Perlach Plaza Munich, Germany building

Perlach Plaza Neue Mitte Perlach Munich

Designed by AllesWirdGut, Perlach Plaza is a hub, a signboard, and a calling card. With its urban mixed use of retail, service businesses, restaurants, residential units, and a hotel, it has a central urban-design function in the development of the new Kultur Quadrat center in Munich, Germany

ÁBACO Decoration Store, Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina

ÁBACO decoration store, Villa Carlos Paz

In the heart of the city of Villa Carlos Paz, Ábaco deco store began to experience a new resurgence from an old property. A store that speaks of home decoration, a store with products for them and them. With a strong premise of focusing the work on reusing, not demolishing, reinterpreting the use of existing spaces and transforming them to give them a new life, the intention took place in a property from the 50s.

GRiD Mall and Education Hub, Selegie Arts District

GRiD Mall and Education Hub Selegie Arts District Singapore

Spark introduces GRiD, a youth focused mall and education hub at the heart of Singapore’s Selegie Arts District, sandwiched between the adjacent School of the Arts and several time-worn shopping malls. GRiD is the next chapter in this narrative and a great example of vibrant retrofitting of an existing building

Nuevo Quilmes Plaza, Buenos Aires

Nuevo Quilmes Plaza

Martin Forcinito Arquitectos announce the completion of Nuevo Quilmes Plaza in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Martin Forcinito Arquitectos studio, together with a multidisciplinary team of professionals, developed the project by analysing and trying to correct and optimize the intrinsic characteristics of the urban environment.