Ramzi Towers, Lagos Building, Nigeria

Ramzi Towers

Design: SPARK Architects. This is a residential tower development on Victoria Island, Lagos, for client Athena Capital Investment. Ramzi Towers is situated in the heart of exclusive Victoria Island. This 18 storey building is designed to give 360 degree panoramic views to downtown Lagos and across the Gulf of Guinea to the Atlantic Ocean.

Vivid Sydney Interactive Sculpture, Martin Place

Vivid Sydney Interactive Sculpture

Design: The Buchan Group. Vivid Sydney festival’s first interactive sculpture feature designed by Brisbane-based architecture practice. People passing through Sydney’s CBD will lend their face to a submerged giant human head rising out of Martin Place during this year’s Vivid Sydney festival, Australia’s largest annual light festival. ‘e|MERGEnce’ is an innovative 3D light sculpture that projects viewers’ faces onto a giant head.

Eliza Apartments in Sydney Property

Eliza Apartments in Sydney

The Eliza Apartments by Tony Owen Partners has just been completed in Sydney. Designed to be Sydney’s most prestigious and progressive address. We sought a building to fit within the historic context of the area yet was an unmistakeably contemporary and challenging design, combining classic 20th century style with parametric design tools to create a sustainable iconic CBD landmark.

Amarin Apartment Village, Croatia

Amarin Apartment Village

Design: 3LHD Architects

Amarin Apartment Village is located north of the city of Rovinj, surrounded by lush vegetation. Next to the existing 272 apartments, the old substandard ones were removed from the site and 190 new were built in their place. The new buildings location is partly determined by the existing pedestrian paths that continue into the new project; and by the plots gentle slope from north to south. The Village was conceived to have a high quality intimate outdoor space that accompanies each apartment as well as a comfortable interior.

Ljubljana Apartment Renovation, Slovenia

Ljubljana Interior 12

The apartment design by Studio 360 is in the heart of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It is divided into living area (consisting of a large living room with kitchen and dining room) and more intimate / sleeping area (two sleeping rooms and a study room). In between these two spaces there is a service part offering two contemporary bathrooms and one utility.