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Sherbourne Park Pavilion

Urban Revitalization Development in Toronto, Canada – design by Teeple Architects

27 Nov 2009

Sherbourne Park Pavilion Toronto

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA – October 2009 – Construction of the Sherbourne Park Pavilion is now underway as part of Toronto’s latest sustainable, urban revitalization project on the City’s post-industrial waterfront.

Architect: Teeple Architects

Updated images – 27 Nov 2009:

Sherbourne Park Pavilion - Waterfront Toronto Building

Sherbourne Park Pavilion


Sherbourne Park is built upon the abstraction of an iconic Canadian Great Lake landscape, composed of the woods, the water, and the green. As a key component of the redevelopment of Toronto’s waterfront, the park is about inspiring civic space, flexible uses, play, and sustainability.

Integral to the park is the Teeple Architects designed Pavilion. This 227m2 sculpturally shaped, zinc clad structure will function both as an iconic moment in the park and an abstracted arch that frames views to the lake. It will also serve as an urban connector that fuses the elements of the park together. The Sherbourne Park Pavilion is an instrumental component of large scale initiatives to revitalize the City of Toronto’s waterfront.

Sherbourne Park Pavilion Sherbourne Park Pavilion

This new pavilion will provide services for a significant new public space on Toronto’s waterfront, Sherbourne Park. Working with landscape architects, artists and civil engineers responsible for storm water purification for the entire waterfront, the pavilion was conceived in relation to an overall vision for this park that focused on peoples interaction with, and connection to water, specifically Lake Ontario and its history. The park itself is conceived as a memory of the waterfronts past history. It is an abstraction of the condition of a pure stream, running through the landscape, to the lake. The pavilion plays a significant part in the purification process, while inter-connecting the various elements of the park.

The pavilion provides washroom and changing facilities for the rink/water feature as well as a concession for food, and beverages. It also houses the rink chiller equipment, fuel storage for the zamboni, as well as UV filtration equipment for the waterfront as a whole. It is designed as a year round facility to help activate the park at all times. The arch itself forms a covered seating area overlooking the rink/water feature.

Sherbourne Park Pavilion Toronto Sherbourne Park Pavilion Toronto

Design Concept
The pavilion is conceived as a casting, a joint between the various elements of the park. It interrupts the channel of water that it helps purify and forms the edge of a year round water feature (splash pool in summer, rink in winter). The pavilion frames a view from the rink through the glade to the lake. Rather than placing a discreet element in the park, the elements of the park are joined together by this urban connector.

The pavilion presents a kind of dualism – it can, on the one hand, be read as an iconic form – an exciting sculpture that one experiences along the waterfront, and as an urban moment – a framed connection between the park and the lake. The pavilion sets out to demonstrate that striking sculptural form and good urban design are not antithetical, but complementary, especially in the case of important civic monuments.

Urban Design
Functioning both as an iconic moment in the park, an abstracted arch that frames views to the lake, and as an urban connector that fuses the elements of the park together, the Sherbourne Pavilion will become a key urban feature of Toronto’s new waterfront.

Sherbourne Park Pavilion Sherbourne Park Pavilion Toronto Sherbourne Park Pavilion Toronto

Environmental Design
The pavilion’s environmental approach is two fold. It plays a key role, as does the park as a whole in purifying the storm water from the adjacent area and displaying its return to the lake. It houses UV filtration equipment and interacts with the purified stream by bridging over it, affecting its course and creating ripples in the stream.

It also uses this water as a medium to assist in heating and cooling the pavilion. The pavilion, largely through these energy efficiency measures, will achieve a LEED Gold status with 9 energy points.

Sherbourne Park Pavilion – Building Information

Architect: Teeple Architects
Project: Sherbourne Park Pavilion
Location: Toronto, Canada
Project Team: Stephen Teeple, Bernard Jin, Mark Baechler, Allan Wilson
Landscape Architect: Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg
Completion: 2010
Client: Waterfront Toronto

Sherbourne Park Pavilion Toronto images / information from Teeple Architects

Teeple Architects

Location: Sherbourne Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Sherbourne Park Pavilion Building

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