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Shapeshifter Essentials Sculptures

28 November 2023

Design: Arq. Martin Dulanto Sangalli

Shapeshifter Essentials by Martin Dulanto Sangalli

Photos: Amaminerali

Shapeshifter Essentials

Their solemn steps announce a momentous encounter.
The Shapeshifter Essentials are a collective of nomadic, extraordinary and utopian beings created by the architect Martín Dulanto, who come to Amaminerali as an amalgam of deep sensations that connect us with our purest essence.

Shapeshifter Essentials by Martin Dulanto Sangalli

Martín Dulanto’s Essential Metamorphs are a materialized projection of the inspiration he carries with him as a dream that was forged in childhood and a fascination that grew with him over the years. Martín found inspiration in the creation of shape-shifting beings in his everyday drawings. Every stroke he captured on paper was an artistic exploration and a search for beauty in the surreal.

Shapeshifter Essentials by Martin Dulanto Sangalli

His ability to flow with the unexpected makes him an art expressionist who reflects the beauty of life through its constant transformation. Rather than clinging to a perfectionist realism, he embraced the flexibility of his strokes, allowing them to take unexpected paths. Each deviated line became an opportunity for the form to transform into something completely new, with unique singularities.

The organic evolution in the conception of his art becomes a metaphor for the flow with the naturalness of forms, just as it happens with life itself. Martín creates these sculptures of Essential Shapeshifters as a reminder that beauty lies in adaptation rather than perfection.

Each edge of the Essential Shapeshifters, like facets of a mineral, encloses the mysteries of time, where past, present, and future connect as a tribute to the preservation of essence over time. Revealing the timeless lesson that in every instant, transmutation shapes our uniqueness. Every crack, every new texture, every skin change is a sublime expression of our evolutionary essence.

Shapeshifter Essentials by Martin Dulanto Sangalli

Every movement, position, and approach of the Essential Shapeshifters reflects the action of our present state, encouraging us to embrace the true trust of our present as a soul mantra to connect and flow with our vast existential ecosystem.

Shapeshifter Essentials by Martin Dulanto Sangalli

When the Essential Shapeshifters enter our everyday world, their mineral bodies, through their exposure of rawness and existential purism, are freed from the ideal stereotype. For Martin, the Essential Shapeshifters remind us that genuine connection is strengthened when we accept our imperfections and appreciate the unique beauty we each bring to the world.

Some of the terrestrial essence are fearless without hiding their deepest fears, others of a more aquatic nature are explorers of the soul, who bravely throw themselves into the world of emotions and their vast possibilities. Through the power of creativity, the most aerial character spreads the wings of originality and dresses with authenticity as his most precious armor. Every encounter with them reminds us that we are walking reflections, projections that change and grow, adapting to the eternal dance of life.

Shapeshifter Essentials by Martin Dulanto Sangalli

In its textured presence, lies the promise of a flexibility that adapts to life’s changing tides. The Shapeshift Essentials are the reflection of a silent, authentic fortress that is held at the core of the soul.

Today, Martín’s childhood dreams and fascination with the metamorphous have merged into a sculptural mineral project that carries with it the essence of his artistic soul and his path of consciousness towards the acceptance of himself as a narrative of his being in each encounter, leaving unique and genuine traces on the canvas of life.

Each piece in this collective is a manifestation of their quest for beauty in imperfection, a tribute to the innate capacity for transformation that we all carry within. Through his art, Martin reminds us that in every mineral, in every form, and in every being, there is infinite potential for metamorphosis and uniqueness.

Shapeshifter Essentials by Martin Dulanto Sangalli

Photographs: Amaminerali

Shapeshifter Essentials Sculptures images / information received from Peruvian architect Martin Dulanto Sangalli

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