Quarry Street House – Princeton Residence

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Quarry Street House, Princeton : New Jersey Residence

John Witherspoon Neighborhood Home: American Real Estate, N.J. – design by RMJM Architects

Princeton House

Date built: 2007

Design: RMJM Hillier

New Jersey Housing

Quarry Street House:
Princeton House

Address: 16-18 Quarry Street

Location: John Witherspoon neighborhood, Princeton Borough

Type: duplex housing

Date: Sep 2007

Princeton House Princeton Residence Princeton Home

John Witherspoon neighborhood Residence Residence in John Witherspoon neighborhood Quarry Street Residence

New Jersey Residence images / information from RMJM Architects

Quarry Street House design : RMJM

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Location:Quarry Street, New Jersey, USA

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University Medical Center Princeton Hospital
Design: RMJM Hillier / HOK
Princeton Hospital Building
photo : RMJM HillierHOK
Princeton Hospital

There is another interesting property on this street designed by Marina Rubina, Architect, and completed in 2012.

Winner at the AIA – State/Regional Awards 2012, of the 2012 Merrit Award for Built Residential Project (New Jersey chapter of the American Institute of Architects)

he house was an experiment in providing high quality sustainable residential development affordably. It was fabricated at a modular factory in less than a month, installed on site in one day.

Quarry Street is located in the heart of Princeton, a 5-minute walk to Princeton University campus, public library, Art Council, shops, restaurants, and train station.

Princeton University – Arts Buildings
Design: Steven Holl Architects
Princeton University Arts Campus
image : Princeton University
Princeton Building

Princeton University Art Museum Exhibition
Princeton University Art Museum Exhibition, USA : ‘Princeton and the Gothic Revival : 1870-1930’

Quarry Street House : RMJM Hillier Architects, USA

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Princeton House, John Witherspoon neighborhood property, USA

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