Techcom Bank Headquarters Vietnam, Hanoi office building photos, Southeast Asia tower architecture design

Techcom Bank Headquarters in Hanoi, Vietnam

5 October 2023

Design: Foster and Partners

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Foster + Partners completes new Hanoi HQ for Techcombank

Techcom Bank Headquarters, Hanoi, Vietnam

Photos by Weerapon Singoi

Techcom Bank Headquarters, Vietnam

Foster + Partners has completed a new headquarters for Techcombank in Hanoi. Following a period of rapid growth, the company is consolidating its operations in a new tower that reflects its vision to ‘change banking, change lives.’ The 22-storey building is located in downtown Hanoi, just outside the historic quarter of the old city, alongside several public buildings such as the Supreme Court and National Library. The project aspires to LEED Platinum certification.

Techcom Bank Headquarters, Hanoi, Vietnam

Gerard Evenden, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners, said: “We are delighted to announce that the first of our two new buildings for Techcombank is now open. The design of the tower emphasises interconnectivity between the bank’s various departments – and an offset core creates large, open-plan floorplates that allow the company to respond to changing market conditions with ease.”

Techcom Bank Headquarters, Hanoi, Vietnam

The public facing departments and banking activities are grouped together and located at the base of the building for ease of access, while the senior management and other internal departments are positioned on the floors above. Level 7 features amenity spaces – for employees and the public – where people can eat and socialise together. A bar and an outdoor terrace across the top two floors offers spectacular views of the Hanoi skyline and Hoan Kiem lake.

Techcom Bank Headquarters, Hanoi, Vietnam

Movement through the ground floor is intuitive, with double-height lobby spaces, and different entrances for the banking customers and the offices. The banking floor has a relaxed atmosphere, akin to a hotel lounge, and VIP customers can access exclusive client facing departments on the upper floors through a dedicated entrance or via the escalators leading up from the banking floor. Interiors are designed to be warm and sophisticated, with a palette of timber, bronze and stone.

Techcom Bank Headquarters, Hanoi, Vietnam

The project learns from the urban grain of the city. The base of the building is designed at a human scale, reflecting its public nature. It is clad with rich, earthy materials and screens, which respond to nearby buildings in the old quarter of Hanoi. On the upper levels, the predominantly glazed façade frames panoramic views of the city.

Techcom Bank Headquarters, Hanoi, Vietnam

The main entrance is a large opening in the facade and the lobby is set back from the external screens to create a buffer zone between external and internal areas. Filtered natural light floods the lobby through the screens, making it feel open and bright without excessive solar gain.

Techcom Bank Headquarters, Hanoi, Vietnam

Toby Blunt, Senior Partner, said: “The fusion of greenery and technology is an integral part of the project. Our ambition was to create a high-tech garden, inspired by the Vietnamese landscape. On the ground floor, we have designed curved seating clusters, which are surrounded by greenery and allow private conversations to take place, while also providing views through the space.”

Techcom Bank Headquarters in Vietnam – Building Information

Architects: Foster + Partners –

Techcom Bank Headquarters, Hanoi, Vietnam

Photography: Weerapon Singoi

Foster + Partners

Techcom Bank Headquarters, Vietnam images / information received 051023 from Foster + Partners Architects

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam, Southeast Asia

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