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Archinoma Modular System Design

Archinoma Modular System Product by Alix Shelest: Information + Images

19 Jan 2011

Archinoma by Alix Shelest

Archinoma Modular System, Shelest Joint

Archinoma Modular System

Archinoma is a modular system to create transformable architectural objects of various size, shape and look.

Y-BIO chill-out colony System Sierpinski Pyramid
images from Alix Shelest

The core of Archinoma buildings consists of steel tubes bolted into Shelest joint.

Thanks to Alix Shelest’ fresh idea it became possible to connect 14 beams in one point (thus forming fully fractal “Sierpinski pyramid” structures), using only hand-guided tools.

Resulting regular tetrahedron the skeleton supports floors, walls and tent membranes elements.

This core geometry provides quite useful qualities:

1. You can make a house of any size, put it at any side or hang upon any pivot – it will always be ultrastrong.
2. Archinoma buildings are nature friendly, as they might be installed without any foundation footing.
3. To build an Archinoma object you don’t need some special knowledge in mechanics or architecture – you just need hand-guided tools, Archinoma kit and fantasy switched on.

Y-BIO chill-out colony

Archinoma Modular System Archinoma Modular System Archinoma Modular System Archinoma Modular System
images from Alix Shelest

Y-BIO habitation was an experimental modular camping to test Archinoma system in action and see the way to make it better.

We chose the windy Crimea seaside to try it out.

The purpose was:
• Cute low impact camping for chillout by the sea
• Ultrastrong construction stable on sand without foundation footing
• Only widespread materials to apply
• Limited time for manufacture and installation

All the elements of Y-BIO camping were produced at the local workshops using materials found within a radius of 100 km. Manufacture of elements and fully Y-BIO assemblage took 1 (one) month.

Archinoma Modular System Archinoma Modular System Archinoma Modular System Archinoma Modular System
images from Alix Shelest

Architectural Product by Alix Shelest

Y-BIO swinging house appeared. It was surrounded with small modules designed for private recreation. The central module was hanged up off the ground by means of 3 chains fixedly attached to 3 vertex of supporting tetrahedrons.

Y-BIO chill-out colony worked for one month as a beach party café, relaxation house, herbal bar, spa and massage.

Y-BIO constructions proved all expectations as for its engineering qualities. About 15 people swinged gladly at Y-BIO hanging pyramid. Tetrahedral shape provided objects with extra stability under wind flaws, sea storms and guest fun.

This testing in real-world conditions resulted in Archinoma system engineering optimization and improvement. Some featuring projects were generated, which realization will hopefully follow.

Y-CARRIER and Y-DART aerial campings

images from Alix Shelest

Ready for embodiment Archinoma projects.

Y-CARRIER and Y-DART are supposed to be something like aerial campings for recreations in the open air.

Y-CARRIER stays on one vertex and sways lightly in the breeze to help you feel when wind changes.
Equilibrium at one vertex is reached thought the instrumentality of a special foundation underground.

Y-DART demonstrates fractal growing ad infinitum. The number of rooms might be any, depending on how many guests you are waiting for.

Both constructions are rigged up with commodious hammocks, guest verandas and private places for hide-and-sleep.

Archinoma Modular System Archinoma Modular System
images from Alix Shelest

In addition, all Archinoma houses are intended to change their shape on you whip. There are two ways for it:

1. Reconfigure the bearing skeleton using hand-guided tools.
2. Vary the appearance and function by interchanging the walls triangular panels of different types and materials, or replacing them with stretched skin tents.

Location: Crimea

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