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Future Systems Sofa – Architectural Furniture

Jan Kaplicky Design

15 Feb 2011


Jan Kaplicky furniture produced by Resort Living Ltd. represented by Martina Hollasová has launched FUTURE SYSTEMS SOFA JAN KAPLICKY.

Jan Kaplicky sofa with architect Eva Jiřičná (left) and Martina Hollasová (right):
Future Systems Sofa Jan Kaplicky Sofa design Future Systems Sofa design

Future Systems Sofa

The company Resort Living Ltd. has obtained the exclusive copy rights for manufacturing and world-wide distribution of a SOFA originally designed by Jan Kaplicky. The cooperation between Resort Living (‘RL’) and FUTURE SYSTEMS started in 2008 during which Jan Kaplicky designed a clubhouse (The Heron Club) and a villa (Villa Kaplicky) for a residential development called Konopiště resort of which RL is the developer.

RL has prepared a reproduction program for the sofa with an exclusive collection in the original white leather with black and grey mutations and also a limited collection in the FUTURE SYSTEMS colours (of cyan & magenta).

“A close cooperation with FUTURE SYSTEMS on the Konopiště resort development has transformed, after Jan’s sudden death, into a ‘work’ friendship between Eliška Kaplicky and me”, says Martina Hollasová. “I think that we share a lot of views. We were contemplating how to make Jan’s work more accessible and suddenly the idea of the sofa reproduction program came up. I was thrilled because the sofa is a very sophisticated piece with an incredibly original concept.

It isn’t just a piece of furniture, it is an expression of a lifestyle. But most of all, I appreciate the simple fact that now people from all over the world can purchase something tangible originally designed by Jan Kaplicky. It was not the case until now.” she adds excitedly.

Future Systems Sofa – Jan Kaplicky is truly out of this world. As with all creations of this world – famous designer and architect, who had always been very open about his shape and line preferences, this sofa has no sharp edges. The traditional concept of seating is being dramatically undermined by the form and shape of this sofa.

Future Systems Sofa works with people’s moods and dynamics and thus is an expression not only of comfortable seating, but of creating a zone for positive communication as well as being completely versatile in its use. It can be anything people want it to be, from a resting place for reading books and magazines, a sanctuary for relaxing in the evening with a glass of wine, a retreat for privately entertaining guests whilst nibbling on gourmet food to watching a film or just dozing. The design is beautifully visual thus incentivising one to relax more and enjoy every minute of one’s life.

Sofa can be positioned in rooms and spaces of different sizes however it comes into its best light when placed in a clean, open and spacious interior. Jan Kaplicky himself placed this sofa in his apartment in London and used it for various occasions from intimate moments spent with the members of his family to socializing with his work colleagues. Many of them are often recalling the precious moments.

Future Systems Sofa Jan Kaplicky Jan Kaplicky Sofa Jan Kaplicky furniture

“We started developing the reproduction program at the end of 2009. First, we studied the original sofa in detail together with the original plans and when we knew what we wanted to achieve, we opened an International tender for the manufacturer. The preference was to place the job within the Czech Republic and luckily we were able to do that.

With an assistance from a local interior design firm Design & Co. the tender was focused on detailed filtering of the Czech market. The winner of the tender, the company POLSTRIN, is from Hradec Králové. It is a family firm with its own self-sufficient furniture factory. The entire process of perfecting the prototype went very well.”, Martina comments the process.

The support base of the sofa is made of a premium wood, which is finished to a high gloss in the visible parts so is the central component. The upholstery is from a semi-matt 100% natural leather filled with polyurethane foam mattresses.

Terms and conditions

The sofa is available only for custom order. The delivery time is 6-9 weeks depending on the production load and the chosen collection.

The original collection (white, grey and black leather) 28.846 EURO + VAT
The limited collection (Future Systems colours – cyan & magenta ) 34.615 EURO + VAT

Shipping outside the Czech Republic is charged extra and the payment is collectable prior to shipping. The product will be manufactured once we will have received 100% of the payment of the sales price from the customer. The time needed for transport is outside the production time.

TV set and the lamps are not part of the product, however the lamps can be ordered and shipped together with the sofa. The price for the lamps is charged extra and is also collectable prior to the order. The lamps are by ARKETTO at 800 EURO for the 3 pieces. Recommended TV set is by LOEWE. We do not offer purchasing a TV for a customer though.

A sample book of the leather types can be delivered for a private contemplation for a price of 150 EURO.

Future Systems Sofa – Purchase

If you wish to order or are interested in showing to a client please contact Isabelle on +44 7952 149814or isabelle(at)e-architect.com

www.resortliving.cz / www.konopisteresort.cz

Jan Kaplicky Sofa – by Andrea Morgante

Jan never designed “pieces of furniture”; he rather designed pieces of emotions. He designed portable dreams.

When Jan sketched the sofa that would sit in his new flat living room he made a unique statement and he made beautifully explicit his own way of living. An anti-bourgeois piece of furniture, as he would say, because it forces its guest to climb onto and sit in an unconventional way, just like Jan always lived his life.

And climbing inside that sofa was almost entering Jan’s word; soft, without corners and most of all sensuous. He designed an island where to shelter, perhaps while dreaming of laying dawn some Brazilian beach.

I remember fondly all those occasions where we laid together talking on the classic topics and drinking negroni’s, while the sun was setting from the windows overlooking Hyde Park; inside that sofa one would enter Jan’s intimate world, and for a brief moment that sofa condensed the powerful poetic philosophy deeply embedded in Jan’s design and way of living

Future Systems

Future Systems Sofa – Launch
The first manufactured Future Systems Sofa piece was introduced in the presence of Jan’s wife Eliška and over 300 VIP guests in a Prague’s modern art gallery DVORAK SEC CONTEMPORARY on the 30th of September 2010.

Jan Kaplický Exhibition

Location: Czech Republic

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