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New Orleans Make it Right Housing

Make it Right Housing Development – Hurricane Katrina Charity for Homeless People, USA

Mar 27, 2008

New Orleans Houses, Lower Ninth Ward

Architects involved with charity Make It Right:

Local architects

Billes Architecture - New Orleans Make it Right Housing

Make it Right Local Architects

Billes Architecture was established as a vehicle for Gerald W. Billes to carry out his vision of creating innovative built environments that meet and surpass the expectations and needs of his clients. At Billes Architecture we strive to create environments – neighborhoods, communities, and individual buildings – that create a connection with those who are affected by them. The firm provides project development and architectural services to clients who seek innovative design in their projects, while supporting and enhancing the existing neighborhoods and the lifestyles of those that use the completed structures and spaces.

One Client described the selection of our firm for their project with the following statement: “Billes Architecture was chosen because the firm is creative, budget conscious, and client specific”. These qualities can be seen in our firm philosophy and in our work.

Concordia - New Orleans Make it Right Housing
Concordia was formed in 1983 to pursue participatory processes and integrative design practices. For more than 23 years our Concordia team has worked to develop a corporate social entrepreneurship dedicated to the principles of public planning and architectural design. Our projects span a wide range of building types, from the Jackson Brewery Festival Marketplace, Contemporary Arts Center and Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans, to the nationally acclaimed Henry Ford Learning Academy in Detroit, Michigan.

Concordia’s award-winning work has appeared in a wide range of national publications, including Architectural Digest, Progressive Architecture, Architecture, Interiors, Newsweek, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Research alliances have included the MIT Media Lab, Harvard University’s Project Zero, the University of New Mexico, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Thornburg Institute, Appalachian Education Lab and the West Ed Research Lab.

EskewDumezRipple - New Orleans Make it Right Housing
EskewDumezRipple is a design-driven studio which produces diverse projects in architecture and planning by blending a signature collaborative process with professional talent, creative thinking and emerging technologies. Our commitment to enhance and protect both the cultural and natural environments of the communities we serve is evident in the beauty and technical craftsmanship of our designs and in the long-term sustainability of our projects.

Our firm views the creation of ecologically responsive design as a core value in our studio. We promote a design approach which acknowledges the impact of finite resources as a positive contributor in the creation of an ethical architecture. The tremendous impact that buildings have on the natural environment and future generations compels us to design in a manner that conserves resources and mitigates man’s impact on the environment. Our approach to sustainable design goes beyond mere logistics and mechanical elements. We believe that the design itself should be uplifting to its users and inspire delight in the outside observer.

Based in New Orleans, we use the cultural and architectural heritage of our city as a platform for a practice of national range and recognition.

Trahan Architects - New Orleans Make it Right Housing
The designs of Trahan Architects often involve a journey of discovery, meditation and action, evoking an almost involuntary emotional response when first encountered. An international award-winning design firm, Trahan dismisses preconceived formulas or designs, approaching each project with special consideration and attention to the unique needs of the client and with a clear focus on the future. The recipient of three national AIA honor awards in five years and numerous national and regional awards, Trahan Architects was one of three U.S. firms honored with The Architectural Review “Emerging Architecture” Award and one of five named to Wallpaper Magazine’s “World’s 101 Best Emerging Architects” list for 2007.

Through the unique use of natural materials and light, Trahan designs provide a unique experience that enhances a building’s true purpose and grows richer with time. Tending closely to details of programming, master planning, design development and technology implementation, Trahan projects follow a method that accurately reflects the philosophy of individuality that the firm embodies. Most notable among Trahan designs are two internationally honored church designs and a university learning center that has been published and exhibited extensively as a model for academic design. Trahan Architects also designed master plans that were awarded first prize in international design competitions in Beijing, China for a Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering Industry Base and a Medical Research facility.

John C. Williams Architects
John C. Williams Architects LLC is a dynamic firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana that provides architectural, planning and interior design services. The firm’s success is founded on its ability to create exceptional designs within strong programmatic elements (design, site, financial, time criteria). Williams Architects has earned the reputation for consistently producing thorough construction documents and completing jobs on time and within budget.

Williams Architects is a firm composed of twenty people who provide architectural, planning and interior design services. Their clients include the cities of New Orleans and Mobile, institutions such as Tulane University, LSU, Spring Hill College and the New Orleans Public School System; businesses such as the Whitney National Bank, the Ritz Hotels, Churchill Downs and restaurants for the Brennan family, Chefs K-Paul and Emeril Lagasse. Their work varies in scale from a gate in the French Quarter to an elementary school in Violet, LA to multi-acre sites along the Mississippi River.

With a strong commitment for excellence within the community, persistence for excellence is a goal that is evident in all of the firm’s work. Whether a job is new construction or renovation/restoration, Williams is a leader in using sustainable design – taking it to a new level in the Gulf Coast region.

Location: New Orleans, USA

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Saint Charles Avenue Mansion
Saint Charles Avenue Mansion New Orleans
photo : Concierge Auctionsn
Saint Charles Avenue Mansion

Maison de la Luz
Design: EskewDumezRipple
Maison de la Luz New Orleans
photograph : Stephen Kent Johnson
Maison de la Luz New Orleans

The Beacon, South Market
Design: EskewDumezRipple
The Beacon South Market
photo © Neil Alexander
The Beacon, New Orleans Homes

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