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Belgrade Architecture Tours

Serbian Architecture Guides – Exclusive Buildings in Eastern Europe tailor made for groups

post updated 23 August 2023

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Belgrade Architecture Tour: Exclusive Serbian Guided Walks

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25th May Sports Centre Belgrade building
photo © Daniel Lomholt-Welch

Belgrade Architecture Walking Tours

Belgrade Architecture Tours Introduction

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and with almost 2 million inhabitants in wider city area the biggest city in the region. It has over 2 millenniums of history, and it started a new age life in the 19th century as the capital of Serbia. Later, as the capital of former Yugoslavia the city transformed with the crucial urban interventions into a real metropolis in that time. The newest, after many years, is the Ada Bridge which brought some traffic to the city (which does not have a metro system).

Beko Masterplan in Belgrade design by Zaha Hadid Architects:
Beko Masterplan Belgrade Architecture Tours
image : Zaha Hadid Architects

At the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers, at the door of the Balkan Peninsula, the city of Belgrade has many times in its rich lasting history been the target of desolation. The story of its architecture is very much depending on that fact.

The city has built in heritage from the Roman Empire, Serbian medieval state, Ottoman Empire, Habsburg Monarchy, Serbian modern monarchy and republic, and Yugoslavia. The prehistory culture of Vinca is in its wide territory.

Hotel Centar Belgrade by architect Isay Weinfeld
Hotel Centar Serbia Building
photo : Rade Kovac Mitarh

Many visitors are confused with mixtures of the styles in the city center. That is simply because of the fact that after desolations the city was mostly renovated in the manner of the upcoming architectural style. The medieval fortress is still rising above the confluence.

In newer history, ever since the liberation from the Ottoman Empire in 19th century the city architecture is focused on European styles. Styles present are neoclassicism, romanticism, eclectic, art nouveau, cubism, modernism, international style, etc. The lack of the big number of contemporary architecture objects is regarding the crisis that started in the 1990s.

Belgrade Arena:Belgrade Architecture Tours Beogradjanka:
Belgrade Architecture Tours
Beogradska Zadruga:Belgrade Architecture Tours Block 30:Belgrade Architecture Tours
Dobracina Street:Belgrade Architecture Tours Falkensteiner Hotel:Belgrade Architecture Tours Genex Hotel:Belgrade Architecture Tours Hotel Moskva:Belgrade Architecture Tours
Kafana Question Mark:Belgrade Architecture Tours Kalemegdan Fortress:Belgrade Architecture Tours Kapetan Misa’s Mansion:
Belgrade Architecture Tours
Kneginja Ljubicas Residence:
Belgrade Architecture Tours

Serbia Architecture Tours : Key Buildings

Serbian architecture has always been in the step with the worlds achievements. And in Belgrade its greatest examples can be seen. Buildings are mostly designed by great domestic architects. Big architectural engineering projects, like Fair Hall 1, Belgrade Arena, St. Sava Temple, Genex Tower, Avala Tv Tower were created. New Belgrade is a unique modern new city in Europe and is completely built on the wetlands. It is one of the few complete modern urbanisms in the world.

Some of the Belgrade architecture masterpieces of modern age are, among others, Museum of Contemporary Art, SIV, CK (Usce Tower), Genex Tower, Sava Center, ruined Military Headquarters and Hotel Yugoslavia. From the earlier periods: Konak kneginje Ljubice, Kafana “?” in balkan style; the best examples of neo-renaissance are National Bank, Nikola Spasic’s Foundation, neo-baroque Serbian Academy of Science and Art, Beogradska zadruga; secession Hotel Moscow, Magazin, Oficirska Zadruga; romanticism Kapetan Misa’s Mansion; and many more in each style.

Some historical ambients are in Skadarlia, often called Belgrade’s bohemian zone, and Kosancicev Venac, where “kaldrma” is still saved on the streets. Every city square has its own, not so typical architectural and urban story.

Following the trends last years, city is opening to the foreign star architects. Some announced (but not started) are projects from for example Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind and some more.

Belgrade is an open, friendly city with lots to offer. It is a cultural center of the region. And from leisure activities offer everyone can find something for themselves. Sava lake is cut from the Sava river and with the beach on Ada Ciganlija it is unique in any city.

Ada Ciganlia is also a big sports center. Furthermore, lots of cafes, clubs and shops can always keep you active. But, walking around the city and discovering its secrets in every piece of rock or concrete of its architecture can fill your day with enjoyment.

Knez Mihailova St.:Belgrade Architecture Tours Museum of Contemporary Art:
Belgrade Architecture Tours
National Bank:Belgrade Architecture Tours National Parliament:Belgrade Architecture Tours
National Theatre:Belgrade Architecture Tours New Belgrade:Belgrade Architecture Tours New Belgrade:Belgrade Architecture Tours Bulevar Mihaila Pupina Office:
Belgrade Architecture Tours
Oficirska Zadruga:Oficirska Zadruga Old Castle:Old Castle Serbia Building Telephone Switchboard Building:
Serbian Telephone Switchboard Building
Palace Albania:Palace Albania

Belgrade Walking Tours

We can provide information on the key areas and building types ahead of your Belgrade architecture tour. If your group is interested in for example Belgrade housing or office buildings we can assist with developing your tour programme ahead of their visit to Serbia.

Belgrade Walking Tour Guides

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Palace Reunion:Palace Reunion Serbia Post Building:Belgrade Post Building Sava Center:Sava Center Serbia Building Secession Objects:Secession Objects Serbia
Academy of Sciences and Arts:
Academy of Sciences and Arts Belgrade
Belgrade Architecture Tour
Square Nine Hotel:Square Nine Hotel Building St Sava Temple:Belgrade Architecture Tours
Usce Tower:Belgrade Architecture Tours Usce Tower:Belgrade Architecture Tours YUBC:
Belgrade Architecture Tours
Yugoslavian Drama Theatre:
Belgrade Architecture Tours

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e-architect also organise architecture walking tours in other East European cities such as Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava.

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Location: Belgrade, Serbia, southeast Europe

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Serbia Buildings

Recent Serbia Architecture

Centre for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade Architecture Contest
Centre for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade : Serbian Design Competition

Centre for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade – Architecture Contest Entry
Design: Sadar+Vuga
CFPS Building Belgrade

Beko Masterplan Belgrade by Zaha Hadid

Beton Hala Waterfront Belgrade

Block 39 Belgrade

Square Nine Hotel Belgrade

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