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St Petersburg Residential Complex

Residential Development in Russia – design by Architectural bureau A.Len

30 Oct 2013

Lake House

Design: Architectural bureau A.Len

Location: Vyborgskoye Highway, St Petersburg, Russia

Lake House St Petersburg apartments
image by architects

Low-rise residential complex “Lake House”

The complex is formed by the cubic volumes creating difficult geometrical drawing on facades with a continuous and angular glazing: vertical and horizontal strips of light and dark shades. Seven-section perimeter building with an internal square includes inhabited floors, office rooms, a basement floor with parking and a technical floor.

Residential Building St Petersburg Residential Building St Petersburg
images by architects

The project has won the bronze diploma of the international festival “Zodchestvo 2011” in Moscow.

St Petersburg Apartments – Building Information

Project Title: Low-rise residential complex “Lake house”
Architect: Architectural bureau A.Len
Site area: 7798,92 sqm
Gross Floor area: 5065,5 sqm
Location: Vyborgskoye Highway, St. Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg Apartment Building images / information from Architectural bureau A.Len

Location: Vyborgskoye Highway, St.Petersburg, Russia

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