Coliseum Theatre in Western Sydney, NSW

Coliseum Theatre, NSW Performance Venue, Sydney Interior Project, Architecture Images

Sydney Coliseum Theatre in NSW

6 Mar 2020

Sydney Coliseum Theatre

Design: Cox Architecture

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Coliseum Theatre Western Sydney NSW

The Sydney Coliseum Theatre is a 2000-seat multi-mode performance venue located in burgeoning Western Sydney.

Coliseum Theatre Western Sydney NSW

The coliseum’s form is distinctive; a flowing concrete curtain swept across the foyers and around the auditorium creating a fluid movement that intrigues, drawing patrons into the performance within. Glimpses through the concrete curtain are accentuated through vertical glass slivers that reveal interior colour to the neighborhood beyond.

Shimmering white concrete gently glimmers by day, and as the light dims, the glow of performance illuminates the night sky. The conceptual narrative for the design stems from the concept of transcendence, with the journey from the outside world to the magic of performance reflected through form, materiality and colour.

Coliseum Theatre Western Sydney NSW

The design confidently rejects superfluous decoration and employs a purposely restrained use of three primary materials; timber, terrazzo and plaster. The dramatic interplay between layered mezzanines and sweeping staircases creates a symphonic quality to the interior, imbuing the heart and soul of performance into every inch of its built form.

Coliseum Theatre Western Sydney

A generous sweeping stair connects the multi-layered atrium, carving out multiple vantage points to take in the charged atmosphere before the quiet calm of curtains up. The palette heightens the drama as you move into the theatre – stirring patrons’ expectancy for what lies within. The space dramatically shifts from an ivory lined façade and dove grey terrazzo floors to a fluid ribbon of timber, enveloping the central volume into an inky dark performance space where all attention is on centre stage.

Coliseum Theatre Western Sydney Coliseum Theatre Western Sydney NSW

“This venue is for everyone, from ballet lovers to rock enthusiasts. The honest and unpretentious materiality is almost chameleon-like in its ability to suit everyone and every occasion.” COX Director Brooke Lloyd

Coliseum Theatre Western Sydney

“The façade delivers an imposingly majestic arrival for visitors, hinting at the thrilling performance which await inside. Interior foyers are welcoming and calm, with unique Crystal Bridge entry, timeless natural finishes and magnificent ‘chandelier atrium’.” Executive Director, Sydney Coliseum, Craig McMaster

Coliseum Theatre Western Sydney

The Sydney Coliseum Theatre certainly delivers beauty but more importantly provides a cultural heart to enrich and unite a steadily growing community.

Coliseum Theatre Western Sydney

Coliseum Theatre in NSW – Building Information

Architects: Cox Architecture

Completion date: 2019

Key stats of the project include:
• 2000 seats + 1300 retractable seating
• 8000 sqm in size
• 3 foyers
• 7 bars
• Chandelier made up of 241 strands of thousands of crystals

Coliseum Theatre Western Sydney NSW

Photographer: John Gollings

Cox Architecture

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Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

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