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Belgrade Architecture News: New Buildings

post updated 18 January 2024

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Belgrade Architecture News

Belgrade Architectural News

25th May Sports Centre
Date built: 1975
Design: Architect Ivan Antić

25th May Sports Centre Belgrade building
photograph © Daniel Lomholt-Welch

This is a sports center at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube River and one of Belgrade’s favorite promenades.

25th May Sports Centre Belgrade building 25th May Sports Centre Belgrade building
photographs © Daniel Lomholt-Welch


A new rippling facade in the city centre:
new rippling facade Belgrade Architecture News Belgrade shiny facade rippling building
photos © Daniel Lomholt-Welch

A selection of Belgrade modern buildings:

Genex Tower:
Belgrade modern buildings

Belgrade modern buildings

Novi Beograd:
Belgrade modern buildings

Belgrade modern buildings
photos © Daniel Lomholt-Welch

12 Apr 2022
Belgrade Philharmonic Concert Hall
Architects: AL_A
Belgrade Philharmonic Concert Hall Serbia
irender : AL_A
Belgrade Philharmonic Concert Hall
Following a year-long international competition led by the UNDP, London architecture studio AL_A has been selected to design the new Belgrade Philharmonic Concert Hall. The Concert Hall is a landmark project for the City of Belgrade and Serbia.

5 Apr 2022
Old Mill Hotel
Architects: GRAFT
Old Mill Hotel Belgrade Architecture News
photo : Tobias Hein
Old Mill Hotel Belgrade Serbia
In the white city of Old Belgrade, near the banks of the River Sava, GRAFT transformed the historic building of the Old Mill into a 4-star hotel. The ambitious interior concept embraces the existing historical structure and enhances it with new materials, colors and shapes, bringing out its original qualities and creating a unique visual experience.

11 Jun 2020
Tupalla Mosque, Tupalla village, Medvegja
Architect: Arber Sadiki
Tupalla Mosque Medvegja Serbia
photograph : Albert Salihu
Tupalla Mosque
The main design approach for Tupalla Mosque was to create comfortable functional and spiritual space for the small Albanian Islamic community with a minimal financial cost. This strategy pushed us to be very modest starting from the dimensioning of whole volume of the building up to its construction materials.

26 Jun 2013
Hotel Centar
Design: Architect Isay Weinfeld
Hotel Centar Serbia Building
photo : Rade Kovac Mitarh
Hotel Centar Belgrade
Hotel is located across the beginning of the main pedestrian zone in Novi Sad and across of the Serbian National Theatre, as a dominant point in space. It was conceived as a cubic form, and follows years of research on the topics: surface depth, layers of membranes. Location of the hotel is very exposed and has dominant role in the city boulevard.

11 Jan 2013
Beko Masterplan
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Beko Masterplan Belgrade Architecture News
image : Zaha Hadid Architects
Beko Masterplan Belgrade
Sweeping organic masterplan, typical curvilinear style of Zaha Hadid Architects currently. The context is an ancient Serbian castle, wouldn’t it be intriguing to see ZHA actually work on a historic site rather than always adjacent or on greenfield locations?

18 Aug 2011
Square Nine Hotel
Design: Isay Weinfeld
Square Nine Hotel Belgrade Building
photo © Matthieu Salvaing
Square Nine Hotel Belgrade
Square Nine Hotel is located in Belgrade’s pretty old-town neighbourhood Stari Grad, only a few blocks away from the Kalamegdan Park and the Danube, and just across from Students Square (Studentski Trg). Its architecture, of remarkably modern language, does not clash with or overshadow its neighbouring buildings’.

17 May 2011
Beton Hala Waterfront Center Competition Entry by dRN
Design: dRN Architects, Santiago, Chile
Beton Hala Waterfront: Belgrade Architecture Competition
images from architects
Beton Hala Waterfront
The design for the BHWC building starts off by acknowledging the importance of the existing Beton Hala structure not only as a significant continuous building clinging over the riverbank, but as an urban platform from which to relate to several essential city attractions.

14 Feb 2011
Centre for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade – Architecture Contest Entry
Design: SADAR+VUGA, Architects
CFPS Building Belgrade Architecture News
image from SADAR+VUGA
CFPS Building Belgrade
The masterplan design incorporates the existing building of the Faculty of Drama Arts with its proposed extension, and provides four new Faculties, a mathematics gymnasium, a science center with 50m tower, as well as the new building of the Centre of Promotion of Science. All are positioned on 8 islands. Among the islands, 5 plazas are developed.

3 Feb 2011
International competition for the Centre for Promotion of Science and the Art Campus in New Belgrade, Block 39
Design: RTA-Office
Blok 39 Belgrade Building
image from RTA-Office
Block 39
Building’s skin (90%) is Black Steel Recycling ANR (it contains 80% recycled raw material, has zero carbon, thus reducing CO2 emissions). Over 30% of the rest of the building materials are recycled source, reducing the environmental impacts of industry, mining and processing of raw materials.

22 Sep 2010
Centre for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade Architecture Contest
Centre for Promotion of Science Belgrade Architecture News
picture from the organisers
Centre for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade
The Serbian Ministry of Science and Technological Development launches a competition for the design of a Centre for the Promotion of Science in one of the districts of New Belgrade. This open international, anonymous, single stage competition is organised in cooperation with the Association of Serbian Architects, the Association of Belgrade Architects and International Union of Architects.

Divcibare Mountain House in Serbia

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Serbia Architecture Designs

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At the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers, at the door of the Balkan Peninsula, the city of Belgrade has many times in its rich lasting history been the target of desolation. The story of its architecture is very much depending on that fact.

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