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House on the Cliff in Spain

29 Oct 2019

New House on the Cliff in Spain

The House On The Cliff: Gaudi-Inspired Design Hidden In The Spanish Hillside

Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Família attracts  over 3,000,00 visitors a year, with tourists coming from all over the world to view his unique architectural style. Gaudi’s work is instantly recognisable, his work displaying characteristics unlike those of any other architect, and his popularity makes him not only a draw to tourists, but an inspiration to contemporary architects and designers. ‘The House on the Cliff’ is the work of GilBartolomé Architects, and draws inspiration from Gaudi to produce what owners Pablo Gil and Jaime Bartolomé call their ‘Gaudiesque contemporary cave.’

Casa Mila in Barcelona by Antoni Gaudi:
Casa Mila - House on the Cliff in Spain by GilBartolomé Architects
Photo by Tyler Hendy on Unsplash

The House On The Cliff

The architects were briefed with the task of integrating the house into the landscape on a 42 degree slope looking out over the sea. The result is that the bulk of the living space is hidden inside the hillside. Visible from the outside, meanwhile, is the wavy concrete roof, which is covered by zinc shingles, and echoes Gaudi’s unique style. The shape of  the house and its roof create ambiguity between the natural landscape and the man-made structure, mimicking the waves of the sea when viewed from above.

Inside, a split-level lower floor is large enough to accommodate 70 people, with a living area that opens out onto a terrace with a slender pool sheltered by a curved roof canopy. Upstairs is home to the bedrooms, which have views out over the roof. The fact that the house is built into the hillside allows a constant temperature of 19.5ᵒC all year round, and a curved shell of concrete frames the views of the landscape and directs airflow from the sea.

Within The Context Of Spanish Architecture

In traditional Spanish architecture, there is an eye to detail reflected by Gaudi’s work. Tiles of ceramic, porcelain and natural materials are  used on floors and walls, both inside and out, to create high levels of personality and detail. In recent years, this attention to detail has been lost in modern resort developments on the southern coast, with emphasis instead being placed on cheap construction by large companies. But, GilBartolomé Architects were required to work within a strict budget, and the House on the Cliff proves that detail still matters and can be achieved affordably. While the house clearly stands out as unique and modern in its design, it is arguably more in keeping with the classical architecture of Spain than other modern works on the southern coast.

The House on the Cliff was expected to blend into the landscape while still displaying architectural creativity and a modern twist. GilBartolomé Architects rose to the challenge, and the result is a hidden gem on Spain’s southern coast.

Location: Spain

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