Tile of Spain Products for a Post-pandemic World

Tile of Spain Products for a post-pandemic world, Interior design guide, Architecture Materials Images

Tile of Spain Products for a Post-pandemic World Guide

28 July 2022

Tile of Spain

Spanish tile manufacturers offer designs that are safe and hygienic choices, but also aesthetically pleasing and in tune with the zeitgeist


Products for a Post-pandemic World

Products for a Post-pandemic World

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Almost all of the Spanish brands are offering green in their décor ranges. Shades of blue and lilac have been promoted by Dulux and Pantone as ‘colours of the year’, but in the tile industry, at least, emerald and sage are the most popular colours. Used by interior designers for its calming properties and loved by homeowners for its outdoorsy vibe, green brings the natural world inside.


Products for a Post-pandemic World

Hexa Mystic by ITT Ceramic

The hexagon shape is hot. It has increased in popularity for practical reasons, working equally well on walls and floors or in external applications. Yet it’s stylish too and offers a contemporary vibe. Patterns that can be achieved by combining hexagons allow for an intriguing placement of tiles, which is appealing for those seeking a custom look.


Products for a Post-pandemic World

Glam Rose by Apavisa

Recent times have seen an enthusiasm for industrial metal looks such as rusty steel or oxidised copper. In this platinum year, a glance at some of the new launches shows a growing interest in much more glamorous metallic effects such as Apavisa’s Glam Rose. Surfaces that would suit a high-end bathroom refurb or a luxurious spa are offered in sophisticated colour palettes and are notable for their elegant details.


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Asgard by Arcana

New ranges of tiles by Spanish manufacturers are often designed to give users a degree of flexibility with installation. Small formats that can be arranged in a variety of ways allow designers and architects to make their mark. Instead of traditional laying patterns, tiles can be combined in a quirky way.


Products for a Post-pandemic World

Dual by Museum

Geometrics that flow boldly over a ceramic surface feature in many of the new launches. You’ll need a decent sized space to use these designs since the pattern is only complete by piecing together multiple tiles. The designs can be seen on small 20×20 formats, but also on larger 60x60cm formats. There is nothing subtle about this style.


Products for a Post-pandemic World

Pulsar by Saloni

Ceramic and porcelain tiles have always been a hygienic choice. They are easy to clean and don’t absorb moisture. But in response to the pandemic, Spanish manufacturers are adding an extra layer of anti-bacterial protection during the firing process. This anti-bacterial technology is already widespread. It can be seen in all formats and styles including cement, marble and wood-effects. Some brands plan to roll it out on all of their ranges, not just as an optional extra.


Products for a Post-pandemic World

Capitolina by Cristacer

A soft earthy palette of bone, beige and terracotta is vying with our perennial favourite grey. Décor ranges are taking inspiration from baked clay, mud, shells and fossils rather than anthracite and charcoal. Interiors once again feel warmer and today’s tile collections reflect this.

About Tile of Spain
Tile of Spain is the voice of the Spanish tile industry, encompassing more than 125 tile manufacturers. Renowned worldwide for an inspiring blend of aesthetic and technical innovation, Spanish tiles draw on a rich heritage of skill and creativity, while remaining at the cutting edge of design.

Manufactured in Spain and widely available in the UK, these products embody the spirit of an industry that prides itself on proposing beautiful, meaningful and high-performance solutions to flooring, wall coverings, furnishing and external paving and cladding.
For further information on Tile of Spain: https://www.tileofspain.com/

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