Dunne & Crescenzi Kildare Village, Ireland

Dunne & Crescenzi Kildare Village

Design: Ghinlon Architecture. This is an Italian restaurant, Dunne & Crescenzi, set in the luxury retail Kildare Village, in the Republic of Ireland. The fit-out was carried out in phases within a live trading environment. It was a collaborative venture. Kildare Village were a key player in the process, providing logistical support every step of the way.

Casement Park Stadium, Belfast

Casement Park Stadium 1

Design: Populous. Located on a 12 acre site on the Andersonstown Road in the west of Belfast, Casement Park is one of the largest stadia in Ulster (at 32,500 seat capacity), hosting Gaelic football and hurling matches. The stadium will be redeveloped into a 38,000 all-seated venue, which will become the largest stadium in Ulster and a regional flagship for Ulster GAA.