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Flaca Stainless Steel Lamp

light structure product using LED technology: Mexican Lighting Product – design by Masiosare Studio

15 Feb 2012

(Spanish for skinny)

Design: Masiosare Studio, Mexico

Flaca Stainless Steel Lamp: Stainless Steel Design

Flaca Stainless steel lamp

Stainless steel lamp product from Mexico

Flaca steel lamp Flaca Stainless steel lamp by Masiosare Studio

Winner of Innovation Award in the National Design Contest of Design with Stainless Steel 2009

This lamp has a very light structure of stainless steel that reduces material waste to the minimum. Its lighting system is LED technology that consumes only 6 watts, 10% of what a regular 60 watts bulb consumes. It received the Innovation Award in the National Design Contest of Design with Stainless Steel 2009.

Lighting Product by Masiosare Studio Lighting Product design by Masiosare Studio Stainless steel lamp design by Masiosare Studio

Masiosare Studio specializes in interior and industrial design solutions for companies in the process of consolidation. For the company, flawless and satisfactory execution of each project is crucial.

Creating quality experiences is part of the Masiosare Studio mission. The team has the objective of becoming a strategic partner for each client, a supporting feature of their success. Two words guide the creativity of Masiosare Studio: functional and accessible.

Designer Stainless steel lamp using LED technology images / information from Masiosare Studio

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