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Strandbakkehuset Hospice in Rønde, Jutland

19 August 2021

Design: AART, Architects

Location: Rønde, north east of Århus, Jutland, Denmark

Danish architects design children and youth hospice

Jutland Healthcare building design by AART Architects

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Strandbakkehuset Hospice Rønde Building News

The Danish architecture practice AART has designed and completed the new children and youth hospice in Rønde, Strandbakkehuset, as the first newly built hospice of its kind in Denmark – with the overall aim of providing space for life, play and alleviation, thereby offering a vital home for the children, youths and their families in a vulnerable time of their lives.

Jutland Healthcare building design by AART Architects

Quality of life is a keyword in the design of Strandbakkehuset, which contains four family residences, a staff section and several functions. Its purpose as a hospice is to embrace life for children and young people in a vulnerable situation.

Strandbakkehuset Hospice Rønde building

Life, play and alleviation are accordingly essential values for the hospice, and it is with these values as the premise that AART have not only studied the construction programme but also carried out thorough research and anthropological field studies. The result is five focus points for the design of the hospice, ensuring that it can offer a meaningful everyday life for children and young people, their families and the staff who will be supporting them during their time at the hospice.

Strandbakkehuset Hospice Rønde building

Offers new experiences

Strandbakkehuset builds upon Hospice Djursland’s special qualities, where its natural location at the top of the slope provides space for contemplation and reflection. It is a place that incorporates the view and the long perspective into its design. However, Strandbakkehuset will not settle for simply building on the existing hospice’s qualities. It also offers new experiences for the benefit of the hospice’s residents: Children, youths and their families. At Strandbakkehuset, the focus will not be on the long perspective, but rather on life up close, experiences for the senses and the idea of living in the here and now.

Strandbakkehuset Hospice Rønde building

Surrounded by nature

Rather than standing out from its scenic surroundings, the building appears to draw it in through openings and displacements, allowing the proximity to the lake and forest to act as a unique and special characteristic of Strandbakkehuset. The building is thus not only placed as a natural extension of Hospice Djursland, but opens outwards, advancing towards its near surroundings in some places and retreating away from them in others, resulting in work of architecture with interesting features from all sides. At the same time, the many openings and offsets break the building down into smaller and less overwhelming components, creating a wealth of outlook spots and spaces.

Jutland Healthcare building design by AART Architects

The heart of the building

The heart of the building ties its different functions and surrounding nature together. Here, the light and nature flow into the everyday life and work of the building. For example, openings in the roof and between the family residences create a cosy environment with optimal lighting and unique views no matter where in the room you are standing.

Strandbakkehuset Hospice Rønde building

At the same time, the paths of the surrounding landscape lead directly into the space, blurring distinctions between inside and outside and subtly encouraging the residences to take advantage of the surrounding nature. This turns the surrounding nature into something that feels almost omnipresent within the building as well, constituting a crucial element in the life, play and alleviation that Strandbakkehuset aims to offer within its walls.

Strandbakkehuset Hospice Rønde building

Strandbakkehuset Hospice Rønde, Jutland – Building Information

Project: Children and youth hospice
Location: Rønde, Denmark
Size: 1,300 square meters

Jutland Healthcare building design by AART Architects

Developer: Hospice Djursland
Architect: AART
Engineer: Arne Elkjær
Contractor: CJ Group

Jutland Healthcare building design by AART Architects

AART architects

Strandbakkehuset Hospice Rønde Building Jutland images / information from AART Architects

Location: Århus, Jylland, Danmark, northern Europe

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