Casa Jordão, SP House, Contemporary Weekend Residence, Brazilian Residential Building Images

Casa Jordão in Monte-Mor, SP

Contemporary Holiday House in Brasil – design by FGMF Arquitetos

5 Nov 2019

New Weekend Residence in Monte-Mor, SP

Architecture: FGMF Arquitetos

Location: Monte-Mor, SP, Brazil

Casa Jordao Monte-Mor SP

The Casa Jordão Project, a holiday home, started as the clients’ idea to make a single-story building, integrated to the land, promoting families’ social interaction. It is located in a stud farm, which has certain restrictive rules regarding appearance and architecture, and among them, the one that affected us the most was the compulsory requirement to use a clay roof, which is very common in Brazil, with at least two versants.

Casa Jordao Monte-Mor SP

Having these issues in mind, we started from a residence archetype, almost like a child’s drawing; two walls, two versants. The first idea of a residence. From these simple sketches, we began making a kind of extrusion, creating a pavilion, or large barn.

Casa Jordao Monte-Mor SP

We then resolved to sectorize and duplicate these blocks, creating an interior garden between them, which also provides access to the house. In the block that has more contact with the remainder of the land and garden, we positioned the social areas and kitchen, which in this context is a reversible interaction area, and in the more isolated and private block, we placed the several bedrooms and children’s playground.

Casa Jordao Monte-Mor SP

Casa Jordao Monte-Mor SP

Once the sectorization has been settled, we started working in volumes. Instead of a traditional balcony, we created a concrete gantry allowing the window frames to fully retract so the main room becomes the balcony. A pool, in black slate, surrounds this social volume, in “L” format, serving also as a water mirror.

Casa Jordao Monte-Mor SP

A rack designed by us tenuously separates a home theater space from the fireplace, with access to a large glazed opening, from where it is also possible to access the pool. The kitchen, performed in light structural system, repeats the “little house” format within the main volume, fully made out of darkened wood, having a large reversible opening.

Casa Jordao Monte-Mor SP Casa Jordao Monte-Mor SP

We sought a contrast between the external black-painted mass and a light internal coating, in tauari wood. The rook structure, made of wood and steel, breaks the traditional shears – it is the only portion of the structure that is apparent, drawn in a manner that makes the structural efforts clear, resulting in an extremely light and curious design.

Casa Jordao Monte-Mor SP

Casa Jordao Monte-Mor SP

The bedrooms’ block has external openings coated with untreated wood for it to become greyed out with time, just like traditional Brazilian constructions, with small blocks breaking the walls’ linearity of the main volumes.

Casa Jordao Monte-Mor SP

Casa Jordao Monte-Mor SP

The result is a house that, from the outside looks extremely simple, but on the inside a surprise of contrasts and relations between the most common spaces for this type of holiday home awaits.

Casa Jordao Monte-Mor SP

Casa Jordão in Monte-Mor, SP – Building Information

Architects: FGMF Arquitetos

Authors: Fernando Forte, Lourenço Gimenes, Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz
Coordinators: Gabriel Mota, Luciana Bacin, Ana Paula Barbosa
Contributors: Adriana Pastore, Adriano Soares, Carmen Procópio, Caroline Endo, Mariana Leme, Mariana Schmidt, Rodrigo de Moura, Vera Silva
Interns: Beatriz Proença, Carla Facchini, Flávia Theodorovitz, Frederico Branco, Mirella Fochi, Nara Diniz, Pedro Lira, Wendel de Deus

Supplementary Teams
Interior Design: FGMF
Construction: Join Us Construtora
Foundation and Structural Engineer: Stec do Brasil
Electrical and Plumbing Engineer: Projhel
Landscape Designer: Rodrigo Oliveira

Stones: Pedra Cor
Wood: Marcenaria Ithalianas
Metal Structure: Coldfer
Frames: Marcos para Ventana
Alumínio: TecLine
Venezianas em madeira: Marcenaria Ithalianas
Deck: Marcenaria Italianas

Casa Jordao Monte-Mor SP Casa Jordao Monte-Mor SP

Location: Monte-Mor, SP, Brasil
Type of Construction: Residencial Unifamiliar
Site área: 1730 sqm
Building area: 500 sqm
Project Beginning: 2014
Construction completion: 2016

Casa Jordao Monte-Mor SP

Photographer: Fran Parente

Casa Jordão in Monte-Mor, SP images / information received 051119

Location: Monte-Mor, SP, Brasil

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