Partiggiano the Social Foodie Club Valencia

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Partiggiano the Social Foodie Club in Valencia

Contemporary Restaurant Interior in Valencia, Spain – design by CuldeSac Custom

3 Jul 2019

Partiggiano the Social Foodie Club

Design: CuldeSac Custom

Location: Valencia, Spain

Partiggiano the Social Foodie Club in Valencia

A corner of Italy in Valencia. Innovative, cheerful, eco and passionate. This is how Partiggiano the Social Foodie Club, breaks into the on-trade market. The space, designed by CuldeSac Custom’s creative team, is born as a contrast between tradition and avant-garde; a tribute to life in the most mythical Italian squares; an ode to love for the Mediterranean Sea.

Partiggiano the Social Foodie Club in Valencia

Through its architecture, its communication, its products and its service, Partiggiano presents itself to the world highlighting the Mediterranean culture and its eco-friendly character. With a strong commitment to the environment and the human being, this new restaurant emerges as a meeting point to share experiences and passion for the purest Italian cuisine.

Partiggiano the Social Foodie Club in Valencia

In this way, Partiggiano rescues in its architecture the most human, social and informal side of the piazzas. Its structure, which evokes the traditional village mansions, is natural, simple and sincere. The grandstand, built in the middle of the space, appears as the central axis of the concept of this ‘Social Foodie Club’.

Partiggiano the Social Foodie Club in Valencia

This element strengthens the relations between the visitors, transferring them to the family culture of Italy.

Lighting plays a fundamental role in space. It is a Mediterranean flavour with that clear and luminous light that characterises it so much. The materials speak of origin and tradition. Arcades, plinths and large walls. Concretes, whitewashed walls, thick partitions, walnut wood, wrought iron bars… A raw and sensitive aesthetic that has been designed to be franchised and replicated in other spaces.

Partiggiano the Social Foodie Club in Valencia

The extensive white walls turn into a canvas. In order to give the space more character, Partiggiano invites different local artists to wear them with their graffiti. Like the authentic squares of the street, it is a place of listening, of freedom of expression. In this way, Partiggiano speaks, exclaims, gets naked. Its communication campaign is sincere and transparent. Faithful to itself, to its prices and products. In this first opening, the street artists invited to paint the walls of the space were David de Limón, Xolaka and La Nena Wapa.

Partiggiano the Social Foodie Club in Valencia

Partiggiano is origin and flavour, naughty and sensitive, quality fast food; it is village and orchard, avant-garde and tradition. Partiggiano is contrast, it is the Mediterranean resistance.

Partiggiano the Social Foodie Club, Valencia – Building Information

Architecture: CuldeSac Custom

Partiggiano the Social Foodie Club in Valencia

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Location: Valencia, Spain

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