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New Orleans Make it Right Charity for Homeless People – Brad Pitt

Make it Right Housing Development – Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana, USA

Mar 27, 2008

New Orleans Houses, Lower Ninth Ward

Architects involved with charity Make It Right for Homeless People:

New Orleans Make it Right International Architects

International architects


Adjaye/Associates - New Orleans Make it Right Homes

A graduate of the Royal College of Art, David Adjaye started a small practice in 1994 and over the ensuing five years built a reputation through reconstructing cafes, bars and private homes. Rowan Moore, architecture critic of the Evening Standard wrote “David Adjaye has an artist’s clarity of concept.” In June 2000 he reformed his studio as Adjaye/Associates with 8 employees and the firm has since expanded to thirty in London with offices in Berlin and New York.

In June 2001, Adjaye/Associates beat several high-profile practices to win the Idea Store competition to design two new-build libraries in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Part of a programme based on a new type of information and learning provision being pioneered by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, the Idea Store was selected for an exhibition that highlighted 100 projects that are changing the world at the VIII Venice Biennale of Architecture 2002.

The Idea Store, along with the residential project Dirty House was included in the Sao Paolo Bienal, Brazil, in September 2003. The Idea Store was featured again in the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2004, won the national accessibility award from RIBA in 2005 and was shortlisted for the Stirling Prize in 2006.

The practice is currently working on a new market hall in Wakefield, Yorkshire, a 300-unit housing development in Birmingham, the design of the Moscow School of Management, Skolkovo as well as further projects in the United States, Southeast Asia and Africa.


New Orleans Make it Right Homes - Constructs
Joe Osae-Addo was born in Ghana, West Africa, and trained at the Architectural Association in London. He worked in Finland, the UK and the USA, setting up his practice in Los Angeles in 1991. His work has been influenced by ‘genus-loci’, and how architecture can/should respond to this in creating pieces which are both site specific and meet the needs of people who will interact with it.

He is a founding partner in the A + D Museum, Los Angeles, whose mission is to advance knowledge and to enable people to appreciate and understand architecture and design. He moved back to his native country Ghana in 2004 and is currently the CEO of Constructs LLC, an ‘innovative’ design firm based in Accra and Tamale in Ghana, West Africa.

Constructs LLC is currently working on several projects as both developer and architect, with a primary focus on developing manufacturing, using and promoting indegenous materials and technology for construction, in a contemporary way. The firm has expanded is mandate to become a think tank of sorts, to engage in the discourse of economic development in Ghana and Africa as a whole. They have become self described ‘DESIGN- SOCIO-ECONOMISTS’, using architecture as a platform to engage in Projects ranging from re-branding of Towns and Cities, Product design (as an economic empowerment tool) to targeted urban planning initiatives.


GRAFT New Orleans Make it Right Homes
GRAFT is a full service architectural firm located in Los Angeles, California; Berlin, Germany and Beijing, China. With the collective professional experience that encompasses a wide array of building types including Fine Arts, Educational, Institutional, Commercial and Residential facilities. The firm has won numerous awards in Europe as well as in the United States of America.

GRAFT was established in 1998 in Los Angeles, California by Lars Krückeberg and Wolfram Putz. The firm was joined by Thomas Willemeit in 2001 and opened an office in Berlin, Germany the same year. In 2005 Gregor Hoheisel, who had been partner in Los Angeles in 2000 to 2001, became partner in Graft Beijing, which was founded the same year. In 2007 Alejandra Lillo became partner for Graft LA.

GRAFT was conceived as a Label for Architecture, Urban Planning, Exhibition Design, Music and the “Pursuit of Happyness”. Since the firm was established it has been commissioned to design and manage a wide range of projects in multiple disciplines and locations. With the core of the firm’s enterprises gravitating around the field of architecture and the built environment, GRAFT has always maintained an interest in crossing the boundaries between disciplines and “grafting” the creative potentials and methodologies of different realities. This is reflected in the firm’s expansion into the fields of music, car design, art installations, academic projects and “eventings” as well as in the variety of locations throughout the globe.


MVRDV New Orleans Make it Right Homes
MVRDV was set up in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 1991 by Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries. MVRDV produces designs and studies in the fields of architecture, urbanism and landscape design.

MVRDV pursues a fascination for radical methodical research: on density and on public realms. Through investigation and use of the complex amounts of data that accompany contemporary design processes, spaces are shaped methodically.

Clients, users and specialists are intensively involved at an early stage of the design process. Reactions to the first designs can be processed quickly, creating a high degree of support for the design and encouraging the sort of new insights that can lead to specific innovative solutions. In this way our generalism and verve is linked with the specialization and thoroughness of the other team members.

The products of this approach can vary therefore completely. They range from buildings of all types and sizes, to urban designs, publications and installations, as well as the development of software programs.


Shigeru Ban Architects
Shigeru Ban Architects (SBA) was established in 1985 in Tokyo and has 3 offices – Tokyo, Paris and New York – with a total of 30-35 professional staff. Dean Maltz of Dean Maltz Architect began working with Shigeru Ban in 1999 and is now an established partner of Shigeru Ban Architects and manages the New York office.

SBA’s design experience stems from working in a wide range of project types from private residences, collective housing, and apartments to offices, hotels, museums, libraries, retail, exhibition design and industrial design. SBA continually seeks to develop innovative structural systems and construction methods in the pursuit of individually iconic projects.

Founded on a basis of structural rationality, environmental awareness and spatial simplicity, SBA’s projects include the new satellite Pompidou Centre in Metz, France, The Seikei University Library in Tokyo, Japan, The Swatch Building in Ginza, Japan, The Nomadic Museum in New York, NY, as well as numerous commissions around the world.

Additionally, SBA has unique experience in volunteering for disaster relief causes such as providing shelters for victims of earthquakes in Kobe, Japan (1995), Turkey (1999), and India (2001) and working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to develop appropriate shelters in the refugee camps of Rwanda.

New Orleans Housing architects : GRAFT architects

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

New Orleans Buildings Designs

New Orleans Building Developments – chronological list

Contemporary New Orleans Architecture Designs, Louisiana, southern United States of America,

Saint Charles Avenue Mansion
Saint Charles Avenue Mansion New Orleans
photo : Concierge Auctionsn
Saint Charles Avenue Mansion

Maison de la Luz
Design: EskewDumezRipple
Maison de la Luz New Orleans
photograph : Stephen Kent Johnson
Maison de la Luz New Orleans

The Beacon, South Market
Design: EskewDumezRipple
The Beacon South Market
photo © Neil Alexander
The Beacon, New Orleans Homes

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