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Katinat Bình Phú Coffee Shop in HCMC

2 September 2022

From kindi to cafe, kids to cappuccino!

Architects: Module K

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Katinat Bình Phú Ho Chi Minh City

Photos by Do Sy

Katinat Bình Phú Coffee Shop, Vietnam

A corner building in HCMC has been transformed from a kindergarten to cafe with curves and coffee-coloured fittings to soften and smooth.

Module K found the DNA for the Katinat Cafe project: a rough shell embracing a warm soul. The site, at the corner of an intersection, was once a kindergarten with a swimming pool inside.

Katinat Bình Phú Ho Chi Minh City

The clients wanted to keep the existing structure but remove glossy coats of paint and give the space a robust atmosphere. Katinat, a chain of more than 50 cafes in Vietnam, is named after aprominent old street (named Rue Catinat before 1975), the site of famous colonial buildings.

Dung Le, Project Manager said: “We wanted customers to experience different spatial environments and emotional experiences when enjoying coffee products, but to still keep the special branded atmosphere of Katinat.”

Katinat Bình Phú Ho Chi Minh City

“We chose the design of curved counters, curved stairs with galvanised materials shaped to create the strength of the structure. And then used thin metal sheets to wrap that texture and continue to create counterbalancing curves.”

The new interior design sees terrazzo floors and rough concrete columns. Double height windows bring in light and connect the interior to outside. Walls of glass bricks patterned with the shapes of the Katinat brand are softly backlit on the outside, and inside create delicate patterns on horizontal surfaces.

Katinat Bình Phú Ho Chi Minh City

A sculptural circular concrete staircase with illuminated steel steps connects the ground floor with a curved mezzanine level.

At the centre is a stainless steel organically-shaped coffee bar, framed at different levels with bronze strips.

Katinat Bình Phú Ho Chi Minh City

Patrons sit on curved cocoa-coloured banquettes or at cinnamon-coloured seats with small circular tables of pale terrazzo. Bannisters topped with bolster cushions to lean against create a relaxed vibe and delineate spaces. Outside seating features Parisian-style tables and chairs.

Interior elements add some froth to the space – ovoid brand-shaped mirrors are framed with bronze, whilst large-faced clocks, reminiscent of old French clocks, sit atop bar tables. Lighting includes cream-coloured wall lamps set within vertical wall elements, double-arm table lamps and suspended ceiling lights.

Katinat Bình Phú Ho Chi Minh City

The colour range blends from pale latte to warm mocha to dark espresso, from cool to warm. Shots of bronze punctuate the monochrome scheme, bringing a contemporary twist. A blend of textures and patterns.

The design and construction was completed in 65 days in the post lockdown period in Vietnam.

Module K and Soulroom designed the interiors of the HCMC project as part of a Katinat Coffee Master Concept 2022, having already completed 15 previous projects for the brand. The design team finds unique elements for each project, bringing some French details into the space, with the design acting as a bridge between the old and new, between client brand and user.

Katinat Bình Phú Ho Chi Minh City

Katinat Bình Phú Coffee Shop in HCMC, Vietman – Building Information

Design: Module K – https://modulek.co.uk/

NAME OF PROJECT: Katinat Coffee – Binh Phu
CLIENT: D1 Group
STATUS: Built 2022
SIZE: 500 m2; seats 250


Phuong Dung, Thuy Trang, Nghiep Thong, Diep Binh Quyen, Phu Binh, Hanh Nguyen, Kim Anh, Ngoc Han, Khanh Di, Dai Nghia, Quang Minh.

Katinat Bình Phú HCMC building Katinat Bình Phú HCMC


An interior design&build company based in HCMC, Vietnam, MODULE K/SOULROOM specialises in the fusion of old and new, east and west. They design objects and colours in harmonising proportions through the integration of contemporary and local culture, meeting the need for authentic Vietnamese design with current needs. With years of experience they achieve their designs through listening, insight and responsible construction.

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Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Southeast Asia

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