects

Aug 15, 2011

Location: Dallas, Texas

Design: Vincent Snyder Architects

Selected for the 2008 Dallas AIA Homes Tour, the UR22 Residence is a 4,000 sq-ft single family home within the Urban Reserve; a master planned sustainable development in Dallas, Texas.

UR22 Dallas Residence Urban Reserve 22 House

Urban Reserve 22 Dallas

UR22 was designed for “empty nesters” that desire a high degree of internal and external connectivity while providing a sense of privacy for family and overnight guests. Due to their frequent entertaining, the clients also required a flexible space able to accommodate both small gatherings and large parties. The stringent development code for the Urban Reserve included compact 50’ wide lots with a mandatory zero-lot line / restricted view to the north side of the lot.

UR22 Urban Reserve 22 Urban Reserve 22 Dallas UR22

With relatively opaque walls on the north, east and west, the UR22 Residence is elongated along the east-west axis to maximize buildable area within the narrow site. A large expanse of high efficiency glazing on the south wall enhances the sense of interpenetration between interior gathering space and exterior garden, allowing an easy flow across boundaries.

UR22’s protective slate envelope is precisely configured to control the intense Texas sun while channeling cooling breezes to protected exterior spaces on the second floor. Repetitive glue laminated timber frames establish a consistent reference for spatial organization while expressing the dynamics of lateral and gravity forces. The serial disposition of the frames introduces an element of material warmth and structural decoration throughout the flexible open plan.

UR22 UR22 Dallas Urban Reserve 22 Urban Reserve 22 Dallas UR22 Dallas

One of the first homes built in the development; this project demonstrates the developer’s intention to create a high-density suburban environment with a sense of community and sustainability at the scale of both development and home. Location within a Smart Growth Planning Zone, passive solar design and day lighting, low impact and renewable materials, advanced framing techniques with digital modeling, rainwater harvesting, and ground source heat pumps all combine to give the UR22 Residence LEED Gold Certification and a Home Energy Rating of 50, using approximately 1/2 the energy per square foot of a typical home.

UR22 UR22 Dallas Urban Reserve 22 Urban Reserve 22 Dallas

Urban Reserve 22 Dallas – Building Information

Architect: Vincent Snyder Architects
Location: Dallas, Texas
Project Team: Vincent Snyder, Jon Geib
Structural Engineer: Lobsinger & Potts Structural Engineer Inc.
Contractor: Urban Edge Developers

Project Year: 2007
Project Area: 3,900 sqft
Photographs: Chuck Smith Photography

Urban Reserve 22 Dallas images / information from Vincent Snyder Architects

Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

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